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sennheiser ie 500 pro vs shure se846

The SE846 has more low bass impact, and a touch more euphony with female vocals. With this feature, you will be able to actually change the sound to further suit your preference. Along with the interchangeable sound filters, the SE846 comes with a generous accessory pack which includes a selection of ear tips, a carrying case and a cleaning tool. The SE846 has the 4 BA drivers and internal low pass filter, whilst the RE2000 has a proprietary single dynamic full range driver design. Over time I’ve grown to love this IEM. Its hard for me to judge this area, because my hearing tops out around 14kHz nowadays, and the measuring equipment is not accurate enough from about 9 kHz up. There is a set of filters for a more bassy sound, and another set for a more treble-centric sound signature. The y-split is plastic with excellent strain relief, and there is a clear plastic chin slider/cinch – which again works very well. The casing on Rob’s version is transparent – and by that I mean completely transparent. That’s what we imagine when we think about tube amps. Positioning and soldering are as clean and neat as I’ve seen in any IEM. The SE846 is a relatively shallow fitting IEM – but with the longer nozzles and Shure’s Olive foam tips – I can get a perfect seal every time. 362 votes. The IE 400 PRO is the right choice. iFi Neo iDSD – Did one retailer let the cat out of the bag? Ich werde den KH jetzt morgen bei einem Livegig noch … The other main difference is the 4 drivers per side vs 10 per side with the U10. Internally its 7 BAs per side for the Dipper vs 4 + the low pass system for the SE846. The Shure SE846 is packaged in a retail outer over a “book style” inner box. The ES5 has the internal acoustic chambers and compartmentalisation and also one additional driver. It’s not overdone though (for my personal tastes) and for me the overall feeling is one of balance. With music playing, I have no problems using these in public transport, and they are excellent for use on an aeroplane. Designed especially for the vocalist and guitarist. More info, Copyright © 2020 Both are extremely comfortable and very ergonomic. My testing for this section was done with the FiiO X7ii (AM3A module), no EQ, blue (balanced) filters and Shure Olives. The SE846 has better overall isolation, and the low pass filter. The white is more coloured with a much more forward upper mid-range, and also a sheen across the lower treble. Upper treble – quite rolled off. The closest I’ve got have been my 64Audio U10, Alclair Curve, LZ Big Dipper and Jays q-Jays. Comparatively the ES5 is a little more coloured with stronger bass and also more upper mid-range emphasis. Slant is powered by a community that helps you make informed decisions. Tell us what you’re passionate about to get your personalized feed and help others. This is the best bass I’ve heard on a BA earphone to date. Isolation is not so much that you can't hear someone trying to talk to one, but once the music turns on you're in another world! The mids are also full and forward. For the record – on most tracks, the volume level on the X7ii (paired with AM3a) was ~35-40/120 Single Ended (on low gain) which was giving me an average SPL around 65-75 dB (track dependent). But most importantly, it is comfortable to wear for long periods. Excellent noise isolation and hardly any sound from the cords rubbing on clothing etc. The filters can be swapped out using the included tool to open up the earpieces. The changes according to Shure are about 2.5-3 dB per filter, and IMO they have nailed this. The SE846 is easily powered straight out of any of the portable devices I have, and I haven’t experienced any issues with the iPhone ES, or any of the FiiO DAPs. The ES3 has a little more emphasis in the lower treble, especially in the 7 kHz presence area. I used the X7ii simply because it provides both a very transparent window to the music with low impedance, and also more than enough power. Ultimately together they would be my dream team. ­ All Rights Reserved. In the question“What are the best high-end earphones?” Shure SE846 is ranked 1st while Sennheiser IE 800 is ranked 2nd. The blue is indeed very balanced, and with the mod has enough lower treble to supply a great amount of detail and sparkle. Precisely engineered pressure vents behind a single dynamic driver leave no opportunity for distortion to occur. Ear Headphone SENNHEISER IE 800 vs Shure SE846. Wrapped and sealed in an oxygen-free environment, these cables are immune to corrosion so long as their tough kevlar shielding remains intact. From the connectors is a 70mm form-able ear guide which I have found really easy to use, and has not been a hassle with my glasses (YMMV). Definition and texture is good and I’m quite happy even with the overall timbre. When measuring I always use crystal foam tips (so medium bore opening) – and the reason I use them is for very consistent seal and placement depth in the coupler. The end result is a cable which is very malleable, resistant to tangling, and has quite low microphonics. The sound is so clear - truly amazing. Thankfully, for the most part, they delivered. I have no issues with either one though. Sennheiser / Sennheiser IE 500 Pro In-ear Monitors; Sennheiser IE 500 Pro In-ear Monitors Like a featherweight thrown into the ring against a super-heavyweight, Sennheiser’s IE 500 Pros come up against the big, burly flagships from the likes of Westone and Shure. Clarity is excellent, and there is distinct detail in all of my usual test tracks. The SE846 has a choice of tuning filters which do affect the upper mids and lower treble quite nicely. Their frequency response, dynamic range, and clarity of definition do justice to their price tag. The Dipper has a 2 pin 8 core single ended very flexible cable. Overall the SE846 is slightly more comfortable, and also isolates better. Both are extremely comfortable and very ergonomic. The SE846 has a much more balanced signature end to end, and depending on the filter used, can be bassy and warm, or clear with good impact. But finding the perfect match for me has remained elusive, and you’ll see I have tested a lot of IEMs. Available colors: Editiorial reviews: 4.4 / 5. The highs have a good amount of detail but are slightly rolled off, making these sound smooth. I’d read about the bass boost, and suspected a mid-centric sound (similar to SE535 LE). Shure SE846 Check Price & Reviews. The last go-to track is Amanda Marshal’s “Let it Rain” which has a natural 3 dimensional feel (the way the track was miked). Shure advertises up to 37 dB attenuation, and for my fit, I’m achieving most (if not all) of it. When comparing Sennheiser IE 800 vs Shure SE846, the Slant community recommends Shure SE846 for most people. It consists of a two piece polycarbonate shell in Shure’s classic peanut shape – which is designed to ergonomically sit in your external ear. The graphs I use are generated using the Vibro Veritas coupler and ARTA software. One of the benefits with the U10 + Apex/Adel though is the elimination (or at least lowering) of bone conduction when walking. It is also leaner through the lower mids which are audibly more recessed. They sit well within my outer ear (inside the external ear cavity – between tragus and anti-tragus), and are extremely easy to sleep in. Currawong's Headphone & Earphone Reviews – This can make replacing the fixed cables very difficult and potentially expensive. The inside canal of the ear tips however is made out of a firmer plastic material, with a metal mesh in the middle.This combination allows the ear tips to create a very good seal when worn, reducing sound leakage/bleed while also ensuring optimal sound delivery. That represents very good value in my book. link. With Dire Straits “Sultans of Swing”, the micro details such as drumstick clicks are easily heard, and there is no signs of masking from the bass guitar. The SE846 handles it masterfully, and while there is some sibilance present (its quite a hotly mastered track – and it is present in the recording), its not as sharp or as pronounced as with other IEMs. Please be advised that the operator of this site accepts advertising compensation from certain companies that appear on the site, and such compensation impacts the location and order in which the companies (and/or their products) are presented, and in some cases may also impact the scoring that is assigned to them. At the top rear of the shell is a contoured MMCX socket to house the removable cable system. Not as aggressive as the SE535 LE – these are upper-mids to die for! Product Comparison: Shure SE846-CL vs Sennheiser IE800S. Both IEMs are extremely well built. Sennheiser IE 500 Pro SBK. I have never seen isolation this good, just make sure you get a tight fit. The SE846 is cheaper, more lifelike and natural sounding, and I can tweak with the filters if I have a desire for more treble. Designed especially for … I use the applause sections of “Dante’s Prayer” and Lakme’s “Flower Duet” for a feeling of immersion. Through their journey, Shure has worked toward a single brand promise – to be the most trusted audio brand in the world. The cables consist of a copper core encased in a braided internal sheath which is also lined with Kevlar for additional strength. My usual first track for checking width, depth and shape of perceived sound-stage is Amber Rubarth’s “Tundra”. Package and case is stylish and noise isolation is well done with the included tips. Now the wheel turns full circle, and I’m reviewing the quite neutral, but beautifully extended SE846. The other major change for the SE846 was the inclusion or removable nozzles housing the tunable filter system. Male vocals are excellent – rich with fantastic timbre and tone. Similar number of tips, but the SE846 has more adaptors (including 2 prong airline), 2 cases and of course the filters. While its pretty hard to go past the price difference when looking at 2 earphones with such a similar signature, the real question is whether the differences are worth it. Both have excellent transparency and very similar staging presence and size. Sennheiser is known for audiophile gear, and these earphones qualify. The bass is full, has great depth and hits with a lot of power and slam. Shure uses MMCX and includes 2 cables – both Kevlar coated 3.5mm terminated but in different lengths (one short and one long).

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