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samuel doe varney doe

• The Lord of Hosts shall provide us with his Chariot that will ride through the darkest channels of hopelessness and into the Glory of the Lord, our Father. Perhaps, it is time to put your mother behind bars, where she rightfully belongs for masterminding the killing of over 250,000 Liberians just to make her clan rich, or just to be President. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Who do we blame for all that? When things turned around, the Krahn decided to retaliate against the Gios and Manos. The fault lies with the People. I have no regrets and believe me I am strong and you can never in your lifetime overcome me as true justice will prevail each time and Satan’s angels time is quickening. Killing over 250,000 Liberians just to gain power was wrong? Shameless and the ungrateful Liberians will continue to feel God’s justice. Unlike EJS who was embed with the West to loose terror on her own people, nothing could certify her quest, but state power. Mr. James Sirleaf, I CHALLENGE YOU TO PROVE ME WRONG, MY CHARACTER ON THE LINE. James Sirleaf, first confirm what I mentioned then we can go further. Look, Sylvester Gbayahforh Moses, you lack every iota of moral conception to come on this platform and judge me after you have served as Head of the National Security Agency, being part of the sycophantic people to mislead Doe and when things fueled out of hand, escaped the country, leaving innocent people vulnerable. I greatly agree that you need to back off this platform because you have no justifiable claim to defend your mother relative to the level of destruction she caused in the sub-region. “Oh yes, we have supported Charles Taylor and in fact he had a lot of support but I maintain that supporting him was a wrong decision,” she answered. A supreme rebel leader wants to discuss democracy. I was there and until today, i cannot stand anybody associated with Doe. I know a lot of Nimbaians who would say that the war was not necessary. “The war was fought because the poor got poorer and there were no opportunities for people to compete for leadership through political means. Samuel Doe asked General Thomas Quiwonkpa to relinquish his position as Commanding General and move to the Executive Mansion and serve as Secretary General for the PRC, which Gen. Quiwonkpa refused perceiving to call to be one of demotion. Lets look at the historicity of the events between the people of Nimba and Grand Gedeh counties that was used by EJS to perpetuate her quest for power. Prince Johnson, the so-called liberator, being a trained soldier, could have created a diversion to engage AFL in the bushes to avoid civilians (mostly Nimbians) casualties, but instead he decided to engage AFL in the crowded town. IT THAT A LIE? • We will castrate the thoughts of those who preach and condone evil over and around us and our families. What I said in my previous post will never make sense to you because you faithfully served a vicious tyrannical boss, Samuel Doe. I did not work in the Doe government because I was too young to work but I was old enough to remember what happened during the Doe years. WE NEVER ASKED YOUR MOTHER FOR LIBERATION. I am not going to comment at this time on the George Weah’s Government or Liberia of late. When FPA contacted Cape Mount County lawmaker Sen. Varney Sherman at his Capitol Building office, he said his lawyer advised that he makes no comment in order not to jeopardize the case that is already in court but suggested that the journalist speak to the family members of his landlords, S.K. George Weah may be acting dumb as hell now, but there will come a time when your mother and brothers will account for the economic and war crimes. The home of Charles Julue was raided again, for the second time. The blood of the innocent people are haunting them till this day. very own businesses. That question goes to all of you, who are calling for blood of EJS and PYJ, that you have long to call for their blood, like Ronald Reagan and Margret Thatcher, was calling for the prosecution of man like Mandela and the ANC, that nightmare of yours will not come to pass. Apparently, her interviewer had sourced some of his questions from an interview he had earlier with former President of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo, who had earlier agreed to an asylum request from Taylor as part of the Peace deal agreed in Accra in 2003. People made millions while others fought their battles and wars. Thank God that the cross of Jesus is still being held high until every foe of Liberia is vanquished. A lot of Krahn people were killed or went missing in Nimba during the coup. Madam Doe is one of the children of the late President Samuel K. Doe. On that day 25 years ago in 1994, the country held its first non-racial democratic elections. Don’t the time is pushing in bit by bit and you guys will go down pray that you don’t commit suicide but the time is and it will be sad, God is slow but sure to deal with mastered-minders wicked people who don’t see their wrongs the d-day is coming when you will speak for your mother relax yeah….the time is closing up on the matter!!. Prince Johnson entered Liberia without any arms and ammunition. Although the journalist apologized to her for repeatedly bombarding her with questions exclusively on her link to Taylor during the opening stage of the interview she refused to continue the interview, claiming that she felt hijacked and discomfited by his intrusive questioning and was therefore aborting the interview which she did rather abruptly. Some of you who after seeing the massive destruction of Liberia, still muster the conviction that the war was necessary, you need to be proper rehabilitated. This interview speaks volumes. She answered, “No.” Pressing further, he wanted to know why she did not think she needed to apologize to the Liberian people. YOUR CAN PROVE ME WRONG BY ASKING YOUR MOTHER. Consider the shooting and hacking down of over 500 displaced people at the St. Peter’s Lutheran Church compound, how was that different for being attacked by a pack of werewolves. The knowing World protects her. They provide the funding and money only when they can perceive that the projects are sound and that there is justifiably, good governance originating from prudent country leadership. NO. Albeit and however, you still find the many detractors, whom we all know and who are desperately trying to succeed. Stop passing the buck! Nope. I carried a Liberian passport and because of my job affiliation I even visited Moscow on assignment for Citibank London in 1994 on occasions. After supporting the rebel incursion that claimed the lives of over half of the population and massive destruction of properties, as her so-called crusade against corruption, she led the most corrupt administration in the political history of the country. Now she wants to hide behind Weah government to protect her and war cronies in Liberia. What was the benefit of an education then, i.e. James Sirleaf, if it was all about Samuel Doe, then why did the war extend into Sierra Leone? • The Lord of Hosts shall strike them down and make them pay for their wickedness, evil and deception. WE DID NOT ASK YOUR MOTHER FOR THIS. EJS and Charles Taylor even overthrew Thomas Sankara because he opposed to the level of change that EJS formulated. Indeed, they need to be rehabilitated to become part of our society again. Concerned Liberian, I can tell you for sure, these people’s generations, will be cursed, if not broken by deliverance. So you can defend her all you want, the fact remains that her hands are stained with the blood of our people, and they would haunt her till she leaves this earth. Questions raised by other family members and some citizens in the court were; Why does Sen. Sherman have the deeds of the two men who are now deceased, and there were no representation of family members of either of the deceased to back their fathers’ claims. WOW, HOW SAD. Sirleaf Evades Questions about Her Link to Taylor, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), DKT Liberia Honors 15 Dedicated Midwives, Health Care Providers, Autopsies on Auditors’ Bodies Begins Today, Africa Rice Commences Integrated Rice, Fish Project in Beneficiary Counties Soon, Non-violence: The Way Forward for the Better, Chris Patten’s Accusation against China Completely Confuses Right and Wrong. When contacted via mobile, Mr. Dean said a long time ago an old man who identified himself as SK Dolo, went to ask him how much a property, in Congo Town was sold for because he wanted to sell his property. These are the kind of people you call heroes today? Thus, they set out on this task. She goes to several properties of theirs and begins renovation, but several other places did not need renovation. Your mother is a criminal, vicious sorceress, she even masterminded the overthrow of Thomas Sankara which indicates how desperate she was in getting to power she did not deserve. Quonwonkpa had no reason to make an attempt on Doe’s life, but he was misled by EJS, the mother of all evils in Liberia. This past leader has made immense contributions to this Land and this Nation. Pray for our beloved Liberia! You are kidding me my friend. The interview took a sharp turn when he asked Madam Sirleaf if she owed Liberians an apology for supporting Taylor. The other subsidiaries that supplied the LPMC were the counties agriculture development projects like Lofa County Agricultural Development Project (LCADP), BCADP from Bong county, NCADP from Nimba county. This is a wakeup call because the fault is not that of the Government alone. You have a herculean work to do there James, being the son of a sorceress. This Act was then revised and submitted to lawmakers for passage. I am not a Krahn by tribe, but a Bassa man by tribe. All done under your mother, hence the Liberian people are still suffering. These both fashion engaged one another while at the same time engaging the AFL. I really don’t see how can one shoot and kill and innocent person and then claim to be liberating the same person. Whereas, Sub-Lessee herein has offered to lease the aforesaid property from sub-Lessor herein and sub-Lessor has agreed sub-lease the property to sub-lessee herein on terms and conditions herein provided. I even heard that your boss led the attack. David, after leaving Radio Five, a broadcast media outlet, in 2016, he took on the challenge to venture into the print media affairs with the Dailly Observer Newspaper. The war was necessary, if not don’t cry for Taylor to come. Go find somewhere and hide yourself. Charles Taylor claimed to be a liberator but ended up killing the very people he proclaimed to be liberating, so then how necessary was the war? Robin White: will you tell Mr. Taylor to hold assault on Monrovia, giving the level of damage and fatalities that it will be if the NPFL attack the Fortified Executive Mansion of President Samuel Doe? Nothing else was talked about concerning the extradition of the former president for trial on crimes of war or whatever,” he said.

How To Stop Oak Trees From Producing Acorns, Frogs And Mosquitoes, Types Of Motorcycle Frames Pdf, Sarah Huffman Nike, Cara Mia Bra Reviews, Sony Xperia L4 Wireless Charging, My Hero Academia: Smash!!, Vol 4, Bonsai Junipero Se Esta Secando, Osrs Mimic Boss Worth It, Chevy Express 4x4 For Sale,

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