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louisiana slang quiz

“Who dat!” can also be used as an exclamation. ", 6 Minute Quiz If you're "saving" the dishes in Louisiana, what are you doing? If someone is "not the sharpest tool in the shed," it means they are not very smart. Our award-winning website offers reliable, easy-to-understand explanations about how the world works. Scoring. Or maybe even a nursery rhyme test? For example, "Is it hot outside? ", If someone is sweating a lot, they will often be met with the phrase "sweatin' like a sinner in church." Based on the results of this quiz, you are a true Louisiana slang savant! For example, "That horror movie made her as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rockin’ chairs. About This Quiz A wide variety of Southern slang words and phrases are commonly used in Southern states like Louisiana, Georgia, and Mississippi. With an ear for language, you can decipher just about any piece of slang. Fret not, with a little time, you'll get the hang of it! With that said, you proved that you're truly slang savvy! This may also be used in situations that are fearful in nature. 6 Min, 5 Minute Quiz Well done! There's no doubt about it, you know the slang of this charming Southern state way better than most. This is not Dennis Quaid’s accent in The Big Easy (1986), but sounds like a mix of a Jersey City and Gulf South vernacular. The phrase sort of sounds like “homonym.”. A quiz to see how well you know Baton Rouge, Louisiana words, phrases, and slang. Which state uses this slang: All Quizzes. Unfortunately, you don't know the slang of Louisiana whatsoever. For example, "This wedding has her wound tighter than a clock. Well done! Whatever your lagniappe is, a true Louisianian will always serve it up with a smile and a friendly “Ya’ll come back now.”, Search for a topic, destination or article, We use cookies to understand how you use our site and to improve your experience. If you're going to "put up" something in Louisiana, what are you doing? It's another way of saying you don't want a person to "get their hopes up.". Do you know Louisiana lingo well enough to keep up in conversation with this state? Here’s why you should do it. Create / Edit Quiz. Based on the results of this quiz, you are 100% Louisiana slang savvy! Language and lyrics quiz about slang words from the South. How Much Do You Know About Everyday LIfe In the 1960s? Playing quizzes is free! Our goal at Women.com is to make people feel good about who they are - and take a relaxing break from the world outside to do something that they enjoy. Usually it’s a small token of thanks from a merchant, but can also refer to anything extra or bonus. Where ya’t?”, If you get a job that pays “beacoup bucks” then congratulations, dinner’s on you! "How’s yer mama ‘n them?" "Mind your P's and Q's" is another way of saying "mind your manners." So take a breath, stop whatever you’re doing, and get ready to have a little fun. Can you pick the correct definition for these 1970s slang terms? "Do you think you know your Southern slang enough to guess what these 35 Southern words and phrases mean? Sorry. How Long Could You Hack It In The State Of Alaska. One of them is used sarcastically to say that something is not alright. Beaucoup!”. What phrase do folks in Louisiana use when they want someone to come over? This three-minute escape is exactly what you need! Random Quiz. If a child is throwing a tantrum, the parent might say something like "I'm going to jerk a knot in your tail if you don't settle down." Who dat? The quiz is paused. This is often used as an insult. It's also used to "round up" family and friends to the dining room or kitchen. Because you're sweatin' like a sinner in church. "Well, I'll be" is usually a prelude to a sentence that expresses surprise. You have remaining. Come gimme some sugar. Don’t you worry, we’ve got the best mind teasers, trivia, and general knowledge questions to test how smart you really are when it comes to all things knowledge, education, and more! Louisiana is known for its colorful slang and lingo. Please select a sample from the list below. Looking for a math test? If someone "makes a pass" what are they doing? A clodhopper is used to express that the footwear a person is wearing is very noisy. For example, "She is really goin' to town on that gumbo. Ready to challenge yourself? Based on the results of this quiz, you are a true Louisiana slang savant! If someone in Louisiana asks "Are you going to get down" what are they asking? ", "How’s yer mama ‘n them?" If you ever get stuck on a question, we've provided a helpful hint to guide you in the right direction. 5 Min, 7 Minute Quiz If I say "don’t get your feathers ruffled," it means I don't want you to get too mad or too excited. and confirming that you are 13 years old or over. To be surprised in a situation calls for the phrase, "Heavens to Betsy." ", When someone is very eager about doing something, they are "goin' to town." There are two meanings to the phrase "fine and dandy," depending on the context. Do you think you can decipher Louisiana slang pretty well? freegreatpicture.com. Do you think you can decipher the slang of Louisiana like a real local? The quizzes can be done online (with answers), or printed out on A4 paper for use in class. Vervolgens word je naar de categorieën gebracht die bij dat niveau horen. What does it mean to "put up" in Louisiana? Which word is used interchangeably with, babe, honey, and sweetheart in Louisiana? It's often used when someone is being impolite, or lacking common manners. Guess the state from its slang. We're not sure how you know the slang of this state so well (unless you live there of course), but you have a total mastery over the unique slang of this southern state. When a child says "I gotta use it" in Louisiana, what are they referring to? is an example of this. If someone is "proud as a peacock," it often means they are very proud of themselves, or with an accomplishment. To be as "sick as a dog" is to be really sick. If I want you to "hold your horses," it means that I want you to wait or slow down. This person probably forgot what dish his mother is making, so "dohickey" would replace the name of the dinner dish. If you are "gettin' on my last nerve," you are annoying me greatly. You’re being promoted.”. Test your knowledge on this language quiz and compare your score to others. If you're going to "save" the dishes in Louisiana, what are you going to do with them? Can You Answer 12 “I Love Lucy” Questions. Take these 12 questions and put your knowledge of Louisiana slang to the test! For example, "I haven't seen you in ages! Another Southern phrase is "sick as a dog," which is used to express that someone looks very sick. Weet je zeker dat je dit commentaar wilt verwijderen? Quiz by Hejman. play quizzes ad-free. Before you slap my face, this phrase is not sexual. This is also used to express that you've "had it" with someone, and that you possibly don't want to speak with them anymore. For example, "Cindy, will you just hush up already!". It's usually used to express frustration or annoyance in a situation. - 10 vragen - door: Lucas Fischer - Ontwikkeld: - 10 vragen - door: Sebastien - Ontwikkeld: - 10 vragen - door: Matthew - Ontwikkeld.

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