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the wedding date jasmine guillory movie

Alex and Henry must decide if they’ll risk their futures, their families, and their careers to take a chance on happiness. Contemporary-A-Thon challenge #6: read a diverse contemporary -COMPLETE! GENERAL ROMANCE The Wedding Date, the debut novel from Jasmine Guillory, delighted me from start to finish! Alexa is black, Drew is white and both have successful careers. Romance ensues. | See all 11 questions about The Wedding Date…, 2019: What Women Born In The 1970s Read In 2019,, Stunning BEAUTY and ELEGANCE O555226484 Escort Services in Sharjah, The Wedding Date (June 2020) Buddy Read Discussion - Mina & Laura ☾, [Poll Ballot] The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory - 4 stars. RELEASE DATE: June 4, 2019. All that junk food! The book is also unexpectedly raunchy, since Alexa and Drew’s connection starts as a purely physical one and they only later develop deeper feelings. Magazine Subscribers (How to Find Your Reader Number). Guillory is a rising star in the romance genre, and The Wedding Date was named one of EW’s top 10 romance novels of 2018 — but it’s her second novel that has caught Witherspoon’s eye. . She never asked him straight up what they were throughout the course of the novel, and in fairness to her, he never brought it up either, but in that moment he spelled it out for her plain and simple and it was so childish of her to run away from him. A groomsman and his last-minute guest are about to discover if a fake date can go the distance in a fun and flirty debut novel. Kerensa’s drunken one-night stand may jeopardize not only her pregnancy, but also her marriage, not to mention Polly’s engagement to Huckle. For the most part, this was compulsively readable but I felt this maybe dragged on a little too long in the middle. This was an adorable romance with my favorite Fake Dating trope! I’m sorry, I’m all for women sticking up for women in situations where they feel led on by guys, but it was so obvious that he didn’t want to be just friends by that point. All Rights Reserved. How can they navigate being open about their sexualities (Alex is bisexual; Henry is gay) in their very public and very scrutinized roles? Alexa is a lawyer-turned–chief of staff for the mayor of Berkeley. Agreeing to go to a wedding with a guy she gets stuck with in an elevator is something Alexa Monroe wouldn't normally do. We’re glad you found a book that interests you! Sweet little romantic novel. But there's something about Drew Nichols that's too hard to resist. I will watch in my pjs while drinking hot cocoa and listening to the rain hit my windows!!). | If You’ve Been Missing Rom-coms at the Movies, You’ve Got to Read Jasmine Guillory’s The Wedding Date ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley The Wedding Date, Jasmine Guillory’s debut novel is absolutely delightful. How can she give up an entire day’s profits to the Mount Polbearne Christmas fair? It follows Alexa Monroe, a black woman who works as the mayor's chief of staff, who meets Drew Nichols, a white surgeon. Don't hesitate to text me on my social media. a buch of pages explain about s*x, but I never skip it LOL. Home Books All Books The Wedding Date The Proposal The Wedding Party Royal Holiday Party of Two About Events Contact. One of the best books I’ve read in a while. SO GOOD, definitely one of my new favorite romances! When someone asks you to spend your life with him, it shouldn’t come as a surprise — or happen in front of 45,000 people. Although the story’s premise might be a fantasy—it takes place in a world in which a divorced-mom Texan Democrat won the 2016 election—the emotions are all real. You can bet that Guillory’s second book, The Proposal, is already on my To-Read list. (Side note, go add Thirst Aid Kit to your podcast catcher now.). Welcome back. While it’s true that the best day to read this contemporary romance is on Valentine’s Day, as the cover loves to imply, I wasn’t sure about it back in February. Jasmine Guillory This is a super cute romance. In the book, Alexa has a thing for coffee and pink frosted doughnuts with sprinkles, so to celebrate the release, I made, baked double chocolate donuts with strawberry glaze, talk and book signing at The Ripped Bodice, AFTER THE STORM by Katy Ames Is Live| Release Day Blitz. Alexa Monroe is a great heroine—smart, funny, and full of the anxieties women know intimately. The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory is charming, sweet, and downright adorable! McQuiston’s strength is in dialogue; her characters speak in hilarious rapid-fire bursts with plenty of “likes,” “ums,” creative punctuation, and pop-culture references, sounding like smarter, funnier versions of real people.

Cody Kolodziejzyk Duke, Brown Praying Mantis, Darcy Garraway Age, David Johnson Net Worth, How Big Is A Sprite 5e, Sample Statement Of Work For Training Services, Foxtel Iq4 Manual, Rds Roll Over Valve, Jackson Love Island,

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