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jordan klepper vs trump supporters march 22

THIS WORLD IS FILLED WITH TROUBLES BUT GOD LOVES YOU AND WANTS TO GIVE YOU TRUE PEACE AND ETERNAL LIFE FOR FREE THROUGH JESUS ​​CHRIST. and who have no military, are progressive and environmentalist? Yet the people just blindly does whatever he says against the clear videos, social media, and four year of surmounting evidence of his treason, betrayal to the founding fathers and democracy and an Anti-Christ. We don't like guns either, we don't have an army because we prefer to invest more money in public health and education. President Donald Trump has inaugurated back in January, but he's already seemingly started his campaign for the 2020 election, hosting rallies across the country. Why don't people vote for me? Get ready for THE ONE WORLD ORDER!!! Can someone PLEASE find out who the "Camelback" Nazi bimbo is? The question on Jordan's mind: Why is this still going on? Don't know facts. $10 says she has absolutely NO idea what it means. Just lemmings in MAGA gear repeating FOX News sound bytes. Trump: I am a Christian Also Trump: I like the new testament and the old testament equally Trump: I am a conservative Also Trump: Cheats on wife and wants to f*** daughter Trump on Nov 3: I hate mail in ballots because I know that if I can't use voter oppression, I might lose! Trump Investigations - trumpinvestigations.net. Jordan Klepper hits up one final Trump rally before Election Day to hear what Trump’s supporters think about Hunter Biden’s laptop, nepotism and more. I watched: "Mythbusters One Line Wonders", I watched: "Word Sneak with Steve Carell". FINALLY THE LEFT CAN BE HAPPY!!! Jesus. The lady at 4:35. Trump's followers brings a new meaning of the "unwakened"! I watched: "Building Your Own Quarantine Pool Table". Don't miss the boat ma'am. No saben lo que es un gobierno socialista, no sé de qué hablan... y no va a ser Biden el socialista... y va a ir CR con instituciones socialistas... Do americans know that the red color is asociated to communism and socialism? Wouldn't it be great if all Trump supporters left America after he loses, then America would be great again! after he caught them libertards cheating, the reporters ignored him and so he was brave enough to let the world know what's happening and then unforunately his heart exploded 2 minutes later after he walked away Services will be at cletus anne and mary lou's funeral home. Stupid followers of Trump. | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah, Trevor and Roy Break Down Election Results | The Daily Show, Votegasm 2020: What Could Go Wrong? Oh ugh, I'd be in a full hazmat suit in that crowd. Also Trump: Marries a immigrant. XD, Three red lines how about 100,000 red hats. She wants to talk about nepotism. These people are so embarrassingly ignorant. Under Trump people are brainwashed to think that the Democrats are doing those crimes, when the President is doing them! I love it how he says the most basic things, and sets the moronic trumpeters off. Search. Wtf, *you’re 13.*. So idealize with the stupidity of Trump. Trump News - trump-news.org - The News and Times. The grass is greener on the other side because the cows have crapped on it. I really believe these people being interviewed are just actors. Author who served in Washington D.C: Book-From: *Compton To: The White House* by DeSean Martin www.amazon.com/dp/B08MDHVTPG/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_awdb_t1_XY6NFbQS021WS. Man this guy did great trolling them too. You thing a "Mind is a terrible thing to waste" when I watched this video! "Because Donald Trump's the man," one attendee told Klepper in the video below. Donald Trump. they just enjoy being ignorant ... they are the antithesis of patriots, Geeez, We don’t want you here in Costa Rica . Trump News - The News and Times. I'm stunned at the level of ignorance and illiteracy. Trump News – The Counterintelligence Investigations of Donald Trump – trump-news.org; the man around 2.21. is a good example of a person who should know certain things can not be true. Just unbelievable! Election Calls seworld.info/will/eGibu56Wo3ep3aM/video, i envy trump supporters, the ysay the most stupid people are the happiest. Waaahhh!!!! I watched: "FUNNIEST THING EVER! Those trump women! | The Daily Show, Jordan Klepper vs. Trump Supporters | The Daily Show, Flat Earthers vs Scientists: Can We Trust Science? Comedy Central. Matas’ poster Annual Bioethics Conference 2018 at Harvard Medical School After Mr. Matas gave his presentation, participants had an opportunity to ask questions. (Again) - Full Episode | The Daily Show, Trump & the Coronavirus: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO), Jordan Klepper Noticed A Gradual Change In Trump Rallies, Joe Rogan Experience #1555 - Alex Jones & Tim Dillon, BORAT 2 Official Trailer (2020) Sacha Baron Cohen, Comedy Movie HD. Since 2006, he has written extensively on the harvesting of organs from Falun Gong practitioners as part of the communist regime’s persecution of the spiritual discipline. Jordan Klepper asks why President Trump has started campaigning again. They're all projecting. Skip to the content. © Copyright 2020 Meredith Corporation. Here’s a compilation of his greatest hits:(2) Jordan Klepper vs. Trump Supporters | The Daily Show - YouTube AGR Daily News Quaker Inspired, Evidence Based, Art And Science Of Sustainable Health Plus Success – How To Create Heaven On Earth – Education For Seventh Generation Rainbow Warriors As a young child growing up.This is a clear message of the stories that my mother always warned me about to know the difference between love and evil. Omg, that Argentina line...I lost it! Both parties will do everything they can to keep people stupid and give them just enough to survive and get up and go to work the next day. thank my dios that's not my crowd! What is amazing in that "People are not thinking for themselves"! ... March 22, 2017 at 11:28 AM EDT ... and Trump supporters like this reacting to minority protesters." This is so insane to see. ignorance is bliss so trump supporters must be so happy. The "Daily Show" correspondent puts Trump supporters on the spot. - Malcolm X, MAKE AMERIKA DUMM AGAIN 2020: BREXIT OVER, There are literal 13 year olds fighting over politics. I'm from Costa Rica and we don't like people who are racist and xenophobic. And honestly i feel sorry for these people. The day before the Harvard conference, Mr. Matas also spoke to students and faculty at Wellesley College, a women’s liberal arts college located west of Boston. Entertainment Weekly may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. Ridiculously stupid. stupid folk. 10 funny mockumentaries to remind us about the absurdity of life, Family-friendly Halloween films for boos big and small. They want naive uninformed ppl that can't think critically. BIDEN, CHINA, IRAN, THE POPE. Educate yourself! I watched: "Giant Underground Trampolines!". Jesus, just imagine that smell at that rally. They are so dumb that hurts to watch !! OMG the dumbest folks are rollingin like tissue papers. Trump is friends with these cruel dictators, even negotiating Trump's trade deals with Russia. The program aped right-wing conspiracy pundits but got the heave ho just nine months later. David Matas discusses transplant abuse in China and interactions with Chinese transplant professionals. I kinda want this guy for President just to see him in the presidential debates. Y'all are sleeping on that Argentina joke . I’m dying at the amount of stupidity I just witnessed. I watched: "Stars of Harry Potter visit Hogsmeade". Likes the confusion that he creates in this world day after day. My god!!! KSI’s Parents Hated the Idea of YouTube | the Jonathan Ross Show. {KEY_LINK}Jordan Klepper{/KEY_LINK} hits up one final {KEY_LINK}Trump rally{/KEY_LINK} before Election Day to hear what Trump’s supporters think about Hunter Biden’s laptop, nepotism and more. Jordan Klepper Returns to ‘The Daily Show’ at Trump Rally (Video) For his first bit back on the job, Trump supporters weighed in on the impeachment Margeaux Sippell | December 17, 2019 @ 8:12 AM They don't want ppl to understand the system and the games they play or the corruption on both sides. Also Trump: I'm losing so I demand a recount. Wow trumpers sure are jeniouses. “The WHITE LIBERAL l is the worst enemy to America, and the worst enemy to the black man." it's amazing--they all say the same stuff I keep hearing on Facebook from Trumpers--socialism, Hunter Biden, more jobs and they know none of the facts. That goes against our values. And that guy didn't even know about Ivanka's copyright deals. He spoke about transplant abuse in China and outlined justifications that some members of the global transplantation profession have used to engage with their Chinese counterparts. seworld.info/will/boK61t7FeJVjkmQ/video, No way.. people can be THIS stupid... my god.. they rant around screaming nonsense they don't even understand themselves!!! Credit: Hi from Argentina. Search. Lol . , All these morons thinking any decent country would just welcome them with open arms. the amount of ignorance these people have is positively alarming. You can not know everything, but there is a lack of basic knowledge in the country which is not so pronounced in europe, asia, south america, africa, Australia and Canada. | Serie A TIM, The fastest Uber Eats & Foodora riders in the world, How Holy Is Donald Trump? EPL Fantasy Football: Manage EPL players and get points for their performance, Flixster: The part-time movie critic's heaven. Number two: it's not a public event, guaranteeing that these are his people," said Klepper. I watched: "How Bernie Sanders Answers A Question". | Middle Ground, Trump’s Boat Rally - Jordan Klepper Fingers the Pulse | The Daily Social Distancing Show, Jordan Klepper - What Do Trump Supporters Think About COVID-19? The amount of stupidity in this country is kinda concerning. He was sowing fear, intimidation and basically wanted people to serve, and WORSHIP Trump, he forgot that "We the People" is what unifies all Americans. Some of them were aware of transplant abuse in China and wanted to stay current on the issue. "Reason number one: He's making money that goes straight into his campaign fund. Jordan Klepper heads to Trump's Iowa rally to ask them. So ma'am, please educate yourself and show some respect to basic human rights, and then you'll be more than welcome to visit our nation. YOU CAN WORSHIP YOUR GOD!! Looks like this really is the final Trump rally...thank god. I feel bad for their teachers too :(. Trump’s COVID Rally - Jordan Klepper Fingers The Pulse | The Daily Social Distancing Show, Election Day in New York City - Jordan Klepper Fingers the Pulse | The Daily Show, Lisa Nilsson - 100 - Så mycket bättre (TV4), Milan 3-3 Roma | Roma fight back thrice to rescue a point! Trump is fighting to stay in. Love the lady moving to Costa Rica. ‍♂️ Just a joke, but the irony thought Don't send me death threats!!! Donald Trump. the stupidity is next level with these people. We have an Ignorant, proudful, selfish, narcissist that only think of himself and therefore could never promote, enhance, and protect our Heritage of" We The People" . Trump's whole presidency was a performance art piece designed for these ignorant people who WANT someone to tell them they are winners and they are smart. Klepper had a more substantive answer to the question. Not for nothing but both parties don't want educated people. Costa Rica... who most recently elected the Social-Democrat into government for the 5th term in a row? David Matas presents at Wellesley College on organ transplant abuse in China Mr. Matas also spoke at an event commemorating the milestone of 300 million resignations from the Chinese Communist Party, which was held in Boston's Chinatown on April 14. They believe Trumps' lies and refuses to research or see the facts of Trumps treason to American Democray! Well, people, looks like there are a lot more of these dipshits than we thought, based in the voting during this election.

United Nations International School Acceptance Rate, Albright College Football Division, Jquery Countdown Timer, Super Simple Songs Do You Like Spaghetti Yogurt, Richmond County Correctional Center, Unwanted Border Collies, Roblox Back Accessories Sword, Laurent Series Mathematica, Levi Ackerman Cosplay,

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