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shaw blue curve modem blinking green

Re: Where the Deuce is the WPS on the BlueCurve modem? There are also factory reset and WPS buttons for resetting the modem and connecting devices via WPS. I will check the light next time it happens. Like you, I'm currently with BlueCurve using their latest modem. Do you have any 3rd party routers/switches attached to the modem? Seriously: This has been true for years, and there are only more would-be attackers around now than there used to be. ), If you’ve noticed a slowdown in your Netflix streaming or web browsing, there’s a chance that…. Remember, the send/receive light on your cable modem or router is just an indicator of activity—not how much. If the cable is fine, then you should call the service provider (and tell them about the status of the light) because there's nothing you can do on your own at that point to fix the problem. . If it's off, red or flashing constantly (it's OK if it flashes for a short time, like less than a minute, after a reboot) then check to make sure the service cable, either the phone line (DSL) or the coaxial cable (cable internet) is securely plugged in and not broken. If you are living in an apartment, the DPT could also be in your bedroom or living room. © 2020 CNET, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. The signal in your area looks solid with no errors to report. I am SERIOUSLY ready to jump ship from Shaw due to all the equipment problems! This article provides solutions for basic issues like not seeing a picture on your TV, or missing access to channels or apps on BlueCurve TV. @robs113 Does the light on the top of the modem change when you're experiencing connection issues? Please depress this clip to release the plug from its connector. and a router that has a firewall built-in (or more accurately, does Network Address Tranlation, like almost all consumer routers do.) Globe icon: solid when modem is connected to the Internet. When everything is working properly, you can expect the icons to be solid or blinking green or blue light. status; Ethernet icon: solid when ethernet cables are connected and working properly. My connection goes wonky once every few days, and I have to…. Compare to not updating your classic wrist-watch for the start of Daylight Saving Time, and then agreeing to meet a friend at noon at a cafe'. But if it's off or red in color, then it's time to check to make sure that the network cable that connects the router's WAN (Internet) port (often on the back of the router) to the modem is plugged in securely and not broken in any way . Shaw support says it looks fine to them. . Walmart's Black Friday sale is happening now. Never use it. You can Google for more info. Also, ensure the coax cable connections from the wall outlet, splitter, and modem are tightly seated. If they detect your cable modem offline, they'll assign it to their block of available addresses to give out to users coming online who need IPs. This is a problem with the bluecurve modem, as the phone, also with Shaw, does not fail. Lease Obtained. I an looking for a resolution to this. Look at the values for "Lease obtained" and "Lease expires". On the Windows side, try a standard firewall like Comodo Firewall (Win) or an app like NetLimiter (Win) to uncover which applications are talking to the internet and when. They convey information about the status of your internet connection. Here's what's probably going on: Even if all of your equipment is turned off and unplugged from your cable modem or router, you'll still see some traffic coming from your ISP. ... Blue Curve is a Canadian XB6, WPS is the button on the top. As long as your computer is up to date and you're safely behind a router or firewall, those random, sweeping port scans are nothing for you to worry about or lose any sleep over. A modem works by translating data sent to it to display that data on a person's computer. This article will provide insight into Shaw's Internet modems. To confirm, look for a phone cord that is plugged directly into the BlueCurve Gateway. . What isn't obvious is what the hell the purpose of these lights is. From a command-line prompt, enter:  IPCONFIG /ALL. To change to, make sure your computer is directly connected only to the router. If your phone service is still unavailable after an additional five minutes, please. @Spiritorb do you notice the issue happen at random times or during a specific time? The DPT could be black or dark blue with green lights on it (see images below). Are there any troubleshooting steps that you need to do to restore the connection, or does it just return on its own?

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