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walden magic model review

This surfboard is unique as it has the most reduced volume, which is up to 100 liters. Walden Surfboards is famous for offering a wide variety of longboards, and some of its bestsellers are 9’0 Magic Model 24139 and 9’6 Magic Model 24118 surfboards. Equally if there’s a particular product that you are looking for and it’s not listed on our site then please get in touch in the comments section below and we’ll endeavour to contact the retailer or manufacturer in order to get one sent to us to develop a review. I was surprised how easy it is to turn for its size. It also comes with a classic design in blue and white colors and bright rails and bottom. If you’re fascinated to know more about the collection of Walden Surfboards, here’s a Walden Surfboards review to consider if you’re searching for a brand new surfboard. Dimensions. STOP! I have the 9-6. You’ve got the …, Are you a beginner who heard about paddleboarding and wants …, Even during a coronavirus pandemic, you can still take advantage …. By Reese on 2013-10-31. Another entry from Walden Surfboards is the 8’6 Mucho Magic 24147 Longboard, and this board will not be a disappointment when it comes to its floatation. It however is way ahead of most longboards, 8.5/10 It’s always significant to consider the type of surfboard you need because every surfboard-type has its edge when it comes to performance. Thanks for stopping by to read our in depth review of the Walden Mega Magic 2 SLX Surfboard, available at £854.99 from one of the most established and recognised retailers in the industry, Magicseaweed. Walden are of course recognised as one of the leading brands in Surfing products which really helps cement them as a “go-to” choice. Plus, the performance is worth the shot, especially if you’re an intermediate level to pro. Walden Surfboards offers a collection of masterpieces, and if you’re looking for an exceptional longboard, you should consider buying from it. Most surfers go to the typical ones, which are shortboards and fish surfboards. I have surfed it in 2ft to 5ft conditions in Hawaii and New Zealand. concave bottom with a full amount of rocker Fin Setup: FCS fin boxes Construction: SLX Fins: 2 + 1 centre fin Template: A little thicker than your average longboard without compromising maneuverability Rider ability: All skill levels from beginner to advanced riders Tail Shape: Small diamond tail Walden Mega Magic 2 SLX Surfboard. As mentioned, we only work with retailers that we know and trust, so you can be safe in the knowledge that we’ll only recommend a well established and recognised shop. These are suitable for newbies, yet it’s best for intermediate to professional surfers. Despite carrying a longboard feature, it’s also an excellent performer. I try to get out there 2 times a week and I have been at it for two years,I am in excellent physical condition. By bffn on 2012-07-25. Also, the concave bottom makes it more desirable to control, which works well during paddling, turning, and nose-riding. I've just order the PU version and expect it improves speed and manoeuvrability.. let you know later.. 8/10 If you’re looking for a trusted brand where you can find exceptional longboards, you can never go wrong with Walden Surfboards. That said, there are plenty of retailers now offering finance packages when you buy high ticket items. SLX boards feel light versatile and are super responsive under your feet and work well in pretty much any condition. During the most recent scan our system found that the best deal on Walden Mega Magic 2 SLX Surfboard was £854.99 available from Magicseaweed. Maybe the harder rail plays a role here... [2020]. As for full rails, these provide exceptional floatation because the deck is flatter. It will help you enhance your skills as well if you’re aiming for a professional level. To read all 239 reviews just click the “Read Full Review” button on this page where you’ll be directed to Magicseaweed to read what verified customers have to say. Once you’re happy with the details of the reviews make sure you have a quick check of the average rating, and if you’re stuck between a couple of products then use that as a good indication as to which one is better suited to your needs. Aside from that, the single concave to double concave provides the steadiness you need as you ride big or rapid waves. The nose-part delivers the stability and lift you need as you drive it, regardless of any wave-height. There’s convenience in controlling this surfboard because it only weighs 17 pounds. It also comes with a full rocker, which delivers optimum maneuverability on the trail, making it exceptional during nose-riding. Surfhungry.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. The blue hard rails and rocker make it very steady, regardless if you ride an SM-MED-type of a wave. By ML on 0000-00-00, Favorite board is Robert August WIR.... easy to paddle and catch waves, 3/10 From turning to paddling, this surfboard provides exceptional performance. I didn't land on the board & was amazed to find it broken as I slid onto the board to paddle back out. My usual go-to board has been the Donald Tak 9-2 DT-2. However, this surfboard is better on SM-Med wave-heights. Maneuvering it is never a hassle, especially when you’re controlling the board on the tail part. It fells like a short-board. Here’s a quick guide for you. 4/10 By Paolo on 0000-00-00, 9/10 Regardless if you need a surfboard for fun or skill-enhancement, Walden has something to offer. Thank you for taking the time to read our Walden Mega Magic 2 SLX Surfboard review. By Paul Grimshaw on 2012-07-16. 7/10 It’s agile by default, yet you can install Futures fins on its 2+1 fin set-up. You’ll love how easy this board is when it comes to controlling, especially on the tail of the board. Plus, it also gives ample maneuverability during nose-riding. Great all-round board for beginner to intermediate (I'm not an advanced surfer, so you'll have to wait until I get there ;-) It also provides exceptional convenience since it only weighs 19 pounds, which surfers admire because it doesn’t cause any discomfort as they ride it along waves. Walden Mega Magic 2 SLX Surfboard – the verdict. Disclaimer: Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means, that at no cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and purchase a product. Surfers recommend this surfboard if you need a top-performing longboard because of its patented structure. This surfboard comes in a patented design, having a unique hull with a 1/2-concave in front. The third rail design is the hard rails, and this design has restricted mobility, yet it provides a lot of maneuverability. I surfed many longboards from 8' to 10'. I’ve ridden the gsi version of the magic model and its ride no different them eather of my hand shaped magic models ,if you get it direct from walden you can have whatever paint you want gsi paint is to plain. Walden Surfboards is famous for offering a wide variety of longboards, and some of its bestsellers are 9’0 Magic Model 24139 and 9’6 Magic Model 24118 surfboards. Walden offers a wide variety of longboard surfboards, and each doesn’t fail in providing optimum performance. It doesn’t only provide comfort on the sole as you ride it, but it also assures durability. Plus, you can install the Futures fin-type to boost your surfboard, especially during quick, short waves. Every longboard from Walden’s collection uses hard rails. Plus, acceleration is also an edge because you can install Futures fins in a 2+1 set-up. It features a single concave transition going to a double concave with a 1/3-rear. The patented design of this surfboard is what makes it very exceptional. However, as per the brand, it’s best to stick to the most recommended types, which is Futures. This board is definitely my favourite. Flies fast down the line & turns on a seashell. It’s suitable for any surfing level, from beginners to professional surfers. Plus, it features a durable foam, which comes from an excellent quality of Polyurethane materials. Despite the materials of this board, it only weighs 16 pounds, and it’s another plus-factor for this surfboard. Walden Surfboards had a humble beginning back in 1968, where Steve Walden founded the company. I only wish I'd found it sooner. By Walden on 2011-08-07. This is one of the best Walden products that we’ve been fortunate enough to review. Adding to the board’s maximum performance are the full rocker and bright rails. Sign up for the SurfScience.com Newsletter and receive your free electronic copy of the guide: This guide was written with help by surf coaches who have trained professional surers on the WQS & WCT. It works good on everything from small slop to well overhead surf. User rating and editor reviews of top surfboards on the online surfing buyers guide. The rocker provides an ease to surfers in maneuvering the tail, which is ideal for nose-riding. By Karsten on 2013-02-20. Peak Paddleboards Review | Epic Paddleboards or Flop. Walden Mega Magic 2 SLX Surfboard, or 271366 as known by Walden is just one of hundreds of products reviewed in the Surfing category, but with the incredible rating it received it’s up there with the best. Aside from that, this surfboard is assured durable. Plus, it features appealing styles, following a modern-vintage look. So much so that it sacrifices some manuevarability unless you move the fin forward in the slot and/or get a fin with less sweep. Turns predictably in nice arcing carves for a longboard. With ll due respect - your rating system is meaningless. By Fiberglasss on 0000-00-00, 9/10 Turns on a dime. The Futures fin-type is the best to use with this surfboard. The hull features a 1/2-front single concave and a 1/3-rear double concave, making it easier to control, regardless of any surfing condition. We’ve now conducted over 648 reviews in the Surfing category and have reached the conclusion based on a range of review criteria that Walden Mega Magic 2 SLX Surfboard is well worthy of its 9.4 score out of 10. Walden doesn’t fail to satisfy all its customers when it comes to design and performance.

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