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CourtWatchMA stands in solidarity with communities continuing to demand fewer prosecutions and less incarceration. <>>> CourtWatch MA is an accountability project, and for us, data is key. To see more information about a case, click the desired case's hyperlink. This week only three cases involved charges of. Email eAccess at We categorize any dismissal that included conditions requiring a future court appearance as a diverted case. Research shows that terms of incarceration create trauma, harm, and do not prevent crime. For a more comprehensive count of arraignments, you can view sparse information about all criminal cases, by court and date of filing, at. ​Here are just a sampling of the jurisdictions with some kind of policy in place on declining bail: At the very least, DA Rollins could have issued and implemented interim policy advising her ADAs not to seek bail on the 15 offenses she campaigned on declining. , and enhance sentencing to force plea deals and get convictions. For instructions on how to use each search tab, see. Try clearing your Internet cookies and browser cache. x��Ymo�6�n���_XCM�o5��i;�C�z��TEq�6vf+-��wG�)����d�w�����ɾ�\�EE^�\�TU^ܔW�r���}^�~ޕ��|����f�]|��R᣷e~U�Kr�ꌜ����9#Y]O'���$Tk����o>�d}�Nb�Ư7���D������5(�o:�k:AU��h��ыsN���L.e��/㘟-EWŖB�5Y According to the. They. District Attorneys decide who to charge with what crimes and whose cases to dismiss. We have no way to track actual rates of human behavior. As we saw in week 2, a number of the “serious charges” this week were other minor offenses—but ones that DA Rollins did not pledge to decline. “work with Suffolk County residents, community organizers, health care advocates, drug treatment specialists, anti-poverty activists, local small business owners, youth and youth workers, and others to, Issue policy on core substantive campaign pledges (ICE, bail, and charges to decline); and. What is defined as a crime and who is considered a criminal are not natural categories – they’re legal and social constructions. District attorneys do not make laws. All prosecution is discretionary, and therefore all prosecution is political. Over-policed and over-prosecuted communities recognize the need for community-led solutions. Based on the information we have gathered and. On the home page, click the button.. 4. If you're searching by docket number, make sure you enter the number exactly how it appears. April 2019 Someone called the police on him for trying to open car doors. Tens of thousands more people are harmed by the criminal punishment system every year, including many thousands who don’t end up in prison. ​Court Watch MA is a community project with the goal of shifting the power dynamics in our courtrooms by exposing the decisions judges and prosecutors make about neighbors every day.​, November 2019 Traditional prosecutions make us less safe because open cases, incarceration, and criminal records are barriers between people and what they need to live well. We again note that the total number of hearings observed is. Driving cases did not comprise a majority of dismissals this week or as substantial a plurality of overall cases, as they have every other week we have observed. . Each retrieved record represents a party in a case, therefore case numbers may appear multiple times in the search results. Go to download a pdf of our top 10 hopes & concerns, under the umbrella of cases that DA Rollins pledged to decline to prosecute, we categorize cases that are, – with court costs, community service hours, or a treatment program – and therefore require a subsequent appearance in court are. However, you can't view case documents. DA Rollins was elected over Dan Conley’s hand-picked successor with a mandate for change. Our First 100 Days project aims to hold DA Rollins accountable precisely because we are excited at the prospect of transformation for our courts and our communities. The public access PCs run the eAccess application and allow searches by name, case type, and case number. Judge Sally Kelly denied that ADA request on the grounds that if the DA wants to decline to prosecute they must file a. Use the navigation bar at the bottom of the page to navigate through pages of results. We couldn’t agree more. in incarceration. And we thank our volunteers for their consistent timeliness and dedication to this collective endeavor. June 2019 Would you like to provide additional feedback to help improve He has 11 open cases and keeps returning to the same location - a Catholic school, Pope John Paul Academy - and throwing rocks. For the same period (February 6th to February 12th), a search on MassCourts reveals 111 cases out of BMC Central, 72 cases out of Roxbury, and 97 cases out of Dorchester, for a total of 280 cases filed this week. These prosecutors blame Black communities for “moral failings” instead of recognizing the role of intentional state policy, and especially. Public safety policy should enable people to access safe and supportive housing, treatment, healthcare, employment, and education. . Prosecutors have the capacity to be a check on the racial bias of policing by not prosecuting every case in which someone is summonsed or arrested. At the outset, we want to acknowledge that our team is behind in releasing digests. Please note that the ticket/citation # tab can only be used for Boston Municipal Court and District Court cases. While Massachusetts has a low rate of incarceration, , we still incarcerate more people here than most countries around the world and we have among the. Templates exist on which DA Rollins could have already built. We also note that prosecutors continue to rely on punitive conditions that penalize people for being poor, despite DA Rollins’ emphasis during her campaign and recent interviews that she opposes the use of fines and fees to punish people. In other places, predominantly poor Black and Brown neighborhoods, people see cop cars and police cameras from their front doorstep. O’Keefe disingenuously asserts that prosecutors quietly do their work without fanfare; voices like his obviously are being heard, in his case in. If you'd like to find other cases, use the menu items at the top of the page. You see the Search Page. The ADA moved to dismiss with court costs or community service. Train ADAs on substantive policy changes and hold them accountable if they deviate from office policy. New York City: District Attorney Cyrus Vance (. We’re waiting. Even when people are able to post bail, that money would otherwise have paid bills or expenses, setting people back financially for years at a time. Do not include sensitive information, such as Social Security or bank account numbers. Of the 22 cases that were dismissed this week, In one driving case this week, a man was charged with unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle. For the same period (February 13th to February 19th), a search on MassCourts reveals 116 cases out of BMC Central, 55 cases out of Roxbury, 67 cases out of Dorchester, and 23 cases out of East Boston, for a total of 261 cases filed this week in these courts. The role of the criminal punishment system in our country is to maintain the social and racial order. , not from differences in individual behavior or community values. Figure 1. eAccess Home Page . Not once did anyone ask why. At the outset, we want to acknowledge that our team is behind in releasing digests. Racial disparities in the criminal legal system are an inevitable result of degenerate communities and different offending patterns, in the criminal punishment system result from. Having problem connecting to even though the website appears to be online and not down? You see the eAccess (Massachusetts Trial Court Electronic Case Access) Home Page. DA Rollins has been in office for more than a month. His bald, biased assertions are patently false. But we can't keep letting him out and having him go back and harassing and vandalizing the school.” The judge denied the ADA’s request to revoke bail on prior cases. Find out how to access public electronic case docket information. It was clear the ADA wasn’t considering his needs. In other words, over half of the DTP cases prosecuted between 2013 and 2014 resulted in dismissals or acquittals. Now conservative DAs are once again using their massive public platform to rail against progressive policies with fear tactics and racist stereotypes. Of the 73 decline to prosecute cases observed this week in which courtwatchers noted demographic information, the racial breakdown of the people arraigned was as follows: As we saw in weeks 2 and 4, a number of the cases this week that involved charges besides or in addition to the DTP charges were other minor offenses—just ones that DA Rollins did not pledge to decline. Because of limited capacity of the CourtWatch MA team, we again did not verify every case against the limited available charge information on, verified the charge in any case where the courtwatcher left the charge blank, did not hear the charge, or noted that reading the charge was waived in court. To date, her office has made no public statements about even the existence of any such plan. Select the court, use the “case type” tab, select the relevant date(s), and select both “criminal” and “criminal cross site” as the case type. NAN% Can't login. Most criminal cases can only be searched by docket number. So why is she following in his footsteps? More than four weeks into her term, Assistant District Attorneys routinely ask for bail across all charges--. In the Court Department box, select your court department. It is of course possible courtwatchers misheard the charge(s) in any given case; we reiterate that our data collection is not a substitute for open government. Looking for Trial Court case docket information? Receiving copy form. Courtwatchers noted demographics in only 51 of the 74 decline to prosecute cases.

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