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wolf shotgun ammo review

The long awaited Wolf Ammunition 300 blackout is finally here! Wolf ammo does exactly that and it may be months before you get the product. After a year you could see reddish brown rust on the casing. Pretty good one would have to say. No, the polymer doesn’t accumulate in your chamber, it’s a myth. It patterned very tightly with Federal’s 000 buckshot Handgun ammo, and was an impressive close-range self-defense gun. Those of you that do are setting yourself up for failure. I know a number of high-volume shooters who use .223 Wolf without any issues, including in training courses from respected instructors. will it jam up or will the coating on the bullet build up in the barrel or action suring heavy use? It’s the same as the SK ammo made by Lapua. Then I gave it a thorough cleaning and it’s been 100% since then. I think they really don’t feel: 1.) Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Wolf Gold 223 55 grain ammo is brass cased with a full metal copper jacket, making it safe to shoot indoors, 2. That relationship end several years ago. We have not done any x-ray or micrometer testing but the manufactures have assured us that there is no more wear than brass until you get into the 15,000-20,000 round count, but at that point your barrel is likely shot either way. Exotic 12 Gauge Ammo Review, Part 1, Flechette, Dragon's Breath, Ball and Chain, Buck and Slug, review, photos, videos. I leave, as I do not suffer idiots gladly. The steel core bullet, erroneously known as AP, has not been generally available for many many years. When I’m done shooting in the desert, I take a jobsite magnet out and use it to pick up spent casings. the other cheap stuff (brown bear, silver, bear, & tula) works great too. My grief with steel-cased ammo (especially pistol rounds)- reloading is not an option, but, more importantly, indoor ranges won’t allow the rounds with steel in the jacket, regardless of safety. Could be the magazine.I’ll have to look into that further. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. I didn’t mention the ammo I bought but they said I should use 168 grain brass of any brand would be ideal then next sentence said DO NOT use Wolf steel cased ammo. What is still around is being hoarded for what may be described as “social” reasons, or, otherwise, just in case. I have several rifles that have high round counts through them and none of them have broken their extractors. Took it out a few months later and shot the 200 rounds of the Wolf ammo I had left with out issue. I emailed back and asked why is that and they said plenty of people use it and it’s fine but most likely it’s going to scratch your barrel so if you don’t mind that then go ahead. ©COPYRIGHT 2020, THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. I have semi-auto’s I’ve fired corrosive ammo through and anywhere you find carbon or residue from firing you find rust including the bolt, carrier, chamber, etc. It too is quality stuff that I’ve had very good luck with. the only reason i don’t use wolf in my sigma 9 is i’ve heard that it wears the extractors more than brass. Appreciate your opinions. With a pKa of about 7 it’s less acidic than lemon juice. Ejected cases are damn hot. There is another range around here that is outdoor (one of the very few remaining) and won’t let us shoot FMJ, or thirty caliber and above on the rifle side. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. I ended up emailing Armalite to double check because I saw someone in a forum having problems. Any truth to that? steel has a much higher heat capacity than brass. There are indoor and outdoes ranges that do not allow steel core ammo. Kyle with True Shot here to review the Wolf Gold 223 full metal jacket 55 grain ammunition available at Wolf Performance Ammunition is a leader in top quality ammunition at affordable prices. I made the mistake of putting some 7.62×39 wolf in a cabinet in my humid basement just in the cardboard box it comes in (not thinking about it) . Is this what they call shoot and lube lol. I’ve used Wolf ammunition extensively, and can report mixed experiences…. From what I can gather Wolf’s negative reputation comes from the days when it was laquered and corrosive, neither of which are true these days. The steel holds the heat longer. About; Ebook: Remington 870 Guide; Forum; Gun Manufacture Date. Known for manufacturing steel ammunition, Wolf has continued its legacy with their Wolf Gold line which is brass cased. Share ... the wolf shotgun slugs/buck are repackaged from a plant in Germany. Wolf ammo does exactly that and it may be months before you get the product. Any issues at all with wolf’s polymer lined cases, ever gumming up actions on AR15’s? Thanks for watching. Every time I’ve shot Wolf through my P238 .380, it would fail to eject with the spent case firmly stuck in the chamber to the point that I would have to rack the slide open and manually pull on the casing with fingernails (lots of force, too) to yank it out. Unlike the wolf steel ammo, their Gold line features a full metal jacket made of copper, so its safe to shoot at indoor ranges. By shooting those 3000 steel rounds I now often shoot some 2-3 inch groups offhand at 200 yards with my AR15 (NOT ALWAYS !) We have shot it full-auto and semi auto and it does nothing but consistently impress us. Question here is hollow point safer for this kind of shooting, or is this another attempt to shut another range down with some back door gun control? Rifle extractors have a harder time than many pistol extractors since the claw on the rifle snaps over the rim of the case (whereas a pistol is often times designed to have the rim slide up under the extractor vs. snapping over it). Plus, Wolf Ammunition has a 100% satisfaction guarantee, meaning, if you are not fully satisfied, Wolf will refund your money on the unused portion of the ammunition, so what have you got to lose? For the price I paid I was nominally satisfied-although I do prefer brass. You cannot say ammo is crap because the pistol isn’t capable of working with multiple types of ammunition. The long awaited Wolf Ammunition 300 blackout is finally here! This is boxer primed so the brass is reloadable. It’s pretty easy to stock up on M193 and M855. It’s hard to change perceptions once they’ve become ingrained. At first I noticed that it required a bit more effort to load the magazines with Wolf versus regular brass or even aluminum cased ammunition. What you are seeing now is a bi-metal case and bullet. I can confirm this from being hit with thousands of ejected cases and I definately know when steel gives me a love tap. Amongst all of us, this happened pretty frequently. If you hunt deer with buckshot, then a long-barrel shotgun with a tighter choke is a different consideration. I will not own a picky gun if it won’t eat what I feed it I won’t own it. i use wolf, silver bear and brown bear ammo in my sks and makarov. After about 500 rounds and some serious cleaning, it purrs like a kitten. 1. I now use ammo cans (with gasket) or store in my safe (with heating rod). Wolf has worked fine for me in 9×18 & 7.62×39. The problem is that it’s hygroscopic and attracts water from the air to the bore. E-mail: [email protected] Often times the follower would get stuck down, making the magazine unable to deliver rounds to be fed into the chamber. Couldn’t knock the case out at the range, so it ended my shooting for the day. Website: is this stuff any good or not? /agree My AR had to have a butt strike against the concrete slab of our local DNR range after after 20 rounds or so to get the case to break loose of the chamber. I purchased 500 rounds of wolf ammo for my Sig 516 and have not had any problems after the break in period for the rifle. Steel Core 7.62 x 39 was banned for import in 1994. i don’t know if that’s true but why risk it. My standard for the AK is can I hit a man-sized target center mass at 100 yards with regularity, and it will do that all day with the cheap stuff. Many range officers will grab a round and connect it to a magnet, thus “proving” it is steel core and forcing you to either buy their stuff, or leave. And the manufacturers don’t give it to us: we buy it off the shelf. If you have it and shoot it, do so outdoors. This new steel ammo ran flawlessly through all three tests with one caveat, we had to use 300 blackout magazines. New Wolf Ammo Products – Brass cased 5.56x45mm! Against my better judgment I paid them, but should have contacted my card company and cancelled the order. Any inspections done to checked for bore or chamber damage ? 3 misfires out of 3000 rounds. My positive experience here led me to give it a try in my 9mm handgun, along with a number of other fellow shooters. (Chief Advisor) For high round counts and plinking, steel makes sense. I heard that used to be an issue, but that they supposedly use a different polymer these days. The dirtiness of the steel ammo makes the extraction of my favorite brass cases ammo more difficult. Is just my opinion but makes really good plinking/target ammo to me!!! Therefore I tend to stay with brass. What can happen is that carbon will build up in your chamber and cause stuck cases (which I talk about in this video). It’s been my contention that if a rifle won’t cycle Wolf there is something wrong with that rifle. I’ve also opened up some that was in a surplus spam can (sealed) that had been in my basement for a few years and it was fine. I am no expert just a guy who shot 3000 rounds of steel case ammo and made the aforementioned observations. I shoot practice ammo, and then routinely check the accuracy and function with high quality self defense loads. That was less positive. I can say that because I use Wolf in most every modern firearm out there and it’s never given me any problems. While the ammunition was [i]reliable[/i] in terms of ignition, we started to notice frequent problems with the ammunition in Glock and M&P magazines. Corrosive describes the type of primer utilized and does not necessarily equate to all offerings from a company, nor does it directly equate to rust on the bolt or carrier. I’m a subscriber in youtube and read your fb blogs too. On the other hand, they are far behind, but evidently there is no chronological order in which they deliver. So long as there is no corrosion due to salts I think overall it is ok. I know its tough to tell by just feel or whatever, but do you have any sense that the weapons are heating up more with wolf vs brass?

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