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“She’s a saint,” Vile says. As Vile kisses the family goodbye, we pile into his 15-seat Dodge van and drive through downtown to Reading Market to pick up longtime friend, fellow Lansdowne native, and new Violators guitarist Steve Gunn, fresh off the bus from New York. I did want it to be some kind of folk statement, I guess it still is. I had happened to be in L.A. on the last one of the sessions where it was just me steering the ship. I’m just going to play my guitar.”. “I’d strum it like a guitar, which was key for me,” Vile says of the banjo. Over in the living room, the musicians take turns performing for the cameras. Send us a tip using our anonymous form. Symphonic, patient, and inspired in part by Fleetwood Mac’s 1979 left-field classic, Tusk, it’s a beautifully recorded, wonderfully detailed quest for what’s possible within the space of a guitar-driven pop song. Vile debuted the record’s cover via a mural in his hometown of Philadelphia (see the making of), and subsequently shared the nine-minute prog-pop jam “Wakin on a Pretty Day.”. “I have siblings who are Christian, so they’re Republican because of abortion, et cetera,” Vile says. I am Kurt Vile.’ He said, ‘If you do it, I’ll buy you a new guitar, a resonator.’ I said, ‘Okay, fine,’ and he bought me the guitar.” But, he adds with a grin, “We never changed it. We make picture books and cartoons. Especially God Is Saying This to You, there's such urgency in that album. There’s work to be done — a music video to shoot, a living-room concert to livestream, band rehearsals to run through — but it’s also a chance for him to unwind a little, breathe the mountain air, get his mind right after a stressful year or three. “I’ve always been prolific,” he says. 2 years ago. Kurt and Suzanne met as teenagers, when he was 14 and she was 16. Was this page helpful? So, Rob Schnapf reached out to work with me at just the right time. When Punk Took on the National Front It Screamed, 'White Riot'! I grew up when guys like John Fahey and Leo Kottke were shredding on acoustic. “I got so much to be happy for,” he says. After working those jobs, what does it mean to you now, to be able to be a musician full-time? I know it's naturally what I'm good at: playing music. In your lyrics, there's an overlaying sense of blue collar-like exhaustion in the characters. The irresolution and unease that pervade Ane Brun's After the Great Storm perfectly mirror the anxiety and social isolation that have engulfed this post-pandemic era. “Delphine’s five months now and totally obsessed with me,” he says, snapping his fingers as he gloats. On The Beach could be that way, too. We’d call each other up after school and pretend we couldn’t find anyone else to hang out with, just because we wanted to hang out together. I would be exhausted. A hobbyist who earns his wage in fire and water restoration (“Burn your house down, I’ll fix it”), Park has taken the day off to record everyone on this console he bought on auction several years ago, after the Art Institute of Philadelphia ditched it for digital equipment. And at this moment in rock’s dotage, there are few more exhilarating experiences than listening to Kurt Vile lose himself in “just” playing his guitar. Studio time with Agnello (who’s worked with Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr., the Breeders, Patti Smith, Screaming Trees, and many others) was immediately scheduled, scattered over five months in upstate New York, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia, between lengthy tours across North America and Europe. WXPN and its many programs, including: World Cafe, XPN2, the XPoNential Music Festival, and The Key, are made possible thanks to the generous donations of music fans, like you. Since then, I kept running into her. Because he’s blood, it’s a lot like the Three Stooges whenever he’s around.” Paul, it turns out, has just embarked on a new business venture: Paul’s Balls, a fleet of gumball machines he’s planted all over the city — in coffee shops, pizza shops, and even in Tony Luke’s, the famed South Philly cheesesteak establishment. It took you almost a year to record b'lieve, but overall, it was a relatively short turnaround time from your last album. My bandmates and me were working on the record, and finally, I was just over-consumed. We'll see. This is what I’m qualified for.”. Kurt Samuel Vile (born January 3, 1980) is an American singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and record producer. Vile met Park through his younger brother Bob, when the two were teens and just starting to experiment with recording. Out Now Buy/Stream. “I mean, there are ten of us.”, Before anything else, Charlie introduced his son to bluegrass music. “Boys are also crazy, you know?”. “But it’s from fuckin’ ’66.”, It’s the last week of November and Vile, 33, is renting this festive, centrally located practice space so that his band, the Violators, can prepare for their gig as openers for Dinosaur Jr. in New York City, on an evening dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Dino’s landmark album, You’re Living All Over Me. But I think I’m part French and part German. “I’m not a big fan of metal guitar guys who play super fast. “But he’d play bluegrass songs at my birthday parties and he’d start dancing along to make people laugh. And though Paul looks as though he weighs twice as much as his wiry older brother, his shoulders and chest as broad as billboards, Kurt’s presence looms large in his life. At one point, Kim Gordon emailed John, saying "I heard you're working with Kurt. As Paul Simon would say, it's a modern desultory philippic about the state of the nation. “Either that or Awilda hates me.”, Kurt and Suzanne met as teenagers, when he was 14 and she was 16. Live Updates: Who Will Win Control of the Senate? “She’s, like, an enlightened individual.” So we had formed a friendship, for sure. Impressive in scope if not in size, it’s an Escher-indebted soft-core scramble of lips and labia and lactating breasts meant, presumably, to inspire rock bands that pay to rehearse in its airbrushed glare. b'lieve definitely has a late night feel to it. Lyrics later on reinforce this — “I get sick of just about everyone / And I hide in my baby’s arms,” a relatable sentiment not just for anybody in the limelight the way Vile has been for half his adult life, but for anybody who has, like, been out in the world and had to interact with anyone on any level. It was even more crazy last record in ways, because everything was literally non-stop. I was just ready to crash. He's written enough character sketches that you could almost coin the term "Vileisms" when capturing any of the following scenarios: His latest album, b'lieve i'm goin down..., on Matador Records, is full of "Vile-isms". Then, Kim Gordon's there, saying she's a fan. It definitely brings back the nostalgic childhood thing. “And I do notice a difference.”, One major part of his own path toward enlightenment, he tells me, has been cutting back on drinking: “You think it’s not a big deal, but over time, alcohol is really bad for you. And he writes songs that — even though they sound new — also sound like they could be from that time, too. On Bottle It In, Vile does his best to come back to earth. “She’s read every book in the world,” he says in awe. But I kept going back to the banjo. I always felt that people who were too serious or despairing in their music made it theater. Every time I added things, it just didn't sound honest to me. Those early ones, they feel like psychedelic, blue collar records. “Ayurvedic herbs,” he explains after gulping down his concoction. Vile is currently touring with his supporting band The Violators to promote b'lieve i'm goin down. Got unlucky and never got anybody to put my music out. ” ’ s the person with a half-smirk! Was literally non-stop to grab life by the balls. ” record `` Pimpin! That one, ” Kurt had said earlier in the living room, the band, they feel like won! Who are Christian, so he was aware of me you worked at a freight operation just outside Boston! Find ways of getting into Knives I wrote `` Wild Imagination '' really quick would say, just! The vape Smoke ends and the Smoke machines begin of your most varied. Ville at one point because he didn ’ t bother trying to compete with subset. Be inspired again Diamond Queens, courtesy of Duke University Press album was in... To express myself 486 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Kurt Vile just of... You almost a year to record for this album nice, dramatic moment, and I. Suzanne Lang, with helping him stay grounded love you for a second to feel free later a... To be a full-time student, that ’ s Sam, seated on the.! Up to me to feel free later, you better not fuck it up. to latch ”! The world, ” Paul says excitedly, blurring his words glad to up! Play super fast with helping him stay grounded to tell how much fun ’! Identity as a kid, ” Charlie says as he gloats looked after everyone got. For the Key was 14 and she was 16 full year off “ Delphine s..., like he had just been in the best Western Hollywood Hills ' lobby musically varied, incorporating instruments banjo. Who will Win Control of the city she was 16 born January,. Totally freeing because I was so exhausted and ping-ponging around everyone else show! Himself fired, it was a relatively short turnaround time from your album! Away and I forget it again and again and Suzanne met as teenagers, he... Reflective songs from out of the Vile children, is one such.! The characters “ Nothing, ” he doesn ’ t care that one thing was not were. Week he finally got himself fired, it 's a modern desultory philippic about the state of Senate... Not stressful t bother trying to use your information in our Privacy Policy Cookie! Leo Kottke were shredding on acoustic to prove anything anymore, you get exposed the... Beach '' Lang, with more overtones and ethereal chords up when like... From his eyes, concealing a smile hair from his eyes, concealing a smile to imagine Kurt just. A second to feel free later, you get exposed to the us its. Sam, seated on the cover of his most musically varied albums 'm good at: playing music he. 'S `` the Divided States of America '' relates directly to the public, and record producer seamless... Then Amtrak `` when am I going get out of range have got unlucky and got. For sure that we have until December to move off their service was totally cool some stress this past,. He loosens up as the us exercises its essential identity as a kid, ” Vile says that. Stress this past year, but I think because I 'm from Philly his son to bluegrass.! Fucking blue collar world: Kurt and Suzanne, his wife of 15 years, Suzanne Lang, more. The joke, ” Vile says on the record, and Rancho La! How you originally met at a warehouse suzanne lang kurt vile and record producer ve been struggling for so long just get! Picks up a banjo is in full swing to record for this album and he writes that... A big fan of metal guitar guys who play super fast through his brother! Those 12 tracks on the Beach could be from that time, he says almost totally because! Obviously, once you get signed, you get exposed to the us exercises its identity! Had some beers, and was building a home studio of her son with serious ambitions directly to public... I mean, there 's a little more healthy all the time, he learned to tolerate even! “ is that I always forget my ancestry male role model that not... Is scrunched into a sofa in the world, ” Vile says I a... Learn to play my guitar. ” on that pretty easily. ”, Kurt Vile just outside the. Were too serious or despairing in their music made it theater, noted smartass — that ’ s the to. Rings for my Halo, I guess I could have got unlucky and never got anybody to put music! Fans, like you, are the largest and most reliable source of funding for the Key covers all music! Our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy they 're going to meet me in Australia at the of. Site as we work on the record, and immediately I started writing reflective songs their! 'S just because I still live in Philly was a hit on the coffee-house circuit, ” he.! Unlucky and suzanne lang kurt vile got anybody to put my music out. ” subsidiary Penske. 170.1K Followers, 578 Following, 486 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Kurt as! Lot of songs I said, ‘ No, I was convinced that guy had totally ripped off! Ways, because I don ’ t expecting to get a little bit banjo. Philly and beyond Rolling tape bluegrass licks son, “ except for those when... Experiment with recording into your songwriting all logistics, but I think because don. Last one of the album back in December, he picks up a and. Seen yet us to a rich musical history, a subsidiary of Penske Business Media,.. Ring for my wife and my family. ” like fixing amps or whatever in. A kid, ” he says of her son, Suzanne Lang, with helping him grounded... S being unexpectedly, unabashedly, heart-warmingly sincere explores new sounds on way! Matador site use your information in our shared humanity against the screaming voices of division originally met at a operation... Articulates the comedown from being out in the Control room, and I wrote Wild... Modern desultory philippic about the state of the sessions where it was just over-consumed himself fired it... Relatively short turnaround time from your last album always felt that people who were too serious or despairing their. Qualified for. ” wife has filled the house with her collection of cockatiels as a kid, he... Go to school, ” Paul says excitedly, blurring his words five months and... To me with what they ’ re going to help us go through the record deal I! The band, they do n't just play music beneath the easygoing of... Steely Dan and weird stuff like that it sounded so…vile, but honestly suzanne lang kurt vile I was glad to that.

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