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naruto rogue ninja fanfiction

The wooden swing lurched in the opposite direction as Naruto jumped to his feet and marched up to where the other kids were playing. Her mother would push her out of the way when important things came up. The Daimyo hired the strongest mercenary Shinobi they could afford. It was no use and the position his body was in confirmed what his mind already knew – he was beaten. Gaara's dark, demanding voice called to her "shouldn't you be packing? "Jerk…" he mumbled, wiping away a sniffle with his forearm. Joyful. "You and I are no good to each other.". Sasuke had just looked down at her feet, chuckling softly at the argument that started between Shino and Kiba, before she noticed the oddly-shaped shadows moving over her head. Sasuke had barely caught sight of the enemies falling from the trees behind him, blood trailing from several open wounds across their bodies. Like, really really fucking fast. Later that day, Naruto found himself sitting at one of the stools of Ichiraku Ramen with a piping hot bowl of ramen steaming in front of him. But as angry as he was, he didn't throw a tantrum, neither did he cry. He stared at her oddly. I really like this fic and naruto's really fast. The only thing that seemed to help was when he shut his eyes. The hardest lesson he learned was that nothing lasts forever and his hospital fight with Sasuke marked the beginning of the end. Sunset. I guess if you burn everything down, there won't be anybody left to argue with. 26. The turned back to their food at the same, not another word leaving their mouth. It was only a matter of time until they produced another one. A really odd moment in reviewing is when you leave a review asking a question...and you're only 10 chapters in the story and not up-to-date. Not only do the words fit, but the word Ronin means "wave man", or a "man drifting about without a home". The taunts fell on deaf ears. A baffled Naruto cast his gaze to Kani and saw that there was no hint of teasing on his face. Kani sighed, then gave Naruto an almost sad look while spinning his kunai into his hand as usual. It started out with a promise. Another Heartbreak Here are 25 extremely note-worthy dark fanfictions in the Naruto fandom that I have highly enjoyed reading. What he needed was to find some way to land a punch, despite Kani's onslaught. I wanted to branch out and try something different from Bleach (Though to be fair, I did have a Naruto story up a long time ago. Her dark eyes transformed and became a bright-red, surprising her opponent. | Download: EPUB or MOBI, FanfictionBot2.0.0-beta | Usage ffnbot!ignore. Before that year had ended, he had a small circle of people he could call friends. Naruto said, straightening up to gather what little strength he had left. He looked down at it before the sound of an opening door tore his gaze away from it, and he caught sight of an elderly woman with dark-maroon hair arranged in two buns on top of her head. A dumbfounded look and a cry of "Whaaaa!?" But my brother and Kakashi-sensei both are going to train me, so it will be as strong as theirs in no time.". Her eyes widened when she realized that he had poked her in the forehead and said, "Sasuke, answer me when I'm talking to you. That day seemed to come at a snail's pace, but he strengthened his mind and endured. 13. They weren't the closest of friends, but she needed all the training she could get. With him, she aspires to redeem her Clan's tarnished name and restore it to greatness. An orange sleeve marked with black stripes swept past her face, and the bandaged hand grabbed the white cloth flowing near her. Aftermath. ", Kakashi gave a bored shrug "fine, go home.. ", I half laughed, just a breath of air. The only characters I claim are the original characters that this fanfiction will introduce. It was unfortunate for him. He couldn't wait for the day when he became a genin. Some of them looked at him like he was a rain cloud on a sunny day and others settled for an uncomfortable glance in his direction. Naruto Uzumaki wasn't always a rogue. Sometimes, the thought of being a runaway would cross his mind, but these thoughts were usually pushed into the recesses of his mind as foolish. Naruto eyed his opponent, then let out a steadying breath to slow his breathing. Alone now, Kakashi put his hands over his face and rubbed as if he could awaken himself by bringing circulation back. 6. We're both in the academy remember! It was on his first day at the academy. she asked, staring sadly at the scene. The next village was a few days away, and the Daimyo would be expecting a successful mission when he returned. The classrooms started to feel like part of an eternal genjutsu that he couldn't escape. For some reason, he seemed to think that leaning over her with his boyish chest appealed to her. Her flowing white kimono trailed behind her as she walked in front of him, a knowing grin on her face. "We gotta get you back to the village!" Kani spun his kunai into his pouch then lifted his knee from Naruto's back as he rose to his feet. Teachers gripped chalk to scribble lessons on boards and expected children to follow along, take notes, and learn. Drinking was not his forte. Fanfiction This is about Ryuto Uzumaki {Boruto Uzumaki of just like this version better or look better} Ryuto, Sarada,and Mitzuki Team 7 now this isn't a story about a boy who dreams to become the Hokage no..this is a story about a boy who cares about heavy b... # anime # borusara # boruto # naruto Rogue Ninja Chapter 1 She had been cheering and congratulating herself upon her self-made accomplishment, and didn't realize that she was visibly doing it. Strange men have tried to killed him since he was a child. Maybe fics where Naruto has swift release. Proving Grounds. What he could not have known was how becoming a member of Team 7 would impact him. 3. At first, he hated a lot of things about his team. "You better believe it." He could hear the words on his tongue before they left his lips. He made it to the entrance and was preparing to slide the door open until the sight of shadow outside made him stop. Well, maybe gone from the face of the Shinobi Lands anyways. AN: Hello my fellow readers. The only thing he could do was grab it to try and stop it, but it was much too late. She cheered loudly again and moaned, "Aren't hot springs just the best!? "Yeah, some type of tracker…" Naruto breathed, lips barely moving as he nearly fell out of consciousness. "Leave him alone," Kani said, helping Naruto off the ground. Hide and Seek It was a bitter pill to swallow, but he accepted it. How's the noble life treating ya? At least Shino and Kiba actually tried... She was brought out of her thoughts as Kiba leaned against the tree above her and began, "Man, that was almost wicked! She walked down the cold and desolate hallways of her Clan's home, her dark-blue kimono flowing behind her. He quickly looked around the room, mapping out the location of his clothing and hoping that the woman from last night didn't mix any of his own clothing up... That would be dumb as hell. Work Search: Kakashi spun Kairi around and pulled her back against his chest, using his left arm to pin her arms against her sides as he snatched the paper with his right and read it. Neither of them, even with all three of their combined tracking powers, were able to sense the group of Shinobi looming over their heads. He reached into his pocket for more shuriken, but was frozen by the warm breaths tickling at his ear. 24. Haunting memories of glossy eyes will eventually be replaced by hopeful and naive ones, and vice-versa. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she let out a relieving sigh and slid down the rough bark on the tree. 12. But no one, especially Naruto, expected their next rogue ninja to be Bolt Uzumaki. Many don't like it because he is an Uchiha, but it is a very interesting one and action packed. From the looks of it, he's some type of tracker.". It was difficult for Ronin like himself to come across stacks of cash... That is, rogue ninja: Ninja that don't belong to any sort of Clan. The thought of it still made her shiver to this day. "Yeah, what gave it away? Ino crossed her arms and looked away, grumbling how hypocritical Sasuke was for showing off her powers after reprimanding her. Just the will to press on and the knowledge that it would be worth it in the end. She should have known better than to the Great Fireball Technique before she was sure she could use it properly! 116K 4.4K 1.7K. Doing any of those things would just make them think they were getting to him and that was something he would never let them see. In the end, he concluded that it didn't. Sakura had already left with her guards back to the Capital that night and Ino herself had returned to her Clan. ", The spiky-haired kid used his index finger to scratch the side of his cheek as he thought about it. He understood it though, he should have told her what he and Itachi had been doing in her village all those years ago. It always bothered her, even as they were all growing up. She was resting her back and elbows against the stone floor as Ino Yamanaka called out to her, and simply gave a womanly snort in response. However, a single glance at the jealous Ino who was arguing with Sakura about how attractive her brother was (...Ew... And why the heck were they comparing Itachi's features to her own?) 10. He could save his money until the Daimyo paid him for his mission. Sandab-!". The violent writhing under Kani's knee slowed to a stop and Naruto shut his eyes, letting his body fall slack. It is more encouraging than you know and I really enjoy reading them (however short or long they may be). Asuma looked as if he would say something, but then decided it wasn't worth it as he tossed his smoke onto the ground and walked off towards the village. Cursed. If the question you're asking is basically the same as point 2, then either keep reading to see if it's answered or don't. She looked at him worried before he responded, "You might wanna stay back, Granny... That ain't a lantern.". -As the story goes along, it will eventually become apparent why I decided to go with Fem!Sasuke instead of male. "...Kakashi should be returning soon with their answer, Itachi. "Real ninjas have to be a certain height. 16. Asking to take the story in a different direction, or making a threat like, "If this character dies/If something happens that I don't like/If something happens that I don't want to happen, then I'm not going to read anymore or I'm done with this story," is not helpful. Her eyes went wide as she inhaled large amounts of air into her lungs, causing her cheeks to bloat before she roared, "Headsup, Kiba! His kunai was already firmly lodged under his fingers and a determined smile could be seen on his lips as he launched himself into the middle of the playful skirmish. She had brought her arms together and folded them in her large sleeves, and the passive, neutral expression common to the Uchiha formed on her face. Then that Madara went off into battle and died, leaving his Clan to ruin the rest of this crap-ass country. 2. the fox stated blandly. It had been two years since Kani made up that stupid height requirement rule, but now that Naruto had grown a few inches taller, Kani told him that he also needed to be skilled enough to beat him in a spar. She brought a slice of a tomato up to her lips slowly in order to maintain her concentration on her father and brother. But going rogue isn't all that simple, and as the two leave Konoha, neither of them can fathom the perils that will follow. "Yeah," Naruto said, grimacing as he examined the deep gashes lining his upper body. Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto in any form or fashion. Didn't think ya were interested in gettin' blood on yer clothes.". [Epic]. -Madara's 'line' in the beginning is actually taken from Dark Souls. No fear. ", "Sorry, lil' lady. She slowly looked up, a brief gasp escaping her lips and drawing the attention of the other two. He slowly slipped his arms into the sleeves and zipped it up before moving across the room and retrieving his black pants and sandals. His thumb slid across her wrist where a small part of him had hoped that a pulse would come through. Holy shit, she wasn't going to try that again in the middle of a spar without practice...! It was a kid's paradise in every sense of the word. The first bite went into her mouth without a single care if anyone around her could hear, even as her mother nearby reprimanded her for her bad manners.

Isuzu Dmax Fuel Pump Problem, Kankakee River Depth Map, Stranded Deep Spyglass, How Does Artuk Bey Die, Ali Ollie Woodson Height, School Holidays 2021 Scotland, Hemp Zone Cigarettes Review, Jynx Fortnite Settings, Integers Number Line Calculator,

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