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literary context of ephesians

The pseudepigraphical letter to the Laodiceans, for example, is an unimaginative patchwork from four of Paul’s letters. But there is a further problem with the forgery view. with religious, cultish intensity. to the church and to personal and domestic life (4:1-6:24). To comment, please enable JavaScript so you can sign in. There is other evidence for this kind of activity as well. In 3:8 the author says that his is “less than the least of the saints.” Not only is this in the context of the “holy apostles” (which necessarily rules out pretension in 3:4), but it makes an advance over the apostle’s similar statement in 1 Cor 15:9 (“I am the least of the apostles”). The traditional view that this letter was written while Paul was in a Roman prison has been assailed from two corners: some claim Ephesus is a better starting point, others suggest Caesarea. 3) Upon close analysis, what is most remarkable is that there is only one verse which is identical in both Ephesians and Colossians: Eph 6:22/Col 4:8.16 Yet this verse is quite mundane with respect to the great theological truths found in these two letters, for it simply details the reasons why Paul is sending Tychicus! Both because of Paul’s known imprisonment in Rome, and because of the tradition of a Roman imprisonment for these letters,22 the burden of proof must rest with a non-Roman origin. There are thousands of ancient letters that have been found and the majority follow these rules. Paul wrote to expand the horizons of his readers, so that they might understand better the dimensions of God’s eternal purpose and grace and come to appreciate the high goals God has for the church. It should be noted that both of these arguments only help an Ephesian imprisonment, not a Caesarean (because Caesarea is far from Asia Minor and because Asia Minor would conceivably be en route to Rome and Spain from Caesarea). Col 4:7-8). This letter was sent while Paul was in prison in Rome (59-61 CE). In Paul’s day letters were written in a very particular way and Paul follows exactly that format in how he wrote his letters. Much more serious than mere lexical stock is the issue of style. wonders of the world.”. Use footnotes, not parenthetical references or endnotes! (3) The mention of Tychicus as the bearer of this letter is meaningless if this is intended as a preface to Paul’s letters: “There is no adequate occasion for adding so personal and direct a reference to Tychicus when the other parts of the epistle are allegedly so impersonal.”25 (3) “The major difficulty is the literary problem. or presence within Greco-Roman society. point that those holding an orthodox Christian view and allowing that view to Central Theme and Purpose – Paul does She must submit to her husband (5:22-24). Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. If apostolic authorship is affirmed, this view is denied. The literary similarities between the two books are remarkable. Is There More to Church Than Livestreaming? The city of Ephesus was a large commercial port city … At this juncture, Paul decided several things: (1) write to the Colossians with appropriate warnings, though taking the material mostly from a letter which already addressed some of the very same issues in a larger perspective; (2) write to Philemon, urging him to take Onesimus back, as a freeman—and even to prepare a room for the apostle himself; (3) finish the letter to all the churches in Asia Minor and have it sent with the other two letters. The Content of the Mystery Revealed to Paul (3:1-7), 2. . c) Dependence on Colossians. Though Ephesians uses a letter style with an introduction, greeting, and closing benediction, the only person mentioned in it is Tychicus, already mentioned in the same context in Colossians. Apostolic authorship must still be given the palm, especially since the external evidence is so clear and early. Not only could these Gentiles not claim superiority to Jews (and vice versa), Paul himself could not claim superiority to any Christian (3:8). Audience – Paul wrote to the network of house churches in Western Asia Minor, in and near Ephesus. unity in Christ as the Body of Christ, called to discipleship, increasing Error type: Your comment has been saved. There was a decidedly feminist As we have seen, the arguments against the Roman theory are not convincing. from chapters 1-3, and behavioral guidance from chapters 4-6.

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