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riphagen true story

Riphagen took advantage of the anti-Jewish measures by hunting down Jews in hiding with a passion. RIPHAGEN is a WWII-crime thriller based on the life of Andries ‘Al Capone’ Riphagen. The money he received was used to trade watches, gold chains, rings and also used cars on the black market. I just could not understand the man–how he could leave his wife and child to save his own life,” Jeroen van Koningsbrugge said during an interview. Fock in London. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Gooi en Eemlander, 04-11-1947, Jonge Joodse vrouw verried velen aan de Duitsers. The most exceptional thing about Riphagen’s story is that he was never convicted for his crimes. When Jewish people were arrested, their property, stocks, jewellery and cash were taken before the arrestees and remaining household items were handed over to the Germans. His father Evert worked in the navy and had married for the second time. His intelligence service used peculiar methods. He did not become a member of the NSB but rather the NSNAP, an extreme anti-Semitic group that wanted to ‘promote’ the Netherlands to a province of the German Reich. At the height of WWII in the Netherlands, Dries Riphagen and one of his associates find a Jewish woman in hiding; however, he informs the woman, Esther Schaap, that he wants to help her and other Jews in hiding, claiming because he was married to a Jewish girl who died. Strange thing though was that Riphagen himself (with wife and child) and Joop Out were placed under house arrest at Kerkhovens home. ‘Riphagen’, tells the true story of infamous gangster Andries Riphagen, one of Holland’s most notorious criminals during the Second World War. He imagines himself untouchable until the young police officer Jan van Liempd opens up a hunt for him. He's one of the most vile human beings I've ever seen depicted in the movies. From Belgium, he spent three months traveling to Spain by bicycle. Thanks to Valenzuela, Riphagen soon befriended the presidential couple. Eventually, Dries Riphagen also played an increasingly pivotal role in the Amsterdam gambling scene. The moment she was deported, he moved in with his wife Greetje and his son Rob. That alone would justify a longish episode. De Jong was arrested while smuggling foreign currency over the border to Belgium. His time at sea came to an end when he reached the country of limitless opportunity. From March 4 to March 31, 1943, the Column, which consisted mainly of professional criminals, handed over 3,190 Jews to the German authorities, who deported them to concentration camps in Eastern Europe. Looking for reliable information or news facts about WW2? Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Riphagen was a boxer, a pimp, a smuggler who enriched himself through the black market by trading in the goods that had been left behind by Jews, but most fervently was a Jew hunter who profited immensely from the war, tracking, extorting and betraying Jewish people in hiding. A bounty sum for each arrested Jew, varying from 2,50 to 40 guilders per head... During the trial of Wery, Van Dijk and De Jong fingers pointed out to Riphagen as the actor intellectualis. However, the Allies and the newly installed Dutch authorities were not sure of his true identity at first. She tells all the other Jews she knows who are in hiding that they can trust Riphagen with their valuables. Read another story from us: The Nazi Invasion of the Netherlands: How a Country Fell in Days. Indeed this is what happened. Together with the Jewish woman Branca Simons (and her husband the black market dealer W. Huthuys), Maria (Mies) de Regt, she formed a lethal team offering their “services” to SD detective and most active member of Colonne Henneike Piet Schaap in exchange for freedom and profit. While Black Book is about the Dutch resistance, Riphagen is about Dutch collaboration. By the end of 1943, Riphagen had collected a small fortune, which he deposited in various personal accounts in Belgium and Switzerland. No matter how shocking his activities were during the war, not many people knew about them. tells you more! The website has become even bigger and better! Rather than be taken to a concentration camp, she commits suicide in front of Jan by stabbing herself with the sharp end of a long hair pick that she had in her hair. When Perón was removed from power, Riphagen returned to Europe where he spent his time traveling, especially in Spain, Switzerland, and Germany. Jan is very valuable to the resistance because of his position as a policeman in the SD during the Nazi occupation. I’m still speechless, I was so caught up in the story. Dutch director Pieter Kuijpers has created an interesting adaptation of real historical events, which are based on the book, “Riphagen, ‘Al Capone’, written by Bart Middelburg and René ter Steege along with interviews of Riphagen’s son, Rob, and Betje Wery, a Jewish woman who had collaborated with the Germans. Riphagen get from the Germans ordered to track down Jews in hiding and betrayed. I’d never heard of him either. He was to blame for the deaths of at least 200 people. A couple of days ago, I watched the excellent Dutch movie Riphagen, based on the true story of the “Al Capone of Amsterdam”, Dries Riphagen. I couldn’t find a trailer with English subtitles but the movie’s available with subtitles on Netflix. From 1943 he was part of the Henneicke Column, a group of investigators who searched out Jews who had gone underground. Movies Based on a True Story | Netflix Official Site Netflix uses cookies for personalization, to customize its online advertisements, and for other purposes. Hinting at possible Nazi searches and deportations, he succeeded in persuading the wealthier Jews of Amsterdam that they should hand over their belongings, jewelry, precious stones including diamonds, money, for safekeeping under his authority. Dries Riphagen was wanted in connection with the arrests of Jewish people in hiding and the deaths of at least 200 people. They did not, for example, arrest Riphagen since he was the one who had approached them to make a deal. Riphagen had settled in Buenos Aires, in the neighbourhood of Belgrano and ran a press photo agency. That’s why I’ll only write about the beginning. The movie Riphagen will never be able to depict the fear and terror Riphagen and his Jewhunting gang caused. Added to Watchlist. After his training, he then joined the crew of a merchant ship and sailed the seas. She gives herself the alias of Bella, and befriends one of Jan's resistance friends, Charly. When Riphagen reached Spain in May 1946, the authorities in Huesca stopped him due to a lack of necessary identification. Recently a work on the Nazi brothers Sassen was published; Nazis to the Core, the Sassen brothers and their anti Bolshevik Crusade in Latin America (Aspekt 2015) investigating their escape to Latin America. Instead of placing Riphagen under formal arrest, Sanders sought to keep Riphagen as a hidden detainee in his house and exchange information with him about Dutch collaborators and Dutch German-minded networks. In the mid-1960s, Péron and Isabelita Perón exchanged many letters with Riphagen, who at that time was in Germany. “During the Second World War, Riphagen continued his criminal activities and expanded into profitable co-operation with the German occupiers as a trustworthy ally of the Nazi Security Service, the “SD” (short for Sicherheitsdienst), and later as a member of the Central Office for Jewish Emigration in Amsterdam. His helpers, V-mann or V-Frau, gained confidence and once trusted, handed them over to the Gestapo for a few guilders. Change ). She too was arrested in Amsterdam in 1943. At the age of 14, he entered Pollux, a training centre for merchants in the harbour of Amsterdam. According to estimates, Dries Riphagen was involved in the deaths of over two hundred people whose only mistake was to place their trust in a man who was nothing more than a vile criminal without a shred of empathy for his fellow man and woman. Btw I found the twists and turn of wartime politics particularly interesting in the movie: they put the moral dilemma most characters are struggling with under a light rarely seen. What a vile creature. Follow Gangsters Inc. on Twitter and like us on Facebook. He was imprisoned, but again luck never left him. He was handsomely rewarded by the Nazi occupiers with Kopgeld (a bounty) of anywhere from 2.50 to 40 Dutch guilders for every captured Jew. This public pardoning was down to Riphagen’s connections with the leading member of the Argentinean Supreme Court, Rodolfo Valenzuela, the private secretary of president Juan Perón. Riphagen enriched himself on the black market, by trading in property that had been left behind by Jews and by tracking down and blackmailing Jews in hiding. After the war, Riphagen came into contact with Wim Sanders, a former member of the resistance. He was released on bail with the help of a Jesuit priest. The most important function of the DSK was to counteract the increasing instances of black market trading in shares. Rather than being a story about a hero, a noble deed or a victim, it is the story of a perpetrator. Het Parool, 18-04-1947, SD'er en bunkerbouwer in Spanje gearresteerd. Vrij Nederland, 07-04-1990, 'Al Capone', Dries Riphagen en de maffia van het Rembrandtplein, door Igor Cornelissen. Het Parool, 6-12-1947, Willy Lages getuigt in de zaak tegen Betje Wery. ‘Riphagen’, tells the true story of infamous gangster Andries Riphagen, one of Holland’s most notorious criminals during the Second World War. Riphagen owned some money that he had "saved" during the war with which he organised boxing contests in Spanish Basque country. Joop Out had been arrested and sent to prison. During the final year of the war, Riphagen was a member of the Hoffmann group of the SD in Assen. She waits for Riphagen the next day with a packed suitcase, but is horrified to realize she's been conned by Riphagen. Only Jan van Liempd (Kay Greidanus), a young Dutch policeman, secretly fighting alongside the Resistance, figured out Riphagen’s notorious schemes. […] נ.ב. Riphagen was a secretive man. It’s more than alarming! He kept in close contact with Perón until his death. Jan, Kees and Sam Olij were infamous for exposing Jews in hiding. Again the Jesuit father came to rescue. Via old friends from Amsterdam, Harry Rond and Joop Out, he met Jan Schouw. When he returned to the Netherlands at the age of 18, he came into contact with the criminal underworld of Amsterdam and therefore also with the police. SAN DIEGO — A gripping, intense wartime thriller, Riphagen: The Untouchable, streaming on Netflix, is the chilling true epic of the “Al Capone of Amsterdam,” a war profiteer who betrayed countless Jews in WWII Amsterdam. So, finding out that a man on par with the likes of some of the vilest Nazis criminals had been living in their midst came as quite a shock to the Dutch. It's based on a true story set in WWII. Our latest stories delivered to your inbox daily, Example: Yes, I would like to receive emails from San Diego Jewish World.

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