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what to give a constipated goat

She's my indoor buddy for now and I keep a close watch on her (I have horses, so constipation is a big deal for me) and how much she pees and poops. Any suggestions before I call the vet? Which is way different than when I got him where he was pooping every time he finished eating. The other things that pops into my head is what you are feeding him. And here is more on coccidiosis — One of the twins took to the bottle with gusto but the other one doesn’t want anything to do with it, he is eating some grain and hobby mix as well as hay. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it. April, If your goat only poops a little after an enema, then it’s either not constipated or it has an obstruction. and also maybe he needs extra electrolytes?? He needs a minimum of 10% of his body weight but 20% is better. Her immune system is very immature, and without mom’s milk, she’s not able to fight off normal stuff that’s in her gut — and coccidia is normal. In fact, enterotoxemia, bloat, and thiamine deficiency are all well-documented conditions caused by feeding errors and are much more common than constipation. Important to know why she is getting impacted to prevent future occurrence. Perhaps her owner didn’t leave her with mom 24/7 for the first 3 months, or she was one or triplets or quads, and her mother was not producing enough milk. As time went on, I got out of a lot of the groups that seemed to have agendas or where the advice I saw there didn’t seem logical or dependable – ie. Hopefully you have other goats there because he will learn to eat solid food and drink water from a bucket by watching the other goats. How often and how much do you suggest feeding him? Milk is 85% water and is the perfect food for babies. Putting mineral oil in milk. Just wondering what you think is going on? Rubbing anus with warm rag. This is my daughters goat, she is away at college and I know nothing about goats. If he stretches out like he is trying to pee but no pee comes out, he could have a urinary stone, which can kill him within a day or two. Great article! We did an enema once already but it's very late so I'm going to try again tomorrow. Unfortunately, that post mentioned no research or even anything in the veterinary literature. Encourage her to exercise, she may be able to start passing poops on her own. And one group never had a question about constipation in 12 years. He started to eat slightly less today and I’m stressing haha. What color are the inside of her eyelids? An enema doesn’t fix any of those problems. I feel like he cries due to abdominal pain. One woman described a doe that was basically acting like a buck, arching her back and making weird noises, which can be common when they’re in heat. Sounds like you made the right call. Once that is ruled out, if she still seems bloated and off it may be time for a vet. We have a 6 day old bottle baby. He isn’t eating much. She is a twin, her brother is doing well. The first 2 days i noticed there was blood coming out as well as runny and solid poop. The animal with constipation is easy to spot. I had never heard of such a thing until I started reading some of the posts throughout the internet and thought I must really be ignorant. I'm doing an enema on 4 day old goat. That's the most important thing. Best of luck!! Now that I have experienced it, and read about it, I have come to the realization this is one of the causes of "mystery deaths" in young kids. If it is an adult goat, I give about 10 cc of C&D ANTITOXIN, sub-Q, a couple times until they recover. Thank you for your response! Why wouldn’t he be pooping? You could just switch to whole cows milk that you buy at the store. Constipation should never be the first diagnosis you make whenever a goat looks a little off. i have probably 10 days premature sister/brother, they born last night, temp was lower, i stabilized there temp and was giving 1 oz colostrum every 2 hour, they pee but no poop. My goat is 2 yrs old. If you do have a constipated goat, it may have one of the very serious conditions listed above that would need veterinary attention. She ran around for 30 minutes after the enama. I’ve never had a constipated goat in my herd. That’s why I searched through all of the veterinary texts on my shelf, as well as searched through years of archives that represent the experiences of thousands of goat owners. He is also searching for water a lot when we go outside, since I have multiple places with water. The first 2 days he was hunched (both were) and when I was holding him attempting to give him the bottle he was shivering. We were fortunate enough to run into someone at the local feed store that could help us out with what we would need to make sure she was healthy. He is urinating about 3-4 times a day. (You have to hold the nipple in its mouth while the milk drips and the kid swallows. If he is not eating and has all of the other symptoms you mention, it sounds like he has some type of obstruction, which would require veterinary attention. Im really concerned for him…. I saw the same thing in a chicken group with egg binding a couple of years ago. She us grained twice a day, a handful, with a few goat treats. Often, this is expressed through digestion issues. Massaged belly. We now have a 2 week old buckling in the house. With too much grain and not enough forage and hay, they are more likely to wind up with serious rumen disturbances that can also be life-threatening. While I do recommend an enema if you think the cause may be constipation, I'd also recommend you rule out some other possibilities. Too much water in the poop mean diarrhea and that would create poop that could stick to the back end. This Winter, temps have gone from sub-freezing up to 70*, all in a matter of a day or two, conditions my dear old grandpa used to call “pneumonia weather.”. I had started doing enemas, and like you said, a bit of poop came out but most of the enema just remained within. Now the past 5 hours she’s acted like this. And if you’re feeding Twinkies and Ho Hos to your goats, please just stop. Nothing in this list will be fixed by an enema. How much does he weigh, and how much are you feeding him? She pooped the black tar-like poop a few hours after birth, but I haven't seen her poop since. What can I do to make him poop normally? the vet recommended bran which he loves and his poos are larger and softer now but he’s still uncomfortable around his rumen and windy. When a goat starts pooping like a dog, it means the poop is getting wetter — NOT drier. It sounds like he is dehydrated, which can happen with repeated enemas. 5ccs. If she ate something like a plastic bag and has a blockage, she may not survive until tomorrow. A group that was active for 10 years had one cross-posted question that was the same as in another group. Just keep an eye on him and wait for signs of discomfort - if he's stopped up he'll start to hunch or stretch or go off food. A goat has to have enough to eat to make poop. I’d also see if you could have a good vet look at her, because it could be something else as well. Our dog also licks the goat’s back ends, so if they poop while he’s licking, we’d ever know. Hello, I have a week old kid she is bottle fed that all of a sudden doesn’t want to eat. Kids born from herds with low selenium are especially prone to this issue. Another woman had a one-day-old kid that was standing hunched up with tail down and refused a bottle, and she assumed it was constipated — even though it was a dam-raised baby that had never had a bottle. I bottle feed him. Living through scenarios like this and worse is why I almost never leave four kids with a doe. Any idea as to what could possibly be making her so weak and lethargic? Constipation was not an issue I considered the first time I had a sick baby goat, because I’d never read of it being an issue. According to Goat Medicine, second edition, by Smith and Sherman, the reasons for constipation in goats, in general, are intestinal blockage, pregnancy toxemia, coccidiosis, poisoning, liver damage, dehydration, or lack of fiber in the diet. I ran across your post after searching for constipation in goats, because I was told my goat was constipated but I just couldn’t believe it. I do have pumpkin pie filling. Unfortunately, constipation is becoming such a hot topic that too many people are assuming that it’s a problem with one of their goats. He only mentions plant poisoning as a cause of constipation in mature goats. Was setting fine till avout 5pm tonight. He had an orange, softer poop the first day I had him home, but this changed to a darker brown cracked one, which then turned to nothing. If a kid is not getting enough milk, it will be standing with its back arched or laying down unable to stand and may or may not be crying. They are acting like normal now jumping, and running, but are still not pooping since the enema yesterday. There is nothing that a goat does that means they have a sick tummy. For more info on this: I gave Baking Soda which she ate initially but doesn’t seem to be eating now. Without enough water, they are also more likely to get urinary calculi, which is life-threatening. Not to mention shelter all the time. On the flip side, there is a 28 page chapter on diarrhea. If she had not had enough milk, she will be weak. Anthony. We have done everything we know to do to treat this little guy, but chances are good he isn’t going to make it. Truth is, more people are into goats. Other worms do not cause anemia, so you may want to get a fecal. More power to you! I did the didh soap and water enama. She is my pet so she has never been bred. Larger animals require more fluid, 5% of body weight 2 times per day. If it was my kid I would give it CD antitoxin (not the vaccine, but the acute treatment) or activated charcoal.

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