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is max gail leaving general hospital

No doubt, they are beside themselves and Sonny has been trying to hold on just a little longer. So, she told Sonny and Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) this week on General Hospital that the time to let him go is getting closer. Recently, on GH, Mike Corbin’s Alzheimer’s got much worse, seemingly in an instant. Sadly, he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. The return to new GH episodes will be bittersweet for a lot of GH viewers who are anticipating a swift demise for a beloved character on the show – Mike Corbin. Although the exit of Mike Corbin is a sad one, we should be thankful the character got the send off he deserved as the ending of his storyline was in jeopardy when the coronavirus pandemic hit. Mike then checked himself into rehab. "So I thought, first of all, it’s been seven years and he’s somebody who’s gone through a significant life change," he said, before going on to add that "I know a lot of friends who have been through 12-step programs [...] You can become a different person and find out more who you really are. He’ll continue to make sporadic appearances since Gail is on a recurring role. All about Terry Dunn Meurer, the brains behind Unsolved Mysteries. In 2010, Mike was played by Ron Hale and suffered with a well-documented gambling addiction. No doubt, Max Gail has been phenomenal at playing Mike Corbin and showing how awful Alzheimer’s is on the patient and family. Eager to revive Mike's character — who was played by the mightily talented Ron Hale up until the actor's retirement in 2010 — the creators of the show wanted to explore the later years of the recovering gambling addict. Also, Mike kept falling off the wagon and Sonny couldn’t trust him. Since then, Mike and Sonny have rebuilt their relationship as father and son. Surely, viewers will be in tears during Mike’s final episodes and will miss him dearly. ’90 Day Fiance’: Anna Campisi Explains Wearing Wedding Rings – But Is It True. The Sept. 17, 2020 episode revolved around the tragic passing of his father, Mike Corbin. Mike has been in and out of the show a few times but his most recent departure is permanent. In recent episodes, viewers watched as Mike’s battle with Alzheimer’s disease progressively worsened and he slowly started dissociating from the world and his family. So, I just felt that we would be finding our own connection.". Certainly, his good friend and counselor Stella Henry (Vernee Watson) noticed it right away. Sonny’s portrayer knew it, and yet… of course, that did little to diminish the ache in his heart when finally it happened. Have something to tell us about this article? As one of the oldest actors on the show, 77-year-old Max likely had to take into account additional factors before agreeing to return to the set in the summer of 2020. On General Hospital, Sonny Corinthos and Mike Corbin’s history is sad and complex. TODAY ON #GH… Mike Corbin's family and friends gather to celebrate his life. Article continues below advertisement Actor Max Gail made one of his last appearances on 'General Hospital' on the Oct. 8, 2020 episode. General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that new episodes are beginning on Monday, August 3rd, which is great news for GH fans but bad news for Mike Corbin (Max Gail). That means his final scenes may come soon. Viewers wonder when Mike Corbin‘s leaving General Hospital. It’s been almost a month since he last appeared on the screen. Was Dr. Neil Byrne Really Killed off on ‘General Hospital’? Check in with Soap Dirt every day for the best and most up to date General Hospital spoilers, updates, and news. Max Gail is back on the set of General Hospital but fans are having mixed emotions about it. In 2018, however, General Hospital did a classic soap about-turn and reintroduced the character, this time played by Max Gail. However, the rehab storyline was in fact a way for actor Ron Hale to retire from the show. Now, Sonny is heartbroken that he is losing his father after just getting him back. Nevertheless, it's likely that leaving the show posed a tough decision for Max Gail, the actor playing Mike. Because Max Gail‘s character took a sad turn for the worst. Remember, Mike left Sonny and his mother when Sonny was a child due to his gambling addiction. So, while things look dire for Mike right now on General Hospital, don’t say goodbye just yet. At least, the past is behind them and they are in a good place on GH. Did Fan Favorite Chelsea Get Fired From 'Southern Charm'? Who is actress Mallory Jansen married to? Sorry ‘General Hospital’ Fans — You’ll Be Stuck in Rerun Purgatory for a While, Kelly Monaco's Health Issues Prevented Her From Returning to 'General Hospital'. So, get the tissues out and watch ABC weekdays so you don’t miss a moment of Mike Corbin’s tear-jerking performance. ET on ABC. Why did Mike leave and will the beloved character ever return on the show? The episode airing on Oct. 8, 2020 revolved around Mike's funeral, showing the members of the family come together one last time to commemorate the memory of the much-beloved character.

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