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For me, it's worth it. Premier partners have access to all the functionality of the traditional Pro Unlimited subscriptions, together with visual profiles, the ability to monetize content, in-depth statistics and ability to control content geographically. How do you guys feel about paid SoundCloud promotion? Previously this service was invite-only, but in October of 2018, SoundCloud decided to allow any SoundCloud Pro and Pro Unlimited subscriber to be able to participate in their Premier service. I think the hate Soundcloud is getting comes from a perceived lack of interest in improving the service for musicians. Find your community and get advanced stats with complete control, SoundCloud Premier monetization is open to all eligible SoundCloud Pro subscribers. Any support would be appreciated. Just joined SoundCloud premier, how do I do all the cool stuff? Divide your followers by 100, and that is how much you will earn per any track you repost. 4 Tracks. It is an incredibly poorly managed company, which is really too bad. If Soundcloud came forward with a message saying "Sorry guys, ads aren't cutting it, if you want more upload time then you need to pay something," That would be understandable and fair. Start listening now! How do I add featured profiles and any of the other things that you can do? You pay for FEATURES, just like rappers do. This means the world to thousands of small time creators and is appreciated deeply; Thank you for listening to your content creators and I am deeply humbled that I could help voice some of the community's concerns. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the edmproduction community. If you are just uploading your own music, you might find the extra space handy. Record companies spend money promoting your music. Stream Tracks and Playlists from PREMIER on your desktop or mobile device. For now, thanks to those who have been civil in discussion of this matter. A paradox indeed. It’s user generated content. It's all flash, look like you're popping, get in front of a huge audience. 39 Followers. You should check out my book The SoundCloud Bible. Just joined SoundCloud premier, how do I do all the cool stuff? No one is trying to act entitled, I would happily contribute towards the site if the costs were representative of the services they offer, but coming from a musician who has loved the site despite its flaws for years, I feel deeply betrayed. So despite getting the listens they are not as targeted as Id like. Nearly every person who asks for feedback on their music on reddit or facebook displays their soundcloud account (even if they're using another service, search for their name on … Honestly, based on how glitchy their app functions on my samsung s7, I wouldn't give them money. Start low with the offer, and HAVE THE MONEY! Contents. But I'm not, I'm a fucking moron who keeps paying for this because I don't want to re-upload and re-tag all of my stuff. If it’s only a preview, throw (Preview) into the track name. This encourages closer collaboration between artists, labels and promotional channels on the platform – and especially for majors, whom often release content sequentially over different territories and dates. I'm going to cancel my pro subscription this year and look elsewhere. If you don't care about that, then you can just repost everything and earn a ton of credits for yourself. Would highly recommend Audius as an alternative. We help artists get heard Join the community of over 200,000 artists, labels and channels growing their fanbase and network. It signified the first steps towards monetizing content on the platform, for which a new invite-only account type was introduced: Premier. The more (actual) people hear your music, the more chances you have of someone liking it. Edit: since people are confused, Soundcloud Go is $4.99/month. If you need more storage, that is the only reason I would suggest premium. I'm just going to copy/paste an old comment of mine from when I decided to cancel my pro subscription because, as far as I can tell, it's all still relevant. No way, it's worth probably 25% of what they charge. If you are a promotion company or a blog of some kind, you would need the space to upload an unlimited number of songs. If you need more storage, that is the only reason I would suggest premium. And can anyone join? I will make a separate post for the petition tomorrow. These make the track stand out throughout the platform, displaying the ‘visual track’ on both the Premier partner’s account and on the stream of that account’s followers. You want to make sure that the reposts you're paying for will actually convert to real people playing your music and following/commenting. You'll probably only have to pay for it for a few months before they go bankrupt. It takes a bit of closer inspection to see the truth of the matter. Alternatively, find out what’s trending across all of Reddit on r/popular. It's 100% legit, but there are some downsides. Power your career with Repost by SoundCloud You’re a serious artist looking to take your career to the next level and do it yourself. The company itself is in dire straits financially, and it seems theyve decided their best way out is by throwing their long term users under the bus.

Zombie Road Documentary, Matthew And Joseph Levinson 2020, Kit Cars Australia, Schema Diagram For Car Rental System, Dealer Daily Lexus,

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