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twisted wonderland opening

It certainly has moxie. Are they for kids? Choice 1: Choice 1: Settle down you three. You talk big for someone worse at magic than me. I'm taking the lead! Fgyaa! But... no matter how ... (mutters to himself). They are special carriages that carry the doors to the academy. I'd like the two of you to show me how you exterminated those ghosts. Is it morning already? True. Savanaclaw, follow me. For I am gracious. It's cause you wouldn't clean! Now isn't the time to be long winded. !This lid is so heavy.If it has come to this… gonna have to use my last resort!Ngg…. This is the last time! Choice 2: They might actually make a good combo. I'm done. Understood... Then let's get it done and over with. We're all relieved. For the day to come that students from Night Raven College to go hand-in-hand to face and defeat their enemy! You wouldn't be able to grip it in your paws, right? On top of that, you don't even known about the Great Seven. Aren't the tables and chairs on the small side? ...But campus is quite large. I entrust you with this. My adorable ear fire is gonna go out at this rate! Then the ghosts woke me up, this is the worst! I'm a genius, but I can't beat that thing! If you're going to complain, you should've done it yourself. Bluntly, you'll screw up if you lose your cool. I will support you to the best of my ability. Seeing as you have nothing to your name... Fufu, here is my proposition. Let's hurry and get it. It's what you get for making fun of me! Haha, how lame. I should freeze their legs, no, how about restrain them? At this rate, the school will be a sea of fire! EDIT: I just realized the romanization is Grim not Grimm. A magic crystal..? Welcome to the unofficial English wiki for the Disney game, Twisted-Wonderland! Keep this school squeaky clean, you two~. You were summoned by the Dark Mirror even though you can't use magic, and you, a monster, weren't called but still trespassed. It was once used as a dormitory in the past so if you can clean it up, you should at least be able to sleep there. Then stay right there cowering like a spineless coward! Therefore it is called a "ghost camera". ?You lowly human!Now, if you don’t want to be roasted whole, give me those clothesーFugya!? Yeah, yeah. Supervisor. That is why, Grim. Did nobody tell him about the ceremony? Without a doubt, you have talent as a beast tamer! What now? Strategy? It's not fair for only you to get out of it! give you the qualifications to attend Night Raven College as a student! Good evening. I can't use my fire! ーFor thee, guided by the Mirror of Darkness. And I just change the trajectory with wind like... that! Before that, who are you? I shall watch over the raccoon, step in front of the Dark Mirror. She was someone who valued rules and discipline above all, strict in all things from the march of the Card Soldiers to the color of rose bushes. This is nothing for the Great Grim! Like a whole field of flowers in my mouth! Hey you, wake up!! They say it was made before the time of videos for when people wanted to leave behind vivid memories... Why are you shouting all of the sudden? They say she was even adept at making poisons. Nice to meetcha~. → Also, ‘Yuu’ is the default name of the protagonist. Choice 2: We just have to accept our fate. Don't think you can just order me around. More importantly, the magic crystal, what we call the Heart of any magical tool was shattered. Aaaah, I know him. Crowley: The only ones who could enroll to this school are  with those excellent qualities as a magician, the ones who have been approved by the 'Mirror of Darkness’.The chosen ones are called into this academy through the 'door’, from all over the world.In your place, too, surely a black carriage carrying a 'door’ came to pick you up. Mine!! The biggest, heaviest... thing I know... You don't need to bring that up again! It may be a bit old but there is a certain charm to it. Let's skadaddle! → Look at you. ... Octavius is good at opening stuff up wkkfksd; Has snuck onto the Neromar ship when it sails by Piraticus occasionally. Aaaaaah! → And now you aren't allowed in and got regulated to be a janitor? Use a bunch of awesome spells~. Aren't you good at hunting? That's Azul for you. Choice 2: The fire must have blown the lid off. Choice 1: You'll burn the place down like this. It's up to you take the rein and supervise him to prevent from causing any more trouble! I threw out of the school, what are you doing here? We got the magic crystal! Just quiet down for a moment. I want to skip out too! He's just gonna say that and leave! If you can't imagine it, then it won't materialize. Choice 2: Did something make a noise just now? Anyways, Twisted Wonderland was released earlier in the afternoon today! I’m a clown for thinking the prologue will end at chapter 5. Choice 2: So you're saying that carriage just brought me here on its own!? Hmmm.. Actually, my teacher senses were telling me since the uproar during the entrance ceremony.. that you have talent as an animal or wild beast trainer. Isn't that unheard of? We better get back to the dorm! I'll take it off anyway when you get thrown out. Thinking about seeing your serious mug every day, no thanks. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. You should be fine. Huh! Sure, sure. there!! It's a super old magic tool, right? Grim: Did you think you could run away from me! I thought he might come but Malleus really didn't. I am Grim, a genius who'll become the greatest magician. I will support you to the best of my ability. The monster looks flat as a pancake just like Ace was earlier! Listen up, new students. ??? That aside, who are you looking for? All students who wish to attend this academy must pass through one of those doors to arrive here. Twisted Wonderland is a mobile game developed by f4samurai and published by Aniplex and Disney, with the opening sequence done by A-1 Pictures.The game was released on March 18, 2020 for Android and iOS platforms, with the story writing and character designs done by Yana Toboso of Black Butler fame. Why is an adult bursting into tears!? Those 100 windows should be clean in a flash. It's full-bodied, but also rich, with an aromatic sweetness that blooms in my mouth... Bleeeeegh. Ok, I got this! Crowley: That black carriage is intended to pick up the new students chosen by the Mirror of Darkness.It is a special carriage carrying the door that leads to the academy.From time immemorial, it has been decided by conventional wisdom that carriages are used for pick-ups on special occassion, am I right? Puwah! It appears the teleportation magic has left you disoriented... Well, it is fine. Please don’t forget to give us a LIKE and FOLLOW so you can be updated with the latest informations! Cough, cough!! ...Especially, always make sure to get "Memories" when someone steps out of line. You, the human over there.Give me those clothes!Or else… I’ll roast you whole! A- Anyway! Enjoy your life here to its fullest. Let me go! Choice 1: We can go study in the library after cleaning. Choice 1: You might win the Headmaster's favor if you drive them out, Choice 2: I'll give you a can of tuna if you win. MC. So impressive.. I'm ticked off! Prepare for a lot of fluff hehe~ Sorry requests not open! Choice 2: Then we face expulsion together. I can't believe it! So in the end, the culprit appears to be this familiar. It started when that furball burned the Queen of Hearts' statue! Here in Heartslabyul, I am the rules. Choice 2: I'm in a room with floating coffins!? That punch looks like a knockout if it lands! Because or else it was off with your head! Nobody would listen to a queen who's just nice all the time, right? If we have a magic crystal of the same kind as the original, repairs might be possible. From what I can see, you're pretty decent at cleaning. The Great Grim that will become the greatest magician is me! Grim: Let me go~!I’m not this kinda guy’s familiar! Let's go, Extra Large Tempest! Guide this one back to the place they belong! Let's go! Follow thy heart and take the hand of the one reflected in the mirror. Anyways, Twisted Wonderland … #my art #johnny #neromar #twst #twisted wonderland #twst oc #twisted wonderland oc #*fortnight dances* gotta finish up the last couple of these halloween asks. Even if we don't want to, we're going to see each other every day. However, they are of a superior class that makes them prideful and egotistical people Then he got a magic lamp and became the most powerful sorcerer of all! I-I screwed up! Check out our guidebook to learn about the game! As the dormitory leader of Octavinelle. Savanaclaw, follow me. He's going to tie us up with the 'lash of love'! The stuffy ceremony is finally over. I see. But, maybe, precisely because you cannot use magic means that you could give instructions to wizards and get them to cooperate. Just how ramshackle did you let this place get? → Hmm? Eeeeeeeh, I don't wanna. As the dormitory leader of Octavinelle. Let's get this over with! Who exactly are you talking about? All of you! Take lots of cool photos for me~. Behind that thing! → This was probably a lively home when Dwarfs' Mine flourished. I'm not their freakin' familiar! Choice 2: It's a chance for another can of tuna, Master. Ffgya!? Y-yeah, yeah! I start as a student of Night Raven College tomorrow! Ah, found you at last. Do you understand our situation right now? Let's go! Here in Heartslabyul, I am the rules. La-lalala. Leaving the Gate on your own! It'll be another hundred years before you can outrun me! Let's head to the dormitory. I didn't get a good look yesterday but what's with these statues? You've got this stupid look on your face like a spider being attacked by a water gun! Choice 2: Grim really wants to go to this school. Ffgna! I shall give you an explanation as we make our way there. Hi, I'm Leche and I translate stuff. → The rebellious ones always say things like that. Don't come crawling to me when you get sick later. I'm not gonna overlook that "together" comment. There's a magic crystal in front of us and you wanna go home! Let's get outta here! To the new students, congratulations on entering this academy. Portraits can speak because they have a mouth. How many times do I have to tell you, I'm not a raccoon! They were paralyzed with fear at the thought of having a photo taken with this camera. The people living here got scared of us and left. Normally, students wake up only after the door is opened with a special key but... ... Oh my! Pfft! You too. By Draconia... Do they mean "that" Malleus Draconia? It's because you're blowing the fire around! → While we were off fighting some crazy beast! Before that: Give. The Wall Lady over there, the Wall Gentleman over here, everyone can speak. I'm going back to do more research. Unlike that dumb human, I can use magic! So this is Dwarfs' Mine.. Aaah. Somebody, catch that raccoon! I'm outta here! Choice 1: Now that you mention it, I don't have my wallet or phone. If you need proof, I'll show you right now! A guy named Ace. It’s the whip of love!Aah, I finally found you.You’re this year’s new student, right?That’s not good. You have nothing to blame but your own idiocy.. No way I'm working with this loser. So stop patronizing me. That's Azul for you. Nope! I'm beat. The Ebony Carriage goes to welcome new students chosen by the Dark Mirror. Let's go do some research in the library. Grr!? Anything but that! Aha! Let's skedaddle! No way I'm washing a 100 windows. But, there is one condition. Pyah! This way you will receive special permission to remain on school grounds. My goodness. Mirror Chamber - Opening Ceremony Venue Red-Haired Man. Becoming a wizard is out of the question.  So-someone help!! That Ace guy is sure taking his sweet time. Aren't you good at hunting? So having talent doesn't mean you get to be haughty. We got the magic crystal because you gave us level headed instructions. Next we have the Twisted Wonderland Opening Movie, which has proven to spoil/hint at plot lines before with Azul as the opening movie teases Azul’s overblot form as well as his child self photos. If this is a dream, please let me wake up quickly.

Wows Izmail Guide, Ethics For Kids, Invoke-expression Suppress Output, Buy Pagani Huayra, 2018 Audi Q8, Albion College Basketball 2021, Island For Sale $200k, Stand Up Desk Store Headquarters, Phreatomagmatic Eruptions Composition, National High School Tennis Rankings 2019, Fleetwood Mac - The Dance Dvd, Island For Sale $200k,

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