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sample prayers of the faithful for thanksgiving mass

I need your help. Please inspire…, Dear God, As I come before you today, I ask that you forgive my sins and help me to forgive those who have caused me…, Dear Father in Heaven, I beg you to please speak to my boyfriend's father so that he approves of our relationship. Please provide for all we ought to pray for, Prayer to have relationship with my grandchildren. I long to become a parent had have my own family.…, Pray that my nephew Christopher V. stops drinking and show him the road to a better life. Let us be each others blessings so we can both be a…, My husband and I have been married for almost 16 yrs and we have 3 beautiful children, he needs all the prayers that can be…, St. Joseph, Please hear my prayer. We lower the price and…, Dear St. Joseph, Please help us to sell our home soon. I am a mother who…, I met someone that I have had a special connection with and we have both been over the moon happy after meeting each other. Please allow my business to flourish so I may have a…, We are faced with foreclosure and have 2 small children. Pray for me and my boy friend. I need to be…, For some reason I am not worried as I know God is in control, but I need certainty about my finances as I applied for…, Father in the name of Jesus, Please pray for my heart's desire be granted, The return of Dawson Nelson the love of my life. I'm interested in a particular woman in my life and I would like to…, Dear God, I was a slave to my work and only focussed on being a good mom, I neglected my husband. Let us lay our requests before Him, saying “Hear our prayer”. Thank you for giving me the strength…, Dear Heavenly Father, please forgive all of my sins and my short comings. My wife lost her job some time…, For peace in the world. cant pay the bills. You know the reasons why I apply for the…, Please Lord provide for me and my Family to enjoy this life that you and your Father have given us. I also pray…, Dear lord i pray to you today for strength and guidance for me and my family i pray that we always stick together no matter…, I am currently going through "The Love Dare" I have changed my heart through prayer, and The Lords help. Lord, I am lifting our burden to you as my father undergoes tests, A new job at Social Security Administration Headquarters, Father I just want to come to you as a human, Finding employment that is meant to be through the lord, I ask that you can help me in these desperate times, Prayer for Legal Closure and Help with Finances, PRAYER FOR THE SALE OF THREE HOUSES IN SETTLE OUR FINANCES, Praying for financial help and for the success of LMIA, Blessing job , health, relationships, financial blessing, I ask for your mercy and salvation from my terrible times. Hear our prayer. Prayers of the Faithful (Subscribers Only). We…, Please hear my prayer Lord and grant my wish to conceive a healthy baby for our family .We are trying so hard to give our…, Lord, I have no one to turn to. I am carrying so many crosses. Please forgive me. Dear Lord please heal my daughter Amanda from this terrible eye infection and restore her eyesight without need of transplant. Because of debts problem, iam not able to help my parents financially and all…, My prayer tonight is that Jesus will hear and heal our hearts; may it be a blessing of good will, sadness, hope, loss, despair, alcoholism…, I believe I am haunted by a demon and need all the prayers I can get it not only scares me but my three year…, Oh Lord Jesus, I came to you today asking for your healing powers for my brother who is sick, very weak and not seeing clearly.…, Dear Lord, I pray to you my heavenly father please Lord let us find a house so our family can be together again. I am on a fixed term contract - and would like a permanent job with…, my Lord you are my God. I can no longer afford the repairs from the 3 floods…, Lord, God, give me strengthen me Lord to accept the fact that my ex-husband is about to get married to the girl who he cheated…, Dear Lord, hear my prayer this morning. Please let them be healthy and strong inside and out, with no illness, sickness or disease. I am unemployed for almost…, I want to give thanks for all the favors you have granted so far, and for these I will be forever grateful. A Prayer for Guidance and Blessings during the interview today at Dollarama, Lawrence Avenue West. I love u lord and all the…, I pray that my husband find a stable and nice paying job soon so we could be reunited with him. We have been in love for over 40 years and keep returning to one an other. Our Dr says our unborn baby has a very terrifying…, Pray with me to sell my house. He was my anchor. We love you lord and I believe you are the only one…, Lord, I have prayed many times for you to soften my husbands heart and tell him to come back to his family. We pray for your blessing to sell our home so my wife, mother,…, Dear Joseph,I pray that I get that job offer today that I start working and I claim the new job offer that must come my…, St. Jude,thank you for your intercessions. She was born with a bacteria infection in her blood and is the…, ( united states) I would appreciate it if you all would keep my grandmother in your prayers she has several things going on with her,…, Dear lord,I ask for your strength and love and guidance that my husband who is miles away waiting to hear news of his Immigration that…, Please pray for the Holy Spirit to touch and speak to my husband's heart for him to love me again as he once did and…, My heart is broken. The following prayers focus on civic duty and the well-being of our city, state, and nation as well as our leaders. St. Joseph please hear my prayer to…, Dear Lord, I pray that you help Shawn and I find a way to make love work together. General Instruction of the Roman Missal states: In the General Intercessions or the Prayers of the Faithful, the people respond in a certain way to the word of God which they have welcomed in faith and, exercising the office of their baptismal priesthood, offer prayers to God for the salvation of all. Dear God, help me with my late rent this month.

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