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summoners war toa hard auto team

Artamiel and his revenge bandwagon have been causing many players issues. 20:35 too funny shredded. Shredded how about morris in toa. Best part about water homunculus, it is farmable but it is a long grind to obtain it. xem thêm các bài viết về chủ đề Trò Chơi Tập Thể: Hey just wanted to say thanks for this vid. 6 Stars:Veromos: 24,929 HP, 949 Def, 183 Spd, 68% accuracy. More cycles means more chances of stuns and less likely to be hurt by enemy units. Baretta Bella Vero Verde Briand - gets me to 50-60ish normally. Make sure the towers on the right is low or the tower will grant the boss a turn. The Sky Dancer will provide sustain and attack buff, while the other units will try to nuke as fast as possible. – Can be very slow in the higher level rooms, – Only fire damage dealers; therefore, water heavy rooms can be difficult. My full auto team up to 83 last ToaH rotation was: Baretta (L) - Despair/Focus - 190 Speed, 100% Accuracy, 21.5k HP, Briand - Despair/Revenge - 146 Speed, 27% Accuracy, 46.7k HP, Chasun - Violent/Endure - 138 Speed, 35.2k HP, 70% Res, Mav - Violent/Focus - 159 Speed, 25.7k HP, 73% Accuracy, Spectra - Swift/Focus - 230 Speed, 82% Accuracy, 17.9k HP. The structure of this team consists of two DoT damage dealers, two CC or crowd control units and one turn reset unit such as Jamire/Mav (the farmable choice)/Ganymede. This would make her a reliable damage soaker. Both grim reapers are used as pure dot damage dealers. With rezer of course, but like Vero bella briand dover Baretta? also, possible aoe stuns. Cookies help us deliver our Services. lol. rest would be the same! I have the same team and almost same stats. I’ll be updating this post as I progress through this month’s ToA Hard. My TOAH auto team is Beretta, Rica, Water Homu, Basalt and Mav (in turn order). Floor 100 - Manual using Baretta, Mav, Fire Panda, Spectra, and Woochi (used Baretta, Mav, Spectra, Woochi and Basalt in a previous Ath'taros toaH clear). Sort by. Veromos - Vio Focus | 27.5k HP | 181 spd | 940 Def | 33% resist | 82% acc [max skilled], extra dots to speed up auto run, and also provides a spammable aoe stun (via mav) in case your cc/despairs dont proc. Tự Học Đàn Guitar Đệm Hát | Điệu ChaChaCha Đơn Giản Mà Hay Nhất. Bella - Vio Focus | 23.1k HP | 171 spd | 850 Def | 34% resist | 70% acc [max skilled]. The best set is considered Violent/Broken set-Will set-focus set – SPD DEF/HP DEF/HP – Vio/will is meta for an all around Verad but any of these other sets can be useful for Toa hard. A lot of users have better runes/mobs than me but were too lazy to grind it out, so hopefully this shows them that certain stages are autoable – surprisingly, a good chunk of ToAH is. Luxury stats: Def > Flat HP > Res – avoid CR if you can because CR on Jultan rooms can be an issue. How would you do this? Protected: The Ultimate Guild Content Guide. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. share. They reduce turn cooldown to allow more dot damage or cc skills. All Rights Reserved. During the boss room, the boss do not split until the 2nd attack from your team. +10k+ HP is suggested as he may be def based but having low hp can ruin your team in Jultan rooms. A turn can be lethal under tricky situations. I’m a huge advocate of ToA and ToA H, as the LS I’ve gotten from them have given me Eladriel, Zaiross and Sekhmet. However, Chasun provides very low cooldown and consistent healing. Therefore, an immunity buff may be suggested instead. The enabler and protector of the ToA team. In other scary scenarios, please save your Mav’s third to cleanse the defense debuff from the boss! For those that want to know right now, it is: Baretta (Fire Sylph) Leader – Swift Broken set (SPD/ACC/HP from off-set depending on what stats you need) – HP HP DEF, Fully Broken sets or with energy sets – SPD HP HP/DEF (focus on ACC/more tanky stats for off-set). i don't have Chasun , so which monster can i use to replace her ? Mav is there to enable Sigmarus/Spectra for more damage and allow Belladeon to heal more often. A great example of a strong ToA set up as each monster have a valuable role in your team. i'll downgrade them when i can but right now it's not a priority. However, if you have any the following units: Verad, Poseidon, and Charlotte, please use these units instead of Colleen. Reset units are enablers for your other units. When playing Summoners War in the early game, it can feel a little overwhelming. Also its very important for Reviver to be tanky enough so he wont die first. Spectra (lv40, but beat athtaroth toaH rotation at 5*) - Vio Focus | 17.4k HP | 192 spd | 972 Def | 28% resist | 58% acc | 82% CR | 88% CD (the only mob where high CR is impt) [max skilled]. Veromos does provide stuns under a 45% chance (unlikely). Belladeon can strip the annoying dark Phantom Thieves and other invincible/immunity buffs. Hello folks. This is interesting team. The last unit can be Hwa as the primary attack bar push back monster or Baretta as one of your staple ToA unit. Elad tanked all the damage (with help from Basalt's defense buff and heals) while Vero, Baretta and Basalt applied cc and dots. Unlocked at Level 15, ToA has 100 Floors and increases in difficulty as you advance further. 80s while manualing some bosses, jultans, and akromas. +20k+ HP (the higher the better for more healing on the second skill), For other luxury stats, the priority should be listed: Res > > Flat HP > Def > Acc. All runes/stats can be found above. Do you think im able to substitute Verad instead of Vero? Baretta has the same usage as the toa normal Baretta. only used for level 99 (Leo/Verde/Spectra) to tank/heal damage. 6 Stars: Veromos: 24,929 HP, 949 Def, 183 Spd, 68% accuracy. A less valuable unit in Toa Hard but she excels in Artamiel rooms. Additionally, his third skill reduces cooldown by one turn and grants an attack speed boost for the whole team. He provides provoke for boss rooms and stuns for trash waves. You can always switch to the Briand comp at an earlier floor if it leads to a higher success rate. To be continued. yeah i know, but i don't have rune replacements. Baretta + water Homu + Chasun/Emma + Hwadam/Basalt + Mav/Mantura. The composition brings stuns/attack bar boost for more turn cycles/healing/protection under Jeanne’s 3rd skill that provokes. Therefore, it is not suggested but Hathor is still a strong candidate for Toa hard. Despair is a go-to for TOA, and Briand has an AOE attack break that can help you out. ... Toa hard auto team 04-04-2016, 01:45 AM. Verad – The obvious ToA king and provides heavy freezes with his third and second skill. If you want to MANUAL having a Morris much more better. If you can rune Mav well (tanky with decent spd) then he can stay a 5 star unit but may need to be 6 star for ToA hard. Having several stunners can help achieve this such as Sigmarus (please build him SPD CD HP with at least 35% ACC is suggested) with other following stats: 170+ CD (the more the better) – CD would help you inflict more damage on Artamiel as Sigmarus’ damage mainly skills off CD and not attack, please read here if you have not to clarify this.

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