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The tax- and retirement-planning expert discusses SECURE and CARES Act implications for charitable giving and estate planning, the pause on RMDs, and why 2020 is shaping up as an ideal year for Roth conversions. Dialog-based episodes contain a slow reading of an exchange in conversational English, followed by an explanation of the key vocabulary, and then a native-rate reading of the same dialog. Financial planning guru Michael Kitces on the future of financial advice: technology, specialization, planning versus investment guidance, and how to pay for it. In this episode, Deloitte Tax LLP partner and leader of the myInsight client edition platform, David Landers discusses how tax departments are quickly adapting and rising to new challenges. [19] ESL Podcast has consistently been ranked the number one English language learning podcast in iTunes since its launch in 2005,[20][21] and among the Top 20 podcasts for all categories in several European, Asian, and Latin American countries with a dedicated iTunes Store in 2011. Certain services may not be available to attest clients under the rules and regulations of public accounting. The retirement researcher and author discusses the benefits and challenges of working longer, the health of Social Security, and what longevity means for retirees' plans. Like other popular language podcasts such as ChinesePod, ESL Podcast uses a "freemium" business model, where the audio files are provided for free but the supplementary materials require a paid membership. As a partner in Deloitte’s Tax Management Consulting practice and the leader of our Robotics & Intelligent Automation team, Emily thrives on anticipating what might be next and boldly embarks on the p... More. We’re finally in a spot where data can really drive us through a process. The podcasts contains general information only and Deloitte is not, by means of the podcasts, rendering accounting, business, financial, investment, legal, tax, or other professional advice or services. The influential financial writer on what's driving higher market valuations, the challenges of retirement drawdown, and the myth of the 'dumb' investor. Please see www.deloitte.com/us/about for a detailed description of our legal structure. This is something that has been a dream of mine for a long time. Financial-planning guru Harold Evensky on the shortcomings of the SEC's newly enacted Regulation Best Interest, the bucket approach to retirement portfolios, and evolving business models for financial advice. The Research Affiliates founder thinks "value" is cheap, sees shades of the 2000 tech bubble in today's market, and takes issue with multifactor investing, among other matters. I think from a time to value perspective these types of automations and solutions are going to be drastically quicker than your typical tax compliance or consolidation tool or any other big platform that you are implementing. Morningstar's director of global ETF research on fee wars, performance-chasing investors, and whether passive funds are doing their fair share for corporate governance. A contrarian financial advisor delves into his provocative research on the influence of sector weightings on stock returns, value's slump, equal-weighting, and the low-volatility phenomenon. A noted researcher discusses the state of financial literacy in the U.S., the connection with income inequality, and what works with financial education. The manager of T. Rowe Price's target-date series discusses the firm's more stock-heavy allocations, how target-date funds keep investors in their seats, and the puzzle of retirement decumulation. With technology revolutionizing mundane tax processes like invoicing and reporting, many multinationals, the OECD and governments are trying to stay in lock step to create and adapt to new VAT standards. Is it an opportunity for the future, or are there real use cases that can help achieve efficiencies and data gains today? The founder of the EarlyRetirementNow website and member of the FIRE community speaks about his experiences and thoughts on retiring early. The prolific author and investment consultant weighs in whether indexing has gotten too large, Vanguard's foray into private equity, and the spots where active management might still work. The financial advisor and author discusses his views on financial life planning, the future of financial advice, and saving for higher education. In this episode, Deloitte Tax LLP partner Jen Knickerbocker discusses tax departments’ progress in partnering with the business, as reported in interviews with CFOs and CAOs. Deloitte Tax LLP partners Emily VanVleet and Ravi Gupta discuss on our latest tax podcast how cloud ERP migration presents an opportunity to tailor data for greater tax insights, focusing in this podcast, as it relates to Oracle’s new cloud ERP platform. The Deloitte Tax + Tech podcast series navigates the tax technology landscape through conversations with Deloitte leaders to help you chart your tax department’s digital future. An accomplished fixed-income investor on managing through the coronavirus, the economic outlook, and the state of muni credit. A respected retirement researcher discusses what types of spending are correlated with a better retirement--and which are not. T. Rowe Price's senior financial planner shares planning and portfolio to-dos for 20-somethings, people in their 70s and beyond, and everyone in between. In addition, she describes three areas in which tax could provide even more value to the business. The Ellevest founder discusses how advisors fail their female clients, the lack of gender diversity in financial services, and why firms should be working to close the gender pay gap. Deloitte Tax LLP partner Emily VanVleet and Deloitte Canada senior manager Jeff Butt explore the intersection of talent and technology and how successfully bringing them together is essential for the future. Morningstar's columnist reflects on his decades of analyzing and writing about the mutual fund, retirement, and financial advice industries. [4][17][18] iTunes Japan named ESL Podcast one of the Best 20 podcasts in Japan in 2007. But how can tax departments leverage data management to improve processes and outcomes? Certain services may not be available to attest clients under the rules and regulations of public accounting. DTTL (also referred to as "Deloitte Global") does not provide services to clients. In this episode, Lindsay McAfee, Deloitte multistate tax senior manager, and Holly Hamby, tax management consulting managing director, discuss what these changes really mean for companies and how they’re responding to new requirements. The English Café typically covers two major topics of cultural importance to learners of American English, followed by a short question-and-answer segment based on listener input. The Oakmark manager discusses the lasting lessons of the financial crisis and how traditional value metrics aren't necessarily the best gauge of an inexpensive stock. In addition, he explores how companies are shifting to hybrid tax operating models with both in-house and third-party resources. ‎Show Verified Views, Ep Ep #11 LIVE: Parenting with Jeff Brazier and Martha Lewis - 21 Oct 2019 Efficiency is certainly one of the first value drivers for AI. Join hosts Christine Benz and Jeff Ptak as they talk to influential leaders in investing, advice, and personal finance about a wide-range of topics, such as asset allocation and balancing risk and return. The 'White Coat Investor' discusses how high earners can avoid lifestyle creep and why a minimalist approach to investing is best. [8], Stories or features about ESL Podcast[8] have appeared in several international media outlets in the United States,[13] Latin America,[6][14] Asia,[15][16] and Europe. English as a Second Language (ESL) Podcast is a web-based English language-learning podcast.It is the first and longest-running English language learning podcast on the Internet. [2][8] Both have published several dozen articles and books on topics in applied linguistics. Two Wellington Management portfolio managers discuss how they manage risk at Vanguard Wellesley Income, why they’ve taken a liking to busted growth stocks, and where they’re finding durable sources of income. The investment in technology or process standardization has always been a cost-benefit analysis and what this crisis has higlighted is that decisions made in the past about what's the return on investment, may have changed.

Ziaire Williams Out, Linon Tobin Corner Breakfast Nook, Ashland Nh Tax Maps, Benjamin Moore Harmony, American University Law School Housing,

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