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kendrick johnson bell brothers

At the time of Johnson’s death, students spoke with police, though the Bell brothers did not. And I ain't white I'm Mexican and what. All these poor black people looking for a reason to get some money. But by attending Lowndes high with fellow CVC FAM I can definitely tell you they are NOT a GANG...it stands for Clyattville Click, and most the people in are from clyattville, ga and grow up together, they are brothers and look out for one another. Don’t Miss Our Hottest Stories! The bell brothers seem to be the most likely suspects here. We will call my source Phillip. He lived with his grandmother so that he could attend Lowndes High. EVERYTHING is just downright fishy. Why does everyone on here have to be so ghetto and racist? lets not talk because in some cases it is not a great idea, the media's perception could turn on you. There should be consequences for the civil rights attorneys and the family as well for continuing to perpetrate a hoax after authorities have made a decision. Fred Rosen, is selling. There are new developments in the case of Kendrick Johnson, a 17-year-old Black student found dead in a school gym in Lowndes County, Ga. in 2013. He Had His #CvC Fam Too! The fact that Chevene King & Crump are attached to this case really says it all. The comments below have been moderated in advance. Not only Kenyetta Johnson, but most of the Johnson family are targeting a boy they are accusing of "murdering", This is the one and only time I am going to post this and I am posting it because Jackie Johnson, the mother of Kendrick Johnson, would never admit her post-autopsy picture had been photo-shopped. You should be ashamed. Medical examiners said he died by positional asphyxia, but an independent autopsy commissioned by his parents found “unexplained, apparent non-accidental blunt force trauma” to Johnson’s body. Didn't miss it in YOUR comment either. What good would it do to take much needed money from a school that could not have done anything to prevent it.It was just another retard removed from the gene pool and will not breed more stupid people, we have enough as it is. The attorneys and Fred Rosen are accusing two "white" boys, Branden and Brian Bell, of being accessories in the death of Kendrick Johnson...in fact, they've pretty much accused the older Bell of murdering KJ. Brian and Branden Bell were cleared by local and state investigators after it was concluded that Johnson had died accidentally. I'm not black. Someone is LYING. No findings of that investigation have been released. Proverbs 15:3...HE sees everything! So go ahead and write ur fairytale LIES!! Whoever wrote this article is ridiculous....I'll keeep it short....don't you think the eldest bell boy and kj having a bad history plus the fact the day before kj's dissapearence he was excused early from class and was seen walking in and out of the gym in different clothes, not to mention the fact that his father is an FBI agent make things a little too coincidental !!? The Bells countersued Johnson’s parents in March. What a bs article. It was a tragic lost of life. Branden and Brian Bell, the brothers accused of involvement in the January 2013 death of Georgia teenager Kendrick Johnson, are speaking out for the first time since the 17-year-old’s body was found rolled up in a gym mat. I suggest that you file an open records request and read for yourself. To grab a shoe, instead of just tipping the mat over and grabbing the shoe that way? A few days ago I wrote a blog about the sister of Kendrick Johnson and rumors of bullying she was involved in. It could have been a prank gone wrong or something more sinister. What if this BULLS*** investigation was how YOUR son's death/autopsy/investigation was handled? Of course you have a right to pursue justice if you feel law enforcement was in error, but if you are wrong when you point the finger at individuals - you need to pay for the attorneys fees that the individuals have to endure. We are not responsible for any opinions expressed in comments that we publish. The Kendrick Johnson Case - Nothing "Mysterious" About It. And they can ridicule me and they can say whatever they want, but in the end the truth will prevail. U.S. Attorney Michael Moore of the Middle District of Georgia announced a federal investigation into Johnson's death in October 2013. King’s Birthday, Check Out His White House Duet With President Barack Obama, Here Are The 9 People You’ll See At The Fourth Of July Barbecue, 8 Stories That Will Make You Feel Nostalgic About Black Barbershops. Interesting? It is all very suspicious because there is footage VOLUNTARILY removed from the school cameras, and the footage was in fact doctored, which was proven by professional in the field. Part of the Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday & Metro Media Group, Trump tweets 'STOP THE COUNT!' Finally someone is trying to cripple a race-hoax before it goes too far. Get your facts straight. 'It's all rumor, innuendo and suspicion — not evidence that any of these clients had anything to do with the tragic death of Kendrick Johnson.'. Crump in particular is ALL about money, money, getting publicity for himself and MONEY. I just thought I would let you know that you misspelled almost everything in your response, you might want to attend more classes on English and literature. All it takes to make something/anything disappear is to know somebody. He'll think twice, but the bell brothers will do this again, twice a charm they say, civil law suit is in order here, Obviously you are no better than the boys. What a sad, pathetic piece of crap this is! Branden and Brian Bell, the brothers accused of involvement in the January 2013 death of Georgia teenager Kendrick Johnson, are speaking out for the first time since the 17-year-old’s body wa… The public was horrified by the photo and began to … And the truth always comes out,'” Branden said. During an interview with WSB-TV 2, the boys say they were friends with Johnson and had nothing to do with his death. If not you do not have a say about anything that has to do with Kendrick Johnson, his family or friends. He died from a asphyxiation he drowned in his own blood. The city does not wish this family would have a seat there are more than those who don't who support this family 100%, I myself being one of those supporters. Funny how the actual cause of death here is in fact " A single blow" or " serious pressure" to the throat. 20 Tweets Dragging Roseanne Barr To A White Privilege Hell, a federal investigation initiated in October 2013 by U.S. Attorney Michael Moore is ongoing, In Honor Of B.B. A varsity wrestler. Is this a black page or voice your opinion page. Devastated: Johnson's parents, Kenneth and Jacquelyn, believe he was killed and are taking action to prove it. In April, the Rev. these two over-privileged brats killed this kid and got daddy to do all the dirty work and cover it up.. it does not take a genius to see the truth. Do/did you attend Lowndes high school? Published: 00:58 EST, 18 August 2015 | Updated: 11:09 EST, 18 August 2015. Where did you get your information from? Also his feet are crossed and his other pair of shoes is placed neatly above his body. I didn't miss the undercover racism in this article. A blow to the throat. If this was MY child, I'd be raising just as much hell as the Johnson family is and has been as well. You just can't possibly safe guard the whole world against stupid people. I will make these documents available online in the near future when time permits. YOU wrote this article in complete defense of the bell brothers, but guess what. Similar warrants were served on the brothers, who have both graduated and no longer live with their parents, and the girlfriend of Brian Bell. That boy is innocent but hey you going to get yours. : Trayvon Martin Foundation Gala and Grievance, Re-NewsIt! Sorry to say Johnson family, but money won't bring him back, and it won't make the hurt or grief go away. First of all I will start by saying that I KNOW justice will be served rather in court or on judgment by the almighty. Most have played football for Lowndes high and are now doing well in college football...sooo yeah! With all the evidence out now I hope this author feels ashamed. At it again i see using lies and innuendo to justify a murder.you people are scum bags. Black folks always pull the racist card. Just a matter of time! I hope someone gets a hold of these bell boys.. Epidemic of black mob violence: White Girl Bleed a Lot. : Einstein Opines on Jim Crow and, Re-NewsIt! way to s#!t on responsible journalism. Mr. Bell coached Kendrick and was said to have been hurt by the accusations by the Johnson family -- he and his family cared about KJ. It is a fact that Kendrick was not living with Jackie when he went missing. Peace. Moore declined to comment on the warrants or other aspects of the case when reached by phone Thursday. I found out lies were being told. The photo, in which Kendrick Johnson’s face is extremely swollen, almost does not look human. it's unfortunate that someone is so money hungry that they will terrorize another family for their on shortcomings. Ladson said he's concerned that devices seized from the family include communications that are protected by attorney-client privilege in relation to the civil lawsuits surrounding Johnson's death. My family never received justice and a gag order was put on the whole case so this wouldn't be the first cover up in Valdosta by far. Kendrick Johnson’s parents released a photo to the media of their son’s face as he lay in the funeral home. I have a great. But Johnson's parents believes that the brothers beat their son to death. Why were other articles of clothing and/or possible evidence that may very well have had blood on them not bagged & tagged? The sheriff's office has lie about so many things and the fact that the did not even follow the law themselves; makes their investigation not very credible to me. Jacquelyn and Kenneth Johnson have repeatedly accused officials of partaking in a mass coverup that involves the FBI, local police, and the school district. He said the shot of him in a white sweater, which lead many to speculate that it appeared to have blood on it, was actually just a logo that said 'RLX'. Everyone in this city KNOWS KJ was a quiet kid and didn't start any trouble!!

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