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pt boat interior

***************************************** 2013 November 7, corrected life ring athwartships position on the day room cabin trunk top view, and added the aft turret. Although I didn't do so myself, I learned that you can actually stay overnight on the Battleship Massachusetts. Deck Views Jack said that was John F. Kennedy's problem the night PT 109 was rammed and sunk by a Japanese destroyer. Width at outside of coamings at deck: 99 1/2". However Jack's and the other crews were a smart bunch. It is unnecessary to dismantle turrets in removing either engine or tank hatches.  1 37mm Deck Gun Where not available or legible for a part, it is labeled "this is a guess" or similar. Power Plant: 3 1,200 hp Packard V-12 marine engines driving 3 propellers with 3 rudders Early in the war the crews of the PT Boats found that their torpedoes didn't detonate, even when they were certain they were aimed accurately and should have hit their mark. 31 March 1944. AIRPORTS AND WINDOWS. ***************************************** PT 565-624 I looked online to see what other people did to try and come up with the best solution. KEY WEST - The last operational, military-configured PT boat afloat in U.S. waters was put up for sale Saturday on eBay Motors, an online auction. The galley. The floor of the day room shall be removable, as described in section 1-4. Superstructure shall be of simple form, all straight sided and plumb, except the raked and angled forward end of radio house and bridge shelter. The early mast rest on PT 111. One thing I and two PT Vet friends are wondering is what is the purpose of those black semi circular areas around the door latches. Crew's Quarters Shortly after the war's end Milt volunteered with a group of other PT Boat crewmen to ferry a group of boats up to Detroit to display for the public. Flooring of chart house shall be of 5/8 inch fir plywood, with mahogany bearers, well fastened to longitudinal bulkhead and with headers as required. Flooring of tank compartment (day room) shall be of fir or birch plywood, and shall be completely removable for access to or unshipping of fuel tanks. I'd love to hear it. Crew quarters. FLATS AND FLOORS. Starboard boat hook location varied. Also note the canvas buttons on the side of the windshield, and engine hatchway hatch. While there are many, many sailboats designed for the masses, a surprising few meet the criteria I am about to provide below. Before the hulls were burned they were stripped of engines and armament. 50Cal Browning Machine Guns Some other reference images can be found here: PT_Boat_Components_Torpedo_Tube_Images_Elco.html. SECTION W-1. Two of the men headed down to the end of the pier. Jack's answer was that the commander on the bridge had direct control over the throttles, but did not have control over the engagement of the transmission to the propeller shaft or forward and reverse gears (In order to engage forward, reverse, or idle the commander had to call down to the engine room where the operator manipulated the gear shift levers for each engine and propeller manually). Although not attached to the hatch, it is likely that it was when fully erected. Height of removable section of roof: 9 1/2". For both fresh and salt water boating, electronics and mechanical equipment must be made for use in water vehicles to prevent sparks, shocks and other hazards that would normally occur with this equipment around water.Interior Boat Design Tools # The interiors of some boats look bedraggled because cheaper materials were used on the interior design to allow the boat to survive excess water, which can cause mold or mildew to grow.Boat Design Programs # A number of computer software tools allow…. A stretcher handling door shall be cut in starboard aft bulkhead of the cabin trunk just above the transverse deck coaming, and shall open outward. Although personal cameras were not officially allowed Milt brought a Kodak Brownie camera with him and took a number of photos of life on a PT Boat base in the Solomon Islands. PT-617 is an Elco class PT Boat. When the two crewmen were sure the MPs could see them they engaged in a very loud and physical fight. Added image showing woods used in construction. 2013 December 3, corrected the grab rail locations on all views. Engine room Added a temporary aft view. I found it in the construction of some of the cabinetry of the Higgins that is displayed in the same building just behind the Elco PT Boat. The Type VII was the most numerous U-boat type to be involved in the Battle of the Atlantic. If you go allow yourself a full day as there is an awful lot to see in addition to the Patrol Torpedo Boats. Due to the large number of photo's and books that I have acquired over the years I have decided to redraw the boat as close to the original as is possible with a view to possibly making a museum quality model as distinct from a remote control model. ***************************************** Turret protective shield: PT 103- sometime between PT 317 to 323 only.

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