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oru kayak net worth

They offered to send in a new strap and buckle, but I succeeded in unbuckling it by pulling hard on the strap with pliers while stabilizing the boat with my feet and pressing the releases. You need to understand what this kayak is and cannot compare it to a regular kayak. While its relatively simple to predict his income its harder to know how much callum has spent over the years. Oru Kayak approached GetOutfitted about offering their clients a rent-to-own deal so a payment to rent a Oru Kayak could go toward a credit to buy one. No trouble in steering through heavy current either. So the stability is very different and does take getting used to. Then, a buddy of mine pointed me to the local REI where they had the Bay ST on display. In the video on Oru's Kickstarter page, its hard to tell how strong the material is. • You WILL have to demonstrate the folding/unfolding process if you launch in a public place. The Oru Kayak is a 12 foot kayak that becomes its own box through a series of clever folds. When I saw the OruKayak my excuse was gone. I purchased the Oru [2014] because of the obvious [portability, storage, ease-of-use], and because at 63, I wanted to lessen physical strain while paddling and camping. One of the big challenge There is a clip there, and the dry bag is secured to that clip. You could tuck the Oru in the back cargo area of an SUV easily and nobody would even know it was there. They have changed the design on the newer models so this is probably a non-issue for new owners. I had one unplanned wet exit that went extremely well except for losing all the booze in my flask. The worlds premier source for inflatable sups inflatable boats inflatable kayaks and canoes starting at 229. Could you imaging when we opened the boat and saw lots of black spot, marks, unfit zipper and a broken handler.... can’t believe it’s a new boat....it should be a happy gift but it’s not. The Oru Kayak Beach LT also has an adjustable footrest, backrest, and carrying handles for easy maneuverability. ", By Chris Meehan | Almost as important, the boat feels nice to paddle. With practice I think I could probably assemble it in close to 5 minutes. It looks freakin' good. I work in customer service myself and I find this lack of response frustrating and unacceptable. It's not. It is very important. And Anton said that it can be folded 20,000 times without weakening. Lastly, durability. But, trust me, this is a rewarding experience and reinforces how cool the product is. I did buy some pipe insulation, cut them to the width of the kayak and then duct tape them together and put that under my knees. Would be comfortable taking it out in stronger winds and a swell, with the bow and stern floatation devices and a skirt. - - - Handling The kayak is responsive and turns very well. No, I don't think it's worth $1600 which is why I'll probably return it even if the tracking issue is fixed. I was crazy about this good kayak, but, my wife was very against it. I really want to send it back to Oru and ask for full refund, but it’s not the same country and the shipping fee is not affordable...or I will. I've had to repair twice a teeny tiny leak that was a small nuisance but repair is holding well. Not only can I put it in the back of a Smart car (thanks, Car2Go!) Oru kayaks are easy to transport and store, letting you explore like never before. I also have a little bit of trouble getting into the boat. I received my Oru Kayak last month and have taken it for several short paddles on a calm lake. I had to adjust my sitting weight a small amount to compensate. What this kayak is not is a kayak designed to feel rigid and rugged - it is lightweight, portable and fast. Feel it glide like a dream. It tracks nicely and is light in the water. I love how portable it is, it tracks great and is pretty fast due to the light weight. With a super tough hull, they can withstand sliding over rocks, bumping into obstacles, and they are rated to 20,000 fold cycles. It's light enough that I can carry it with the shoulder strap but it isn't very comfortable over a long distance. The main reason is she cannot physical touch and visit in in store, and worry about the material. Oru Kayaks are incredibly puncture + abrasion resistant and built to last. Test paddled this kayak down here in Mexico on the Pacific. I eventually moved on to folding full-size kayaks out of corrugated plastic sheets." "ORU Kayaks compare very favorably with both groups." It's made out of corrugated plastic, and you'd think that the boat would be a bit flexible as a result. Carrying the kayak is comfortable for fifty meters (50 yards) or so. I highly recommend getting the ORU pack. Now we’ve released a limited edition Indonesia Edition folding kayak, as well as decals and scarves that we’ll be selling to help raise awareness for their story, as well as donating some of the proceeds to those people.". In terms of handling, I'm pretty impressed. Robert Herjavec invested $500,000 into Oru for 25 percent equity. What a letdown! Why did someone trash the durability when they stated they did not use it? The assembly was as easy as advertised. The box is about 32"x29"x12", though I'd give it at least 18" of width for proper storage. There are a couple steps which are frustrating, like positioning the back-half of the kayak's folds into the seatback but overall, it's super easy. However, you may want really rethink it before you purchase this not cheap kayak. I borrowed a ORU Kayak to test it from a friend January 2014 and I was sold. Pros. It does scratch easily but when you rub your hand over there isnt a scratch or anything so I believe the integrity is fine. Unlike inflatables (which, prior to Oru, were about the only thing I could have as an apartment dweller), the Oru is sturdy, responsive, and handles the chop of the water very well. Then realized that the clip on the bow that is there to secure the fairing is the wrong one...I'm not going to bother trying to get that replaced. Main thing is that performance and stability is great, is as comfortable or more so than all other kayaks I have rented and has portability and storage benefits. This was one of the biggest draws for me and it hasn't disappointed. I've taken it out 3 times already, and each time it takes me a lot of extra time due to curious onlookers asking questions! Furthermore, I'd also say that you need to be careful if you are more than 6'2". I've been paddle boarding about 2 years and wanted a kayak. Check out our limited run robert lang edition available here. As an urban apartment dweller, this is by far the biggest advantage it has over a traditional kayak. It can handle it! I bought the Bay shortly after Oru ran its original Kickstarter campaign. Ultra-portable, light, and playful on calm water. But probably the main reason for using the ORU Kayaks is that they are real fun to paddle. Previously, I used an inflatable kayak for several years. THIS IS A MUST. 11,323 Views 16 Comments. In the end, they always take good care of me-- They actually shipped me a replacement boat when they couldn't resolve one of the leaks. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. People will stop to talk as you assemble the Oru. - - - Costumer Service After five years of prototyping, Willis met the company’s current CEO Ardy Sobhani and together, they launched their new product on Kickstarter. - - - The Clever Twist The affect of the port side lean was noticeable. The Oru Kayak took around 10 minutes to build. It can't quite compare to the performance of a 17' sea kayak with a rudder, but is one of the best kayaks of this size I've used and I have no qualms taking it anywhere I'd take a comparably sized and priced Necky for instance. Living in a condo and driving a Fiat 500 means my options are limited. Aesthetics: Our kayaks are packable and compact, but they never compromise on durability or performance—and they're are as easy on the eyes as they are on the water. Same thing when putting it together. We make the most innovative, portable boats in the world—a foldable fleet designed with simplicity, freedom and joy in mind. I've had an Oru now since mid July, and thankfully, the weather has held up in Oslo this fall so I've had plenty of chances to get it on the water. This is my first kayak so I don't have anything to compare it to but I've canoed most of my life. The Oru Kayak team is knowledgeable, helpful and available for questions, information and orders.

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