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logitech options no devices detected mac bluetooth

If, as on my system, you are not able to assign a keystroke, but instead get an alert that you have to install permission under Input Monitoring, you know that Logi Options has not properly installed. Join the conversation. Thank you. Starting with macOS Catalina (10.15), Apple has a new policy that requires user permission for our Options software for the following features: Accessibility AccessAccessibility access is needed for most of our basic features like scrolling, gesture button functionality, volume, zoom, and so on. In the right panel, check the boxes for Logitech Options and Logitech Options Daemon. Please note that this prompt appears only once to request access for a specific item. The first time you use any feature that requires accessibility permission, you'll be presented with the following prompt:To provide access: If you already clicked ‘Deny’, do the following to allow access manually: Input Monitoring AccessInput monitoring access is needed when devices are connected using Bluetooth for all features enabled by the software such as scrolling, gesture button and back/forward to work. You stated that you downloaded version 10.13 for MacOS Mojave on top of everything. Sadly I got the same results. you can also try to connect the mouse via Unifying receiver and see if it will be detected. webproduct=94919da3-fbd8-11ea-8fca-d79d15495b4d, Navigate to the Bluetooth preference pane in, In the bottom-right corner of the Bluetooth Preference window, click, Open Bluetooth Setup Assistant at startup if no keyboard is detected, Open Bluetooth Setup Assistant at startup if no mouse or trackpad is detected, Allow Bluetooth devices to wake this computer. When you open System Preferences on your Mac, is there a new and separate Preference Pane in the bottom row name Logitech Options? There is for Logitech Control Center for some reason... 2. webcontentid=bf9d19b1-3859-11ea-8ed3-a178715b4c0e Your Bluetooth devices should be listed with a Pair button next to each unpaired device. webcontentid=d857d1cd-3859-11ea-a04e-3f8cac845c6b I find on Mac you get prompted for some, but not all permissions that need to be enabled, so for me it was a missed tickbox for allowing "input monitoring". If the Assistant doesn’t appear, go to Step 3. Please help! The current version of Logitech Options is 8.02.86. webproduct=1802bbe1-ce3d-11e9-b4d2-bd0eaafeed59 If not, what version of Options did you install? Navigate to the Bluetooth preference pane in System Preferences: Check to see if the Logitech Bluetooth device is working. When you open the program Logi Options, then click on the circle for the Middle Button, and finally click on the circle next to "Keystroke assignment", can you assign a keystroke (for example I want to assign Return to this button) to the button (actually the left and right pressed together)? I have uninstalled and reinstalled many times. Tried deleting and reconnecting the mouse several times, installed the latest version of Logi Options but no luck so far. Want to ask other users with the same product a question? Otherwise, please do not hesitate to reach back to us if you have further inquiry. Now that it is working for you, I would like to be sure we are both meaning the same thing about "working". webcontentid=942f8bed-3859-11ea-8ed3-019239e0ab0b Then from your devices, go to the Bluetooth settings and select the mouse to pair. If not, go to the next steps. webproduct=163a65ed-7db1-11e9-aa7f-7170ee9e795a I also tried reinstalling the Logi Options program several times…. You will now need to repair all your Bluetooth devices following standard Bluetooth pairing procedures. All of it. One of the emails from support suggested this. It so bad. Do you mean you reverted back to Mac OS 10.13? webproduct=3049cae1-ce3d-11e9-822f-49f6ab35b0db This has blocked me from being able to customise the mouse buttons. Let me know if this helps. I uninstalled and installed back, disconnect, paired back, did everything but no … the same thing with Mac OS Sierra.It can not connect with my Macbook connect by USB is ok, but when it connect by bluetooth is not ok. webcontent=needs_translating webcontentid=901dd3c8-3859-11ea-a42d-7d4bf8e1a18b Thanks. Here were the troubleshooting instructions that helped me. When Logi Options finally detected my mouse and showed me the UI and customization options I so badly wanted I immediately celebrated and posted. The grey box is the same as my system. webproduct=d7bceebe-7db0-11e9-b911-cf0c2eceafa3 webproduct=07a4e061-7db1-11e9-aa7f-97a931f71cfe webcontentid=0b0d14ef-385a-11ea-a42d-bf47a00385ec In the left panel, click Accessibility and then follow steps 2-3 above. These troubleshooting steps goe from easy to more advanced. The following prompts will be displayed when access is needed: If you already clicked ‘Deny’, please do the following to allow access manually: Screen Recording AccessScreen recording access is needed to capture screenshots using any supported device. I was able to get it working with the unifying receiver.. webproduct=8fda56ed-3691-11ea-99cf-45fce0fb7d4f I scrubbed everything, deleted all the permissions and apps and even the Daemon, rebooted, reinstalled it all (the 10.15 version) and it still didn't work. Then I went to the logitech website, while everything was still open and I was still getting the "no devices detected" script, and downloaded version 10.13 for MacOS Mojave on top of everything. The mouse is paired via bluetooth (see pic) but options does not display any devices. Numerous requests for help via this forum and by direct email have resulted in no answers. On the other hand, a new version of Logitech Options Software was released a week ago which we can recommend you to try. Close any open applications, then restart your Mac. webcontentid=f9d45bb6-3859-11ea-a469-b18dc6e93282 You'll be presented with the prompt below when you first use the screen capture feature. (You'll need to check the box, The Bluetooth menu will appear, and you will see additional hidden items in the drop-down menu. I'm using MX Master 3 and I having the same issue as well. webproduct=e31dd0cd-bd1b-11ea-8c33-2b1b04d91843 I see that you have already logged a ticket for this issue. webproduct=d923f8d6-7db0-11e9-b911-49f4ff2dc09c When I click the middle button in the UI and select the keystroke options - all I get is a greyed out box and an error ping every keystroke I try. webproduct=c9e980b2-7db0-11e9-b911-95ddb9b90ae6 websoftware=ec86eb2b-8e0b-11e9-a62b-a944e73f7596

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