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xanathar stat block dragon heist

There is a magical portal to Xanathar’s Lair in the Guild Sewer Hideout in Chapter 1: Finding Floon. City Supplement 3: Anyoc Xanathar stole the Stone of Golorr from Lord Neverember and he stole one of the three Eyes from the Zhentarim. Stat Blocks by Creature Type. (For example, by ordering key guards out of the way on plausible pretexts at the right moment.). X35 – Nar’l Xibrindas’ Office: In addition the normal entry for this room, the desk contains a Report on the Seven Masks Theater. In the Arena: See Dragon Heist, p. 114 for details on participating in the tournament. Keep it up I can’t wait for the rest….my dragon heist game starts in less than a month. Any help either finding his stats, or helping me build him would be appreciated. If not what’s your reasoning for moving them? Effect on the PCs: The presence of Jarlaxle’s team will almost certainly cause complications for the PCs’ plans, but the PCs’ actions are also likely to cause complications for Jarlaxle. It’s possible (although unlikely) that the PCs already gained access to the lair at that time. You mention above that Samara of the Zhentarim is still being held and knows that Kolat Towers is accessible from Yellowspire. There is a magical portal to Xanathar’s Lair in the Guild Sewer Hideout in Chapter 1: Finding Floon . You list the Beholder Zombie and Gas spores as being in X2 instead of X3 which is where the source book puts them. The biggest thing about Xanathar is going to be dont just stick him in a room and allow your PC to run at him. That isn’t likely to change as long as the gang war with the Zhentarim is ongoing. I think Perkins only said that because Dragon Heist is a Tier 1 adventure and a Beholder is CR 13. Ott Steeltoes – dwarf cultist, MM p. 345 (DH p. 214), Bandits – MM p. 343 Part 4E said that there was a ser of Kolat Towers’ Updated Blueprints in Part D, but I user Search and didn’t find any. N’arl Xibrindas knows more than most. Well, you should! Bear Traps Choose five squares on the map. However, once the distractions start causing turmoil, Nar’l might contribute to Jarlaxle’s plan in subtler ways. I generally add a complete “table of contents” for large series when the series is completed. X28 – Guild Recreation Hall: In contradiction of the normal entry for this room, there is no scrying sensor in this room. The easiest access to Xanathar’s Sanctum (X19) is through the door in Area X18. Players at level 1-4 aren't supposed to be powerful enough to defeat Xanathar, but I see no reason why a higher-level group couldn't have a shot at actually killing him. Jarlaxle and his remaining men slip through the door behind them and then through the secret door to X19. It will be most satisfying if you let both those things play out naturally, and keep in mind that it’s equally possible for the PCs to benefit from security holes Jarlaxle opens for his own team (and vice versa). I would go with normal beholder and not have hitpoints... at least not hitpoints that represent death. Grell – MM p. 172 Ahmaergo – DH p. 193 A place to discuss the latest version of Dungeons and Dragons, the fifth edition, known during the playtest as D&D Next. Spells of Light and Darkness THANK YOU for this work….it’s inspired me to run my version of waterdeep in a non-linear non railroaded manner using much of what you’ve written! Foundry is a modernized, better-than replacement for Roll20 which prioritises modding support. He's got at least default Beholder stats. I can only find individual links at the bottom of each piece to a subset of the others…. X18 – Audience Chamber: In addition to the normal entry for this room, there is a ghostly eye scrying sensor. Rule Supplement 1: Mounted Combat City Supplement 2: Aerie So, I have a player that has Xanathar as a big part of their backstory, and they are going to waterdeep to do some other stuff. X12 – Ahmaergo’s Quarters: In addition to the normal entry for this room, the chest contains A Briefing for Xanathar Concerning the Grand Game. Recently Perkins made the statement that at least in Dragon Heist, the faction leaders are supposed to be (in slight paraphrase) deadly-level encounters where the faction leader doesn't actually die, just escapes or somehow lives/is returned promptly. Could you fill me in on how that is? They haven't released anything on Xanathar yet. This will also be easier to do if Jarlaxle’s team includes someone the PCs have seen before during the Grand Game, if that’s not Jarlaxle himself.). As a result, they don’t know much about the layout or what’s there (although they know prisoners are delivered over there). He'll have a statblock in Dragon Heist which I think is coming out in September. There are no blueprints of Xanathar’s Lair to be found. This means only he can pass through it (at least successfully). She didn’t see how the door operates. Jarlaxle uses his, 2 goblins serving salted rat intestines and stirge meat pies, Xanathar, using psychedelic light display to deliver an incoherent, self-aggrandizing speech to a group of sycophantic underlings who have never seen his true form. Throughout the festival season, Xanathar hosts gladiatorial games every 2-4 days. Bugbears – MM p. 33 Was this a typo? EVENT SCHEDULE & SURVEILLANCE OPPORTUNITY. Additional guards are placed in the entrance to hallways X21 and X22, however, to turn guests away. Compendium - Sources->Volo's Guide to Monsters. Entrance: Generally speaking, there are three methods of entry to Xanathar’s Lair. This mini was su[er fun to paint and it looks great on my desk! One of his men picks a fight with the guards blocking entrance to hallway X21. There’s a teleportation circle in the basement of Yellowspire. These. They make their way to the Recreation Hall (X28) and throw smoke bombs through the door. In addition to the arena itself (X6), those attending these fights are allowed to congregate in areas X2, X17, and X18. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Join our server for announcements, updates, and feature voting.. Use Foundry?. In addition, as described in Area X16 below, the panopticus circle can be suborned. (See the Tournament adversary roster, below.). He’s even snuck into the Crypt of Xanathars Past (X33). maybe because I’m viewing this on a tablet? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. You can come in the secret entrance (X1), you can try to sneak in from Skullport (X4), or you can be brought in as part of the audience for the gladiatorial games (also via X4, but almost certainly arriving in X6 before you’ll have a chance to slip away). For example, if the heist is going down during a gladiatorial match, Jarlaxle’s plan might look something like this: Nar’l Xibrindas: N’arl is an agent of Bregan D’Aerthe, but his ability to directly assist Jarlaxle during the heist is limited due to the presence of the grell bodyguard Xanathar has placed on him. Halfling Cook – commoner, MM p. 345. It’s not unheard of for even loyal members of the Guild to disappear over there. Adventure: Complex of Zombies probably gonna have to wait for Waterdeep: Dragon Heist to release for something official, I don't think he's been officially statted out for 5e yet, but should be in that book.

Browning Hi Power T Series, Mt Etna Eruption 2019how To Test A Pcm, Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking Script, How To Take Pictures Of Stars With Huawei, Ziaire Williams Out, Odyssey Wh Xg Blade Putter, Victoria College U Of T Residence,

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