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Brocken Jr. is generally portrayed as a more inexperienced Choujin compared to his fellow Justice Choujins, being slightly younger and more reckless than his peers. The revival series appears to have retconned this to some extent, as Goldman was established as the primary founder of the Devil Choujins, likely with Satan as a benefactor. Learn how and when to remove these template messages, Learn how and when to remove this template message, Kinnikuman Nisei: Ultimate Choujin Tag Arc, Kinnikuman Nisei: New Generation vs Legends, Ultimate Muscle: Legends vs. New Generation, Galactic Wrestling: Featuring Ultimate Muscle,, Articles needing additional references from July 2008, All articles needing additional references, Articles lacking in-text citations from February 2013, Articles with a promotional tone from September 2012, Wikipedia articles with style issues from September 2012, Wikipedia introduction cleanup from September 2012, Articles covered by WikiProject Wikify from September 2012, All articles covered by WikiProject Wikify, Articles with multiple maintenance issues, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Pūri Enjeru [15][16], In July 2011, Puri was loaned to Nemzeti Bajnokság I club Pápa. Ray Chase, Puri-Puri Prisoner (ぷりぷりプリズナー, Puripuri Purizunā) is the S-Class Rank 17 professional hero of the Hero Association. Hailman subsequently freezes Teapackman's head, allowing him to easily snap off Teapackman's head. The origin of his hero name comes from demonstrating his heroism after becoming a jailbreak hero. After Buffaloman defeats him, he goads Buffaloman to kill him, after which he apparently disappears. In the Kinnikuman vs Nemesis fight, Peek-a-Boo would serve as Nemesis's second, providing him advice to counter Kinnikuman's moves. He himself was resurrected by Akuma Shogun during the Golden Mask arc in order to serve him, but later betrays him and joins the Justice Choujins after Akuma Shogun is defeated. He is voiced by Issei Futamata, and Takumi Yamazaki in Kinnikuman Nisei. Rōmaji Puri-Puri Prisoner Angel ☆ Style (ぷりぷりプリズナー エンジェル☆スタイル, Puripuri Purizunā Enjeru ☆ Sutairu): Puri-Puri Prisoner increases his body's muscle mass, increasing his already impressive strength to new heights in a process he calls "transforming". He uses a gigantic teapack as a whip when he fights. Status His voice actor is Ryōichi Tanaka. However, he later reappears at Sagrada Familia, revealing himself to be the Perfect Origin Psychoman, in order to fight Planetman. Mayumi Kinniku is Kinnikuman's father and the 57th King of Planet Kinniku. [21] He made his debut after starting in a 1–0 away win over VPS in the 2012 Finnish League Cup group stage on 25 February. He is able to turn his arm into ice spikes as well as turn the ring into a sheet of ice, allowing him to skate on it. Polls Archive; Recent Posts. which finishes off Polarman despite the latter unmasking Warsman. [43] His impressive cameo earned him a start for the game against Wexford on 15 September, he assisted Mark O'Sullivan for his second goal in that game, Waterford beat Wexford 3–0. The Choujin Enma had tasked him to join Team Super Phoenix in order to capture Neptuneman, who had cheated death. [6] In 2008, Puri had two trials with Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund[7] and in late 2009 with Scottish Premier League club Celtic. Fearing death for his failure, Screw Kid attacked Big the Budō to try to save his own life but was crumbled to dust by his master's power. However, when Bibinba enters the story, she feels overshadowed by her and gives up on Kinnikuman, going overseas to study. At the step pyramid battle, he fights Black Hole, fresh after his fight with Dalmatiman. He is able to fliy with his wings to execute acrobatic maneuvers, and protrude spikes from his back. In the True Devil Choujin arc, they are called upon by the Evil Gods once more to combat the invading Omega Centauri's Six Spears. As all the other Idol Choujins are recuperating, Terryman is forced to fight Max Radial at the Tokyo Dome. 220 cm (7'2½")[1] This incident was the catalyst of Nemesis losing faith in the Kinniku clan. Afterwards, Gear Master fights Kinnikuman Big Body at the Forbidden City, taunting him as a fake for his shameful performance during the Scramble for the Throne arc. A Choujin with a teacup for a head. Eventually, Junkman realizes that by whiffing his Junk Crushes, he can raise the temperature, causing the air within Painman's airbags to swell, making them fragile enough for Junkman to pop, allowing him to defeat Painman. [44] That win coupled with Cobh Ramblers 3–0 defeat to Cabinteely crowned Waterford as league champions with two games to spare. Despite the spell's speed and power, Rill redirects it back at Team K, shattering the crystal and winning the match.[8]. Status He is voiced by Issei Futamata. He is voiced by Masashi Hirose. He is voiced by Michihiro Ikemizu. He is voiced by Daisuke Gori. He is voiced by Kazuhiko Kishino. He has a well-defined jawline and light blue eyes with long eyelashes. He is able to blow holes in the body of a Dragon-level monster and deal minor damage to the Deep Sea King while not having killing intent. [22] He scored the winning goal against MYPA in the semi-final of the 2012 Finnish Cup on 30 August,[23] but received a straight red card in the final, which the team lost to Honka. Puri-Puri Prisoner was seen in a poster during. His voice actor is Kazuhiko Kishino. She also wears a light-colored, furry cape under her squad robe, and her grimoire hangs in a pouch on her left side. Lunaight was able to take a large chunk off of Wolfman's left shoulder, but Wolfman continues to fight despite this. Class to play in 1st Quest for Glory series playthrough? Puri-Puri Man (プリプリマン, Monsieur Cheeks in the English dub) is one of the few characters from Kinnikuman to not have a M.U.S.C.L.E. In the Perfect Origin arc, Neptuneman was branded a traitor for signing the peace treaty of the three factions. However, Sunshine tricks Thingman to fling him around in a sack, restoring him to his original form. In spite of this, he is still unable to abandon his grudge against The Man, which is at odds with the values of this new power. Male Mammothman is a hulking, mammoth-themed Choujin, and a member of Team Super Phoenix. Although initially somewhat antagonistic towards Kinnikuman, he begins to respect him as Kinnikuman protects the earth time and time again. However, his body is linked to this dimension, and any wounds he sustain would reflect to cracks within the dimension. He develops into a more competent character as the series progresses, such as by training under Prince Kamehame to learn the 48 Killer Moves, among which is the iconic Kinniku Buster. His real name is Suguru Kinniku (named after Yomiuri Giants pitcher Suguru Egawa) and he is voiced by Akira Kamiya. Being a S-Class hero, Puri-Puri Prisoner is a very powerful individual. At the end of the arc, she marries Kinnikuman to become the 58th Queen of Planet Kinniku. The arc, and the original run of the series as a whole, culminates with a showdown between him and Kinnikuman at Osaka Castle. At first he is portrayed as one of the top-label Choujins in the world, but he is easily eliminated in the 20th Choujin Olympics by Kinkotsuman's scheme. Painman then gives him his Wind Dumbbell. His technique "Sand Hell" allows him to break down into sand and trap opponents, and he is also able to transform into other forms, such as a top or an arch. They clash with their respective claws, with Polarman able to shatter Warsman's, and he heavily damages Warsman. He defeats Thingman by using his Disc Cutters against him, claiming his Star Dumbbell. However, while powerful, he self-proclaims himself to be the weakest S-Class hero. He employs Chinese Kung Fu to fight, as well as the two dragon heads on his shoulders that can extend and bite his opponents. He is able to rearrange the spots in his body, such as shifting them to his face to turn his head into that of a Doberman's or expelling them as a speckle bomb. Omegaman's most distinguishing feature is the giant right hand wrapped around his back, that he uses for various techniques. At the step pyramid battle, he fights Warsman, who is enraged due to Robin's death at the hands of Nemesis and began fighting without regard to himself. He fights and kills Robin Mask at the step pyramid battle, and he also defeats Ramenman at the Unforgiven Yggdrasil, though Ramenman survives. A posthumous character who never directly appears in the series, he was a kind and just king who espoused the ideals of mercy. Later, when Sweet Mask berates the S-Class heroes for A-City's destruction, Puri-Puri Prisoner refrained from being argumentative and instead tried to defuse the situation, showing that despite his flamboyant antics, he is capable of demonstrating calmness, reason and tact in serious situations. He subsequently destroys the suspended ring that they were fighting on with the intent of taking Strong the Budo with him, although this sacrifice was ultimately in vain since Strong the Budo survives the chasm drop. The following is a list of characters from Kinnikuman, a manga/anime series written by Yudetamago. He appears as a background character in the original series, but becomes prominent in the Perfect Origin arc. He is voiced by Yonehiko Kitagawa in Kinnikuman, Takkou Ishimori in Kinnikuman: Scramble for the Throne, Kenji Nomura in Kinnikuman Nisei and Darren Dunstan in Ultimate Muscle in English dub. He refers to the other Idol Choujin as senpai and is known for his battlecry, U-Ra-Ra!!. She is depicted as a loyal wife, standing by her husband's side even despite the protests of her family in marrying a Choujin wrestler, and even when Robin Mask becomes vengeful towards Kinnikuman. [50] He scored his first national team goal on 22 November 2008, in a 1–1 draw against Lithuania in a Mayors Cup match. What he likes are his boyfriend's gifts, his body, watching the dance "ikebana", and stew. Several days after the exam, Puli and the others selected to be Royal Knights all assemble in the Royal Capital and are placed under the command of Mereoleona Vermillion. He is voiced by Yonehiko Kitagawa. The Six Devil Knights are the Devil Choujin elite. Ramenman (Although this is established as a separate Ramenman from the one in the main series). Puri-Puri Prisoner usually relies on his raw strength and skill in close quarters combat, when fighting in this particular style.

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