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red dragon constellation

Different words in the Greek. However, the spiritual enemy may well show us holographic images much different that what is really there to keep us asleep as long as possible. It doesn't make sense and it doesn't fit with the prophetic templates we've already seen in God's Word. My iPhone 7 can see it!) The day we call September 11, 0003 BC began at sunset of Day 30 of Month 6. But with binoculars, it would appear more like this photo). Jesus is the Word. Translated as a picture if you will...the Sun, centre and thus throne of our solar system, is before the altar (the constellation Libra) and is joined by Venus, the bright morning star (a.k.a. And at the temple he will set up an abomination that causes desolation”). #2 – Corona Borealis is one of only two constellations that represent crowns and it just so happens to be immediately above and directly adjacent to the heads of Serpens. Yet the Prophet Amos said, "Woe to you who long for the day of the LORD! #7 – The great red dragon bisects the small constellation of Cancer, intercepting and corrupting God’s created order. seems to be a veiled reference to this constellation group. See: (Genesis 1:10 CSB) and (Genesis 1:12 CSB)For this reason, Tuesday, the third day of the week, was considered the most blessed day for a Jewish wedding, 1 On the third day a wedding took placein Cana of Galilee. Would be interesting to hear how The Lord is speaking about these times to other Christians world wide. Hard to know if one doesn't speak other languages, but as I was praying last night, I felt led to seek confirmation that these messages were being given to whole body of Christ all over world, not just in English to America. She SAYS she's an expert.I know a guy who is an EXPERT on Planet X, Nabiru, chemtrails, fake suns and the “fact” that all of the “images” of 9-11 are holograms. They are the Father and Christ! This is amazing! Pastor Rich, I feel as though I always diligently seek God and do so in this matter as well. In the Ephesians passage the Church is likened to a bride in that that the Church is subject to Christ who is the head, but the Church is not said to actually be the bride. 2:3, 7; 1 Cor. Pesach began on Day 14 of Month 1. Well, Orion’s two stars on his shoulders, no doubt represent this. The link below should clarify your question a bit. Twice blessed. Forgiveness and Salvation Through Jesus Christ, Pope Francis Launches Investigation of W.Va. Bishop for Sexual Misconduct, Indonesia’s quake-hit Lombok declares health emergency over malaria, Introduction: How to Study the Book of Revelation. How long was the waiting period in a Jewish wedding for the Bridegroom to come for his bride? [7] Other meteor showers radiating from Aries include the October Delta Arietids, Daytime Epsilon Arietids, Daytime May Arietids, Sigma Arietids, Nu Arietids, and Beta Arietids. Thank you for sharing.I dug on the NASA/JPL links a little more and modelled interactions of Comet 21P in the solar system. Israel is explicitly called the wife of God and New Jerusalem (containing more than just the Church) is explicitly called the "bride, the wife of the Lamb" in Rev. Tuesday. But FROM THERE they would not develop further but just drop into "dead" religion again (Revelation 3:1) just like the LORD rebukes of them. I am amazed at the shear volume of data available to us today! So this even hits the 120 years line. Keep in mind that deception in the Heavens has been happening for an unknown amount of time but certainly within our generation. Revelation 17:12-13 state that the 10 kings “…for one hour will receive authority as kings along with the beast. A closing note: I am NOT date setting. The four stars of the front fins are made partially of, This Dragon constellation appears in the eastern horizon about mid-summer in the pre-dawn hours, spewing his flood-waters northward toward the, n 12 Woman in Travail (not pictured in this chart), But wait just a minute! I started stewing on it all and was like "why is Virgo surrounded by all of the serpent/dragon constellations?" Like a diamond, light (truth) shines through the facets in different ways and reveals different qualities of the stone.Go to the LORD in prayer about these things and search out His word for more examples. Daniel and John tell us in the books of Daniel and Revelation a lot of information about what these constellations/celestial signs represent. And quite often, those storybooks ended with the words…, Signs Of Heaven website reveals God’s own version of this same theme. This would be the AC who is ruling the NWO or revived Ottoman Empire. What a beautiful and poetic re-dedication and wedding feast that would be! I appreciate your insight and all that you do here! Imagine what this does else on the earth (and on human bodies)... @ Gary, thank you for all your hard work and diligence on this topic! Every detail is taking place as described. The conjunction with Venus and Jupiter is also pretty nifty. They are right below the woman’s feet, ready and waiting to devour the male child, just as the prophecy foretold (“…and the dragon stood before the woman… to devour her child as soon as it was born.”). Since the kings (horns) aren’t depicted with crowns, I think they don’t have reigning power anymore. If it wasn't, could conceivably be at least room temperature. The north pole of the ecliptic is in Draco. And just like the comet 21P takes place on September 11, so does this military exercise ... hmmmmmmm. 3 All things were createdthrough him, and apart from him not one thingwas created that has been created. It’s the archangel Michael that kicks satan out of Heaven and satan’s descent signals The Time of Jacob’s Trouble. Matthew 24:15-16 states that this event marks the time when the people need to flee, as it's this point in time when the Antichrist shows his true colors. It’s this take on the strong delusion that some pre-tribbers state as being the world’s explanation for why millions of people are suddenly missing. Here is one I found fascinating, Ancient Jewish MarriageSome quotes, "In those days a father was more concerned about the marriage of his sons than about the marriage of his daughters. ...and in case you are new here and are discovering this for the first time, What is known as September, 11 on our Gregorian calendar is considered by some to be the date of Christ's birth/conception as given us in (Luke 1:26-27 CSB), 26 In the sixth month, the angel Gabriel was sent by God to a town in Galilee called Nazareth, 27 to a virgin engagedto a man named Joseph, of the house of David.

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