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MS: With respect to some of the changes you’ve made, whether it was Phil or Marie or others, is there a guiding thread there? We’re Jesuit. MIKE SIELSKI: What do you see as your primary mission here? JB: When the NCAA had its governance review four or five years ago, the general public doesn’t realize how much that was really a review of whether Division I should stay together. Thirty-seven years later, 22,881 applications flooded his office, and the number of openings has increased by just 18. Was it simply about results on the court? She will oversee the Hawks' 20 NCAA Division I men's and women's varsity sports and membership in the Atlantic 10 Conference. PHOTO: MITCHELL SHIELDS '22/THE HAWK. Though he spent much of his professional career away from the area, he grew up in Montgomery County, went to St. Joseph’s Prep and is quite familiar with the crowded Catholic collegiate landscape in our region. For 17-year-olds, they want digital. Kristen Bodensteiner Overview. He compiled a 444-328 record in 24 seasons and won six A-10 regular season championships, three A-10 Tournament titles and guided the Hawks to seven NCAA Tournament appearances. Division I college athletics can really help differentiate institutions of higher education among their peers. Four decades ago, many people saw Saint Joe’s as a commuter school. At a time when parents are steering away from steeper private school tuitions, state institutions are gaining favor. St. Joe’s lacrosse programs give back with Harlem... Why is it important to exercise your democratic... A conversation with St. Joe’s women in politics. Philadelphia is such a parochial area. I just believe in being completely transparent with people, and I’ve done that throughout my year here. There's nothing that prevents the young entrepreneur, or the piano player or the rap artist, from profiting off their name, image and likeness. In response, smaller schools have been offering course credit to high school students in hopes of attracting applications from those who like what they see and appreciate the value of what they’ve acquired. I’m not spending as much time comparing us as I am saying that I would like to maximize our potential as a department. "Basketball is an important strategic asset for the University," said Bodensteiner in her statement. I can tell you I was extraordinarily concerned about the program on and off the court. "President Reed is a terrific leader, and now with Jill on board, the university has a great foundation to continue Saint Joe's excellence for years to come.". “But if everybody is chasing something, it worries me. Tuition was $54,550, and unlike many schools, Nova doesn’t discount much (although it does attempt to meet students’ demonstrated financial needs). Everybody in this department knows exactly where they stand and has since the day I got here. Presidential race hinges on crucial swing states, including Pa. St. Joseph’s lacrosse duo Rebecca Lane and Stephanie Kelly share Australian connection, As St. Joseph’s new coach, Billy Lange faces a big challenge in the modern Big Five | Mike Sielski, Phil Booth named Big 5 player of the year; Fran Dunphy, coach of the year, NCAA clears former Imhotep star Dahmir Bishop to play for St. Joseph’s this season, St. Joe’s will not host fans at Hagan Arena to start 2020-21 basketball season, Big 5 basketball scheduling is a crazy process in 2020 | Mike Jensen. Bodensteiner can’t promise similar success, but she sees the program as a gateway to the school for many. But Bodensteiner is thinking more long term. The media will always have its wonderful role as a check and a balance. And what of the debate over the importance of athletics to a university’s success? The departures of these three fixtures – Martelli, Wozniak, and DiJulia, who retired after 35 years as AD – and the criticism that Bodensteiner received not just for firing Martelli but also for announcing his dismissal in a three-paragraph press release have left observers and St. Joe’s alumni uncertain about the direction she wants to take the men’s basketball program and the athletic department as a whole. That’s not likely to happen this year, as the Hawks are facing what could be a drastic step back. The narrative of “coming out of the blue” is not how I operate. In March, Bodensteiner fired Phil Martelli, who had been the Hawks’ men’s basketball coach for 24 years, Last week, Marie Wozniak, who became St. Joe’s sports information director in 2003, said her position was being eliminated as part of a departmental restructuring. The search came to an end last week when the university announced Jill Bodensteiner, J.D. Martelli took over as St. Joseph's head coach in 1995. The third is more of a concrete action plan. Men’s basketball coach Jay Wright has said that his program strives to reflect the school’s personality and ideals. Those sentiments are a common refrain among many of the 30-plus local colleges and universities as they try to differentiate themselves at a vital time in the history of post-secondary education. Jill Bodensteiner, who previously was at Notre Dame, succeeds Don DiJulia, who retired at Saint Joseph's following a 35-year stint as AD. That’s my strategy, for better or worse. I’m trying to listen to what they say there. I want us to not think small. “Men’s basketball should align with the university’s goals of building community and building the brand,” she says. I’m not a PR expert. Though the discount rate at Saint Joe’s is about the national average, according to Reed, private colleges aren’t for everybody. This is not an indictment on Don or Phil or anyone else. What do you feel the right fit is? MS: How do you think that mission conflicts or complements what already seems to be St. Joe’s brand as an intrinsically Philadelphian place? That year, a modest 6,914 students applied for 1,657 spots at Nova. We’re still relationship building for the long haul.”. “One of the things that I’ve tried is to take an action step a day, personally, and the action step I took yesterday was to read everything I could get my hands on, on police defunding and what that concept was all about to be educated on the topic. It's really special.". MS: What about the handling of the announcement, the revelation? Part of being good now is continuing to evolve.”. After a long day of the media rounds, Jill Bodensteiner’s sincerity doesn’t dim when calling it the hardest decision she’s had to make. Was it something beyond that? "Let's treat the student-athletes like students as much as we possibly can. St. Joe’s alumna Natasha Cloud has been especially outspoken about issues of racial inequities in sports and in society. We have locker rooms way too small for the number of athletes we have. Martelli was named the national coach of the year following that 2004 season. We’re La Salle. If you deviate from that past, there’s going to be blowback, like what you’ve probably already encountered: resentment and screams of “This is not who we are! “We look at opportunities, and we look at our strategic plan. What is the St. Joe’s Athletic Department’s policies regarding student-athletes who participate in BLM protests while on teams? But what happens if Wright accepts one of the many offers he’s received from larger school like UCLA, which reportedly promised to double his salary? She also wants to help play a role in fixing some problems in college athletics that appear unsolvable. If you had tried to do it in one fell swoop, that would have been lost. Villanova’s caught it. Nothing was prepared. Pittburgh's Heather Lyke and Penn State's Sandy Barbour are among those who have led the cultural shift in college athletics. There are still old-school Hawks from that era for whom Villanova is a sore subject—even beyond the basketball court. JILL BODENSTEINER: I guess I’d come at that from two ways. 3, again, considering my background, what athletics did for Notre Dame was take a small regional farm school and make it an internationally known destination. On the board’s left side, she wrote “EXPENSES $21M” in red marker. Why can’t we do what Gonzaga is doing?” And my response is that Gonzaga is the school of its kind out in Spokane and St. Joe’s is competing against Villanova, Temple, etc. Where I think we can do better is by having just those informal relationships. Are those comparisons accurate, and what kind of program should and can St. Joe’s be in that context? Bodensteiner oversees all of the Hawks’ 20 Division I varsity teams and their respective memberships to the Atlantic 10 Conference. So one of the things I’ve done with coaches is say, I want you to have the conversation, but I’m not going to dictate how you have it. » READ MORE: Phil Martell has offer to become assistant under Michigan’s Juwan Howard. 816.389.8208. From there, it moves into the student experience, and is the student experience truly delivering on what we say we are and what we provide. Notre Dame did the same in 1930. Aside from the Office of Community Standards, what support system does the Athletics Department have in place for Black students to report incidences of racism or racial discrimination? And so we need to do a better job of creating safe spaces for that informal conversation or the informal reporting and we’re really committed to doing so. Martelli’s ouster led to an exodus of current and recruited players—most notably starting guard Lamarr Kimble, who transferred to the University of Louisville. That’s appropriate balance. Let people know we’re here, we stand with you, we see you, we’re here as informal resources. “We still have that small-college hustle,” Gaynor says. —The Women Leaders in College Sports Executive Committee has appointed Jill Bodensteiner to replace Adrianne Swinney on the Women Leaders in College Sports Board of Directors through 2022.

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