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Cocoa McKellan. Coco McKellan (wife) Uncle Johnny Jebediah McKellan(father) Production. He read Questions from a Worker Who Reads one day, and while sitting at someone’s knee listening to poetry seems to be something of another age, it simply feels right when the knee at which you sit is Patrick Stewart’s. He’s a very human performer – the text never feels like it’s 400 years old. Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. Horse rides in stockings, rehearsals in deep freezes, fights in string vests ... as Patrick Stewart hits 80, friends from Harriet Walter to Brian Blessed pay tribute to the great actor, Thu 9 Jul 2020 06.00 BST By the time I had the chance to work with him, it seemed impossible to me that he was a real human being. So he told us that from now on, whenever we feel it necessary, we should yell out “INTIMIDATION” to keep him in check. He led when we danced together on Frasier and he was a lovely dancer. When he came out of his dressing room, he was wearing the lace stockings outside of his costume. They officially renewed their vows after "Remember Our Parents Wedding?". Available for everyone, funded by readers. In some ways he does seem quintessentially English. I didn’t realise that you could play with Shakespeare to that extent. They pursued day after day such incredibly challenging pieces of material without any give. One day I asked stage management to persuade the local supermarket to let us into their deep freeze store to rehearse some scenes and get into the sprit of it. I listened every night to him doing “uneasy lies the head that wears the crown”. I married him to Sunny, his mischievous, utterly reliable wife. There was a big scene at the end, a parade in the streets, with the whole cast on stage in medieval rags. He was born in San Antonio, … Last modified on Mon 13 Jul 2020 17.09 BST. https://family-reunion.fandom.com/wiki/Moz_McKellan?oldid=950, Moz McKellan beat the Falcons with a last-second touchdown catch. I do see a little of myself in Patrick and vice versa. We somehow hit a great chemistry – the chemistry of two people who want to play together and the pleasure of working through that language and having that banter and the extremes of emotion that you trigger in one another, and night after night doing it differently. He and Ian were both thriving in what anyone else would consider the end of their career; instead it felt like it was the middle. In my house we still quote his line in that show where he picks up his phone in Frasier’s apartment and says: “Placiiiiidoooo!” And David Hyde Pierce [Niles] and I gasp: “Placido Domingo? Working with Patrick is one of the great joys in life. From those humble beginnings Patrick has conquered LA and most of the world while keeping his essential Shakespearean inner actor firmly close to his heart. Gustavo Munguia/Carlos Ballarta/Shirley Roeca/Anthony Alabi/Grupo Firme, The Best TV Shows About Being in Your 30s. It was considered impossible for us to become classical actors and we said bollocks to that. He left the NFL in 2010 and moved to Los Angeles to pursue his true passion, acting. That day, I was in five jumpers; Patrick turned up in shorts. He was perfectly at home in his native accent, while once again this South African did her worst to murder a speech in a broad Lancashire accent and got giggled at for her pains by a home-grown audience. They asked me if I had any Hollywood friends and I mentioned Patrick. What he confesses on chat shows is his delight and certainty that he has gone far. What I had underestimated about Patrick – which is the great thing about Picard – is that you can put him in anything and you still feel like you are watching something real. I was asking Patrick to spend hours in the freezer. That Pat in his 70s still had that level of rabid curiosity was the most wonderful news to me; I feel exhausted and I’m barely 50. I can’t say he’s changed at all since I first met him on Star Trek; we’ve also done an X-Men film together and he guest-starred on Frasier. When Patrick played Enobarbus in Antony and Cleopatra in 1973, he was wry, wise, sensible, sensitive. Patrick was at his peak. Let’s just say we all cannot wait to get back to work and annoy the hell out of him with that. “No, no, Patrick, underneath your costume!” We laughed, as we ordinarily did. When you hurt, I hurt. All rights reserved. I think we both share a devotion to trying to play new characters, to staying connected to the thing which got us here in the first place, which is our imagination. Uncategorized. As I got out of the limousine at the premiere, I felt a pair of hands on my shoulders and a voice saying: “Hello, hello, hello. Far, too, from his earlier success as a classical actor with the Royal Shakespeare and National Theatre companies. I have found his kind of love and big-heartedness uncommon in the industry. Instead of clinging on to the way you do it each night, you can throw it up in the air and risk it not working. That was due to how obvious his respect for me was. When you put somebody with that kind of capacity in an arena like a sci-fi drama they become the cornerstone. He sat there totally silent, inscrutable. We both wept. Don McKellar on IMDb; Don McKellar at the Internet Broadway Database; Bravo!FACT (Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent): shorts starring and directed by Don McKellar available for viewing online Production: The Drowsy Chaperone - Working in the … Patrick had a lovely tough-looking chest through the string, I recall. They have been married for almost 20 years. Looking for something to watch? We both like to turn a phrase. We were both Macbeth a year apart – he was lauded for his performance; I was attacked for mine. More shame when in the same season he and I played a husband and wife in an early play by David Mercer called The Buried Man – all bickering over the proverbial sink in faded floral frocks and string vests. He played Antonio the sea-captain who helps Viola (me) survive being stranded on a strange seashore, and I can still see him doubled up with laughter in the wings as I exited the stage on the opening night of Twelfth Night at the Library theatre in Manchester. Anthony Alabi. That’s quite a message to someone on stage – that what you’re doing is something a lot of people are aching to do, rather than just looking towards film stardom. In high school, I would watch videos of the RSC’s workshops, featuring Patrick as well as Ian McKellen, Helen Mirren, Anthony Hopkins: all filled with vim and vigour and happiness, all extremely fastidious and having in-depth arguments about iambic pentameter. But Patrick can project a traditional stiff upper lip Brit while underneath being a very receptive and self-effacing and accessible guy, with a kind of American openness. It was his lifetime ambition to play Claudius and the Ghost, as he’d been at the RSC when Brewster Mason did both roles in one production. For a lot of bright actors, as they get older, the playfulness of acting becomes less important to them and they want to get more involved in causes and advocacy. He’d visit me at home in Bolton upon Dearne and we’d do Shakespeare scenes together in my little bedroom. He’s very virile – I’m sure he wouldn’t mind me saying that! © 2020 Guardian News & Media Limited or its affiliated companies. McKellen won a special Olivier — his seventh — for his one-man 80th birthday tour of the U.K., staged before the pandemic as a fundraiser for regional theaters.

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