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logitech flow troubleshooting

— Logitech Flow is disabled. To resolve this, I'm trying out having my taskbar at the top of my screen on the computer that's on top. You can automatically switch between computers just by moving your cursor to the edge of the screen. It must be a software issue that needs to be resolved on logi's end. The Logitech Flow is as easy to setup as it is to use. Still experiencing this issue on a Mac and Windows laptops. Computer 1 uses unifying rx and Computer 2 uses BT. I have a keyboard paired to both computers but I don’t see my keyboard as an option on the drop-down list, what should I do? Sent a detailed description of the issue to Logitech Support thinking they would get in touch with me to help me out. Maybe you were at someone else’s house and couldn’t figure out how to use their home entertainment setup. You can click and drag the squares you see to change how they interact with one another and are positioned. webproduct=1802bbe1-ce3d-11e9-b4d2-bd0eaafeed59 He spends free time in his garden, in the mountains with his dog, and skis…a lot. 9 comments. Two times, the computers did find each other and Logitech Flow became enabled - it worked fine, for about 1 minute, after which I was told in both scenarios that the computers couldn't be found anymore. * + /USER/Library/Logs/xlog_logitech (Mac), but I do not see any verbose activity logs or settings that could help troubleshoot this issue. Update the firmware for your device if available. I am having the same problem. I also have the same problem. I just spent an hour doing everything possible. MX master 3 - glad i see it is not just me that is having problems. Logitech Flow relies on your network for its initial configuration and regular use. If you’re not quite convinced, there’s a lot of reasons to use multiple screens. If you have further inquiry, please do not hesitate to reach back to us or contact our support team for direct assistance. webproduct=bd38b751-f269-11ea-8885-7fbed88ac33a, Wireless devices: Unifying and non-Unifying devices, updating the motherboard USB chipset driver, Unpair a mouse or keyboard from the Unifying receiver, Device doesn’t wake up computer after sleep, Plugging the receiver into a USB hub or other unsupported device such as a KVM switch, Using your wireless keyboard on metal surfaces, Radio frequency (RF) interference from other sources, such as wireless speakers, cell phones, and so on, Potential hardware issue (device, batteries or receiver), Plug the device into a different USB port on your computer. You can add an additional computer by clicking on the add computers button. If you don’t have an application that can open that file it might not be recognized by your operating system. In any case, I'd prefer to just enter the hostname or ip for the "other" computer so there wasn't any guessing going on. With a compatible Logitech keyboard, you can have the best Logitech Flow experience. Same here. Logitech has created a system that allows you to use the same mouse and keyboard across multiple computers. In this case, you might need to download a new application or see if there is a way that the file can be compatible with the new computer. Your keyboard will be available in the drop-down list if it's paired to your Logitech Flow computers. i have the same issue with a Master2s mouse. webproduct=8fda56ed-3691-11ea-99cf-45fce0fb7d4f Create one central work station for multiple computers with a Flow-enabled mouse and keyboard. Keep other electrical wireless devices away from the USB receiver to avoid interference. With copy and paste enabled, you can copy text, images, and files from one computer and paste it on another. websortorder=2018-10-08T08:00:00.000Z I am having issues with allowing Logitech Flow on my work PC, as I believe the firewall on my work PC is causing it issues. I have Flow running on my two Asus computers, on the same network. Other than that everything is working. The default software has an option called Logitech Flow which allows you to use the mouse for two computers at the same time. The latest update resolved this problem. webcontentid=33621803-385a-11ea-a04e-ef27e3ed7ac3 webcontentid=dcee7008-3859-11ea-a04e-4d39f5e67c3a He has always held an affinity for the world wide web and its workings, development, history and future. 6. I am having the same problem. Unfortunately, both could be lost, stolen or lost in a natural disaster. First, you must own the device. Flow makes transferring text, images, and files between your computers effortless – just copy on one and paste to the other. webcontentid=a98100e6-3859-11ea-b6d4-1f2310a506c7 Both are running Windows 10 version 1909, with all updates. MX Master 3 mouse and MX Keys keyboard, with two Windows 10 laptops. Not sure what an IP address is? Verify the product or receiver is connected directly to the computer and not to a hub, extender, switch or something similar. The Logitech Flow icon in the system tray reports three options: Turn Flow Off, Open Preferences and Computer2 is unreachable. Try testing the device on a different computer. et.c the options software just doesn't find my 2 computers however when i go to my craft keyboard settings in the options software it shows both the computers that my keyboard is paired with. It is more important to me that it is reliable than it being easy. If this happens, make sure your mouse is seen on Logitech Options on all the computers you want to use. The application should automatically detect devices that are compatible, making pairing easy. After you’ve experienced the added benefits of more screen real estate with seamless flow, you’ll be hard-pressed to remember why you ever used only one screen. Both running the latest software version.Is it a Catch 22 case? With Flow, the days of switching between computers for tasks and struggling to share files between different operating systems are over—finally! To accomplish this, open Google Photos and click on the menu icon that’s comprised of three horizontal bars. If you’d like, you can even enable photo syncing. Is there a way I can get a keyboard to work with Flow without buying a new one from Logitech? Logitech Flow supports two or three computers, depending on how many Easy-Switch devices your mouse supports. This discovery technique uses TCP port 443 to communicate with the server and UDP port 59868 to listen for pings from peers., Common Issues and Solutions with Logitech Flow, Setup & Configure Logitech Flow to Control Multiple Devices with ONE Keyboard & Mouse. webproduct=e1c2fc0e-bd1b-11ea-be6c-515aac62e536 With the latest update it finally works :), I have the same issue. Functionality may vary per device, please see supported device list and specific device features for detailed availability. On your computer, click “Add devices” within the Logitech app followed by “Add Unifying Device” or “Add Bluetooth Device.”. For computers behind routers or firewalls, Logitech Flow uses a Logitech cloud service to assist with peer discovery and requires an internet connection. If your receiver is in the back of your computer, it may help to relocate the receiver to a front port. Next, download and install the app “Logitech Options” to your computer. It also allows you to quickly disable and re-enable Logitech Flow. Hi there. If your system is setup correctly, you will be able to use one mouse and keyboard to control your computer across multiple screens. Then test for functionality. webcontentid=0a12af5d-385a-11ea-a42d-61111a21b877 If you still continue to have issues, try restarting both computers and enabling the Keyboard link on Logitech Options. I sometimes have to click the pairing button a couple more times to getting working... Well, I was just going to drop in excess of $250 on a new mouse/keyboard from Logitech for this feature but this is not encouraging. You can click this link to download Logitech Options. I do not...not that I know of. I have a brand new MX Master 2S and a K850 keyboard. The original post on this thread is a year old. Maybe in a future update they'll work that into the software. Once your system is set up properly, you can copy files from one computer to another simply by using Flow technology. Flow will power up when your computer is awake and a network connection is reestablished. Step 3: Make sure that Logitech Options communication channel is not blocked by any firewall or antivirus application. We're sorry to hear that you are encountering a problem with Logitech Flow, let me help you. Your mouse flows with you, even between Windows® and macOS operating systems. I tried disabling the Windows security firewall, but this didn't help. Doesn't even seem like Logitech is reading this. You will need another screen, like a monitor, where you can display your computer. webproduct=08aadefd-7db1-11e9-bada-fd97e28f81a2 webproduct=ca07de6d-7db0-11e9-aa7f-bf43a2dcd9e1 All types of network functions that I use work without problems, except Logitech Flow. Sometimes, Flow will work, but it feels like it’s malfunctioning. Laptop is to the right of the desktop monitors but Flow thinks it's to the left. USB receiver: Plug the receiver to a USB port, open Logitech Options, and select: Add devices > Setup Unifying device, and follow the instructions.

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