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tom macdonald wrestler

In a morbid kind of way, I’m actually sort of impressed. Extremely well said. Tom MacDonald was born in 1988 and grew up in Edmonton, Alberta. Beggars can’t be choosers when you are facing white genocide. It’s just another visual of how far Whites have fallen. sleep well and long Name a thing that you can’t do? White people are doing this all the time. Because I believe that their movement is angry and sexist, woo Straight white male, I’m so frail the day I found out you were on your way Far from being bothered by controversy, he has come to learn that pissing off the SJWs is actually quite lucrative. If you want to support our work, please send us a donation by going to our Entropy page and selecting “send paid chat.” Entropy allows you to donate any amount from $3 and up. There’s racist white people but we’re far from that collectively. One of the most interesting of these is a song called “The Music Industry.” In it, MacDonald extols the virtues and advantages of being an independent artist as opposed to signing with a label (which he vows he will never do). What we are dealing with is mostly infantile doggerel declaimed over a repetitive, perhaps even sampled, beat. And the music is. Most conspicuously, his cringe trailer park wigger aesthetics complete with face tattoos are pretty hard to get past. Many people, including some of Mac Lethal’s own fans, thought his attack was cowardly. What you expect from the kids who went to Hooters after school? I only marry my second cousins . Presumably, he meant the country electing Donald Trump was a bad thing, that a society that would elect Donald Trump must have a serious problem with racism. Leave it to black women to make something as mundane as heterosexual sex sound utterly repulsive and depraved. In fact, there are times when MacDonald gives away more than perhaps he realizes. It would be great is he rapped out the 14 words, but it doesn’t hurt my feelings that he doesn’t. Tom MacDonald: Wigger With a Heart of Gold | Counter-Currents I enjoy these pop culture pieces. Increasingly, being dressed as a “Brooks Brothers preppy” is seen as culturally reactionary (yes!). Too much time spent maybe in the Infowars/Ron Paul bubble? That’s right. In 2015, Nova contributed to the soundtrack for the American teen comedy The Duff. At least not outside our circles. Makin’ me stupid money Real ones know the only competition is with themselves.”, ”Art is supposed to make you FEEL. READ MORE: What is Ice “Billion” Berg’s net worth? Just search Twitter for “Tom MacDonald” and “racist.” You get a whole lot of results. Why support a government that persecute my blackness? It’s long been a running joke in the Dissident Right about the news media will report incidents of “teens” and “youths” engaging in vicious violence while making no reference whatsoever to the fact that the perpetrators were entirely black. You have to remember that while Sargon may seem milquetoast to us, he’s seen as a radical by a lot of normies, and Tom MacDonald writes for a normie audience. I went to school and I pay my taxes At some point, he left the wrestling business and started a career in the music industry. Of course, he has to reel it back in at the end: Look I get it, it’s like the world is going crazy His zodiac sign is Virgo. Maybe now the world might listen. Battle-hardened by controversy, MacDonald appears to have become much more comfortable in his role as the guy the woke kids hate and is now just having fun with it. Vancouver, where MacDonald relocated immediately afterward, was only 1.2% black as recently as 2016. Many interpreted “Dear Rappers” as an attack on black rappers and black culture. Do you notice how these rap songs create a sort of back beat with some inane repeated lyric in this retarded sounding voice. He writes, performs, and produces his music, his girlfriend (YouTube rapper Nova Rockafeller) films his videos, and another friend does the mixing. Reminds me of Eminem but less cute. Again, we’re grading on the curve. awaken to a world with no hope But that’s okay — there’s no such thing as too much unwokeness. His least popular songs have half a million YouTube plays, and his most popular over 15 million. Shortly after “Politically Incorrect,” Tom MacDonald released his most viral song to date: “Everybody Hates Me.” Lyrically, this song is similar to “Politically Incorrect.” It’s more trolling of the SJWs. Also, he makes money from selling merch on Moreover, Tom has made a big impact and fame through his unique style of music which includes songs such as -Deathreats (2018), See You Tomorrow (2015), Dream People & the Whiskey Wars, and LeeAnn’s Son (2014). But my gut instinct says “no.” I think what you see is what you get. others, like me, who thought they could control the wind As readers of Counter-Currents are well aware, the music industry is indeed run by a secret cabal of Satanic pedophiles. In response to the controversy around “Dear Rappers,” MacDonald released an even more controversial song that would become his first major viral hit and signify a radical change in artistic direction. but the consequences are so obvious and awful, you are coming to a world made broken by others Hate the ones who teach they children, “You ain’t shit cause they said so” The mannerisms, the voice inflection to sound Black, and the entire image and persona makes me feel embarrassed for them. like nothing was going to change Now being fat is beautiful? They’re so in love and vote for Trump ’cause f*ck politicians Anyway, my point is that prowhites must exaggerate our differences with the underclass as much as possible. All rights reserved. You are standing up for your family. For a normie, that’s a pretty smart observation. It is really bad when racial nationalists – supposed to be champions of empiricism – start denying science. And saying you’re woke doesn’t make you a prophet And so on. He sees (correctly) that the music industry is fundamentally and irredeemably evil — as well as a big scam. I don’t want to be like some passive artist for people to go, “Oh, what do you think of Tom Macdonald,” and they’re like, “You can take him or leave him.” I don’t want that. You don’t like to like my skin color then you can (. Don’t think for a moment that only blacks use the mask to gain entry to the store and then let the useless, unhealthy mask drop. And note: I am far more anti-socialist, collectivist, and Big Government than almost anyone. Keep hatin’, you’re wastin’ I don’t know where else to put this, but it is off topic (sort of). They should not have dopey hairstyles, but maybe have something super-identifiable (Spencer was going for that look, and I thought he was correct in that). The ones who get the flu survive without hospitalization. Tom MacDonald has all the right enemies, and seeing that he has hit #1, he is newsworthy enough that I now feel that it would be irresponsible of me to not at least acknowledge his existence. Illuminati puppets, the industry hail Satan, Labels are hiding the proof, look, Imma give you a clue Mad that my skins so pale It’s safer territory, and nothing we haven’t heard before, but he hits the mark. You are climbing your way out of the underground and creeping ever closer to the mainstream. Join Identity Europa. and the best gift I can give you is pain While he is a rapper, MacDonald has said in interviews that his favorite genre of music is classic rock, citing Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, and The Beatles among his major influences.

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