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rwby fanfiction watching jaune multiverse

yelled an enraged Nora. (Back to the present, the doctors said that Jaune was alive but asked the girls to control themselves. happens. His crushes were crying at seeing their crush become a monster. Blake grabs the handle in an attempt to open the door, but it soon becomes clear that no amount of force will make it budge. What kind of bank does that? While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. "Glynda, what is he talking about?" (she runs and Jaune looks at Adam) Oh boy. Everyone was shocked to see he looks like a older Jaune with a blond beard and wears Jaune's new outfit from Volume 4-7. Everyone felt bad for him and glared at Ironwood and Winter. ", Cinder: (appalled) "Let's go somewhere more family oriented. ", Brawnz: (thinkin) "I'll have uh... (then he smiles) Krabby Patty. said a glaring Jaune. (Adam's scowl makes him really how serious this is) Okay, I've upset you. Watching abridged fanfiction. (Ozpin visited Jaune and saw how the whole thing was a problem. Jaune, where did you learn such a horrible word? "He's afraid of water." I'm sorry Jaune. said a glaring Qrow. Such great respect for Faunas." I was scared. "How long until that shield is deactivated?" He also lied about Ozpin ordering it, making the assassination attempt illegal.). ", Jaune: (scared) "Oh, except for them. (Realizing that no older girl had ever treated him right, they took care of him until he was turned back to normal but he was afraid of returning to Beacon because of how he was treated. Prick." I trusted all of you with my secret but your turn your backs on me. ", Ozpin: (smiling) "Your four older sisters. said an also laughing Nora. ", Ultimate Swampfire: (yelling) "ULTIMATE SWAMPFIRE! (*BLAM* A shot rang out as Russel is blown away and showing Mercury with a shotgun in his hands, anger clear on his face.). "No, he's getting away." said an excited Ruby. ", Velvet: (smiling) "Yes, thanks to you, my hero. (The next scene starts with a fragile-looking Velvet Scarlatina on the ground, looking up at Roman Torchwick.). ", Jasmine: (smirking) "Hey little bro- (then she stops and sniffs the foul breath. said a disgusted A, making Oscar angry at the man. Those other girls are my sisters too. "Aw man, he just got trashed." "Don't worry, he ain't coming back." I hear talk that you're kinda picky. The White Fang were shocked that Jaune's family supported them. Bayonetta Bayonetta 4. Hope you enjoy! yelled a happy Caira and Jaune picked her up. Tyrian sees him as a son he never had and is so proud of him. The Arc Family smiled at the sight of the boy as a young child. The Arc Family smiled in pride and Jasmine hugged her baby brother. "Who or what is he?" (then she realizes what they meant and defends herself) It's just Old Man Jenkins and his jalopey. (Jaune walking downtown and saw Ren getting mail from the mailbox. And your stylish outfit. ", Jaune: (serious) "He seems to be alright. ), (The scroll flown towards her and she muffles to him for help but the phone is flown towards Adam, who is using the force. (As the remaining guys ran through the yards of random houses, the bulls seemed to get closer and closer as they trample everything in sight. ", Jaune: (pretending to be sheepish) "Oh symbiote, was I supposed to bring that for you? "Yeah, you're such a bitch." Kill him, kill him now. He sent her to the evacuation zone and went to fight Cinder.). said an agreeing Cinder. Everyone was also angered. You're expelled. They are mad but Ruby cries. Yang whistled looking at the ring, "Daaaaamn never knew Jaune could pick a," Yang stopped talking as her mound caught up with her and turned along with Ruby and Weiss to see the multicolor woman smirking as she had her hand up moving her fingers as she mouthed 'Soon' as she smiled liking the ring she could see.Story Story Writer Forum Community. Every guy is an extra share. ", Qrow: (annoyed) "Are you planning on ordering today sir? said an embarrassed Jaune. (Then we see the city of Remnant where Jaune is on the rooftop in his Spider-suit and playing a game on his scroll.). ", Jaune: (glaring) "I'm right here Bubble Bass. He is seen flailing in the air alongside the other first-years, who are all gliding gracefully towards the Emerald Forest. ), (Three members of Team CRDL were being taken away by Glynda but she was confused. ", Qrow: (trying to not smile) "Let me guess Tiny, a small salad. Those pajamas look cute on him." ", Cardin: (confused) "Bus driver? "Wow, that is kinda hypocritical." "This won't end well." Neo was smiling at her cousin doing her favorite thing. A young cat Faunas named Caira appeared and she went to Jaune, who was happy to see her. said a groaning Jaune. (Dove picks up his bag and opens the roof access door and speeds down the stairs, to the basement. ", Jaune: (smirking) "How about you tell it to the judge and go to Hell. The said girls were crying. The Arc parents were angered to hear this and planned to punish Jade for it. The students went "Ooh" and the teachers laughed. (For breakfast, he's making a Sundae. They wanted to talk to him but are sad that he feels ignored by them. ", Salem: (sad) "That's because you've been betrayed. TO THINK WE TRUSTED YOU, STAY AWAY FROM JAUNE! "This is all true and he vowed to only date someone who truly cares for him. Log in Register. "You're his master." AHHHHHHHHHH! (Cardin walks in and starts taking all that he could carry. Everyone was disappointed in her for not taking responsibility for her own fault. I just hate bad jokes." GWEN WAS FUCKING THAT HORNDOG BRAWNZ! However, Neo blushed at what he did and held up a sign that says she didn't know he was such a rebel. ), (However, the Vale police arrived. (At first, Jaune used this lie just to get away from his sisters but Sapphron, Blanc, and Jade took it too far by boarding up his room and kicking him out. ", Russel: (reminding him) "Six shares. (He was transformed into something small but somehow adorable and innocent.). (He then bitch slaps Sky into the wall with head stuck in it as he struggles to get out. Blake got worried for him but Yang laughed. Adam looks at him and sees the suit is now black with white eyes and a white spider symbol. Jaune then goes to the rescue.). There was no slow mow anymore and they could be heard screaming in terror while yelling out profanity words. Pyrrha spots him using her hunting rifle's scope, pins him to a tree from a distance using her weapon's javelin mode. (Blake flinched before Ruby glared at Yang) AS FOR YOU, YOU ARE NOTHING BUT A HOT-HEADED BULLY WHO ALWAYS BEATS UP PEOPLE OVER SOMETHING STUPID AS FUCKING HAIR AND GETS MAD AT JAUNE OVER FAKE TRANSCRIPTS! said an arrogant Jade, flexing her muscles. said a laughing Jaune, increasing the laughter. ", Roman: (nervous) "Well, he said... he said...", Glynda: (angry) "Jaune Arc and Nora Valkyrie, front and center. "I'm Jade Arc, the most athletic older sister of Jaune Arc." (Nora sneaks up behind Jaune while he is speaking.). said a scolding Ozpin. He activates the Ultimatrix and finds a perfect alien. "I'm his aunt from his mother's side." (touches a button) And there it goes. I mean the silhouettes match and all tha-! ", Jaune: (smirking) "Ha, ha-ha! "I'm Sapphron Arc, the eldest sister of Jaune Arc, wife of Terra, and mother of Adrian Arc." (Jaune ignored the horrible table manners and looked smug at him. ", Scarlett: (amazed) "You have 7 sisters? said a sad A. ", Sky: (explaining) "Yeah, to scare people. After all, you wanted revenge. "That's gotta hurt." asked a shocked Jaune. ), (Russel is trying to drink his shake but spits it out in disgust because the cup is burnt.). ), (He then went back to the others. said a glaring Jaune, wanting to hurt that prick. You just care about your stupid record and image more than your friend. Hammer?! "Jasmine, please don't embarrass your brother and stop flirting with him." The ones who weren't mad at him were Ruby, Blake, Ren, Nora, Velvet, Coco, Fox, Yatsu, Mercury, Emerald, Neo, and May. ", Ruby: (glaring) "I'm Ruby fucking Rose, you red haired fame hungry bitch. "I'm John Arc, husband of Juniper Arc and father of the Arc Siblings." Everyone glared at Ironwood, who flinched. A cough makes him turn around.

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