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is kindred spirits coming back for season 5

I am a 67-yr-old avid viewer of Kindred Spirits. © 2019 Discovery Networks International. But before he flogs it he wants to boost its authenticity and value, so the twins consult a WWII tank veteran... Co-captains Jake and Johnathan try to join forces with rival Keith Colburn. All images property of their respective owners. The hosts try their best to thoroughly investigate the alleged happenings. Later, the windmill assembly takes the siblings to dangerous new heights. Bruce splurges on a rare Sherman tank in Ohio. Marty tracks the predators of a moose kill found near their cabin. So we see no reason why the channel will decide to pull out such a staple from its catalog. Accused of being a murderer with an ax, who hacked her parents to death, the place she died holds a lot of mystery. Richard and Aaron try turning a shabby '49 Chevy 3100 into a top show truck for one of Texas' hottest truck shows - but as the clock runs down, problems... Yogi risks a showdown with the law as he heads into South Australia. I've never missed an episode and always looked forward to Friday nights to watch. I have been waiting very patiently for Kindred Spirits to start season 3. Far superior to the others. Out of all of the numerous paranormal shows that have aired over the past 15 years or so, Kindred Spirits is by far one of my favorites. Plus, the family attempts to organise an extreme wedding in the mountains. Watch the announcement and some behind-the-scenes here. Advertise! A hungry bear breaks into Noah's tent and terrifies the livestock. Kindred Spirits Season 5 Hosts. Latest Episode Aired Thu 6/25/2020 Back From the Dead Season 4: Episode 0. Do you like spooky old houses, those with dark secrets? A dangerous storm spells disaster for Parker's operation and the Beets kids unite to kick-start another claim. The locations at which the series takes place are the USPs of the show. Junior risks crossing into enemy waters and Wild Bill seeks work in Russia. Please continue to air Kindred Spirits on TLC. These stories of betrayal, injustice, and death only make us root for the investigators more and more. Its only been on for 2 seasons, so what is the problem, we dont need no more cooking shows or people running around naked in the woods trying to survive, put on a good show, like Kindred Spirits, i looked forward to that show every week. I love this show....I need many more seasons Adam and Amy are a dynamic team and I absolutely love the show I hope I'm not going to be disappointed!!!!! Kindred Spirits is a paranormal show with a heart. I miss the show. Love watching dead files also. Copyright © 2015 PremiereDate.News. I think Amy and Adam continue the integrity of that show. We’ll keep you posted. Season three’s finale takes us to the place the infamous Lizzie Borden died. Kindred Spirits, on the other hand, is a docu-series that focuses on investigating the truth. As a 66 year old woman who lives in a haunted house, I have admired the way Amy and Adam have always treated spirits with kindness and respect unlike others presently on TV. The two super calm and rational hosts also add to the charm of Kindred Spirits. Adam is a well-respected researcher. Excellent show.. there are plenty of viewers out there that love the format, the investigators and the investigations...UK watcher... Kindred Spirits is the most believable paranormal show out there. Please do not cancel show. All Rights Reserved. I see that the new season is already being shown on another channel, one which I cannot get. Receive automatic notifications when Kindred Spirits Season 5 release date is announced. If renewed, we can expect Kindred Spirits season 5 to premiere sometime in January 2021. Please Renew Kindred Spirits for a 3rd season! I used to l anxiously anticipate KS and Paranormal Lockdown on Friday evenings. Still reeling from deadly typhoon Hagibis, the fleet claws its way back into competition against the Russians - and the pressure to make up ground has mounted. Please don't make me wait much longer. Renew the show, people love that show, as do I, what is the problem, just do it!!! I have been watching paranormal shows for many years now. At the heart of the show are Adam Berry and Amy Bruni, always on the lookout for bigger locations, spookier houses, and creepy historical places. Amy and Adam are just perfect!!! And season 4 raises the stakes even higher. When Richard buys a VW Microbus can the gang work out its mechanics? The show is either on a break or the new season is yet to be scheduled. Josh and Jesse travel to Montana to track the steamship of captain Grant Marsh. When people think about paranormal shows, they expect a lot of scares and drama – deadly screams, blood, children flying across the room, and the likes. Travel Channel is yet to renew The Dead Files for Season 14, Travel Channel officially canceled America Unearthed Season 5. Always pushed to their limits by the elements, circumstances and each other, the Kilchers continue to work together as a family to sustain the rich heritage of homesteading. Do they know more than we think and what are they hiding? Join the ghostbusters on Travel Channel’s Kindred Spirits as they visit intriguing, haunted destinations to investigate paranormal activity. Why is TLVC waiting so long to renew it??? He competed in Ghost Hunters Academy eventually gaining himself a spot on Ghost Hunters in 2010. The Deeters are dog-mushers from Alaska, with a distrust of outsiders. Great show!!! All rights reserved. Then they head to The Old Jail in St. Augustine, Florida, which is being tormented by spirits, suspected to be souls of the notorious criminals who were once imprisoned here or maybe executed. We want them to find the truth. © 2020 Cinemaholic Inc. All rights reserved. Kindred Spirits Season 5 is yet to be announced by Travel Channel. Can the guys restore this classic to its original beauty? The Raneys turn the cameras on themselves as they shelter on their Alaskan homestead. Legal and outlaw distillers compete to make the best rum. Paranormal investigators Bruni and Berry, along with psychic medium Coffey, enter America's darkest … Current Show Status. Each episode is a completely new storyline, with family drama and history and has something for non-believers as well.

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