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infj door slam

I’m an INFJ, and I’ve been on the giving end of the infamous INFJ door slam, but I have never been on the receiving end. . Actually, I didn’t even have it articulated or clear in my mind that this is what I do. Always. Neither of us did wrong and it was a mutual break-up, and while I know they were being sensitive of my ex, they chose not to support me any further after I got into a new relationship (half a year later). You may be here because you’re an INFJ considering this tactic, but more likely, you’re here because you’ve been shut out by your INFJ and you have no idea why. Your relationship probably won’t return to what it was before the Door Slam, but if you’ve succeeded in getting an INFJ to reopen the door – and if you persist in treating your friend as you want to be treated – there’s every reason to hope your relationship will become even stronger. Setting Boundaries to Protect the INFJ Relationship, A Rare Look into an INFJ ENTP Relationship, 27 Insightful and Mildly Funny Introvert Quotes, Unexpected Ways Minimalism Liberates the Introvert Mind, A New Approach to Intracranial Pressure I Now Believe in (Treatment, Part 3). The INFJ Door Slam is a common phrase used to describe a person with the INFJ personality type cutting someone out of their life, usually for good. At this point, it’s important for both parties to be completely honest and open about everything, so a fresh start can be made. mindfulness, kindness, respect, awareness and oodles of other positive goodies. And if you’re living with the person whom you’ve shut out, the best you can do when you have to be around them is to go numb and become emotionally unavailable. The door slam doesn’t happen overnight. How do we get an introvert back that has “slammed” a door to someone? They can choose to try to work things out with this person, set boundaries, or distance themselves from that person, while still maintaining some semblance of the relationship. It depends on the relationship. It’s important to listen. Because you are light years ahead of everyone else who has contributed to the dysfunctional society we have right now. You earned to be treated with the same respect that you give to others. Unfortunately, this also makes them a target for those who take advantage of anyone who seems to value relationships and service to others over their own emotional well-being. As I grew up, and we later talked about it, I realized that I wanted this person back in my life, and had acted rashly at the time. Related: 10 Signs You Are The Rarest Personality Type. The flash of temper will close the door, the full argument will lock it, but the door slam throws the Above all else, ensure there is lots of time spent with the other people where you ONLY observe before committing to revealing something about yourself. As badly as they may want reconciliation, an INFJ can sense when there are strings attached. The other person who entered an INFJ’s life was meant to learn something from them and vice versa. But if you’re in an INFJ relationship, and you’re the one who slammed the door on the other, you probably need time to process the pain and recover from it. When I at last closed the door, I still felt pain, but having “given them more chances than I should’ve,” it felt final and I felt that I had finally found some peace. It really doesn’t matter. One day, an INFJ will ‘click’ with someone just meant for them; and, above all else, an INFJ’s life is a lonely life so don’t let loneliness dictate what you do or continue in a relationship that was merely a lesson for you. There’s no right way to cope. Or maybe you’re the door slamming INFJ who would like to better understand why you do what you do with people who’ve exhausted your compassion. When we do it, we don’t look back. All of a sudden, I found myself in a toxic friendship that was influencing me in a terrible way …, Read The Full Article By Joining Our Private INFJ Forum >>. But, because we are so hard to understand, selfish people don’t want to take the time to just be quiet and listen for a change because in quite a few instances, it is more about them than you. Thank you for sharing and explaining so clearly. Factoring there are few of us, it may feel as though we are swimming up Niagara Falls. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible. I wish it had never turned to such a harsh response from my end, but it hurt whenever I saw them commenting on other people’s relationships and then never even giving me even a simple “like.” It ended up feeling as if they didn’t care, and it hurt more than I could have imagined at the time. I'm a 40-something wife and mother, who has learned a lot about herself in recent years, including that I'm a highly sensitive introvert coexisting within an INFJ personality. And it’s too much. And when someone you want to trust kicks you when you’re already down (either because of them or because of someone else), you feel it more. It’s pretty easy to avoid an INFJ door slam. Introverts love thinking, but what happens when our thoughts get out of control? If a relationship doesn’t work out, it is was meant to be that way. Your email address will not be published. After a while, it will be quickly become apparent that the other person was false and end up using and abusing you; and, worse, no respect. Remember, not EVERYONE is an INFJ therefore they should NOT be accorded the same cordialities and respect. If you believe there is a slightest chance that you can be together again, if you are getting an positive feedback, no matter how small it may seem, don’t give up. : I door-slammed on friends that I thought would support me after a relationship ended, especially as they were friends with the both of us. Therefore, our journey is fraught with special challenges and rewards. The door slam is a real thing The door slam is not to be confused with a flash of temper, or even a full blown argument. They can access your remote self but not your essence, because around them, you’re operating in “safe mode,” like a traumatized computer. there’s still a bit left of forgiveness inside of me and i just… am wondering if there is anything that could make the decision to make a door slam to be easier. However long it took to get to this point, you still need time to honestly reflect on why you slammed the door and whether there’s anything the other could do or say that would justify reopening it. They find their way to the surface when I am forced to do the INFJ Door Slam. Thank you for sharing this, Jen. Give them another option. Most INFJs detest confrontation, so cutting someone out of their lives only happens if they feel there are no other options. if you feel that this friendship can be save, then give it one more chance. So, when someone crosses the line and shows zero signs of remorse for it, you’re already feeling raw, exhausted, and vulnerable. With or without us, it doesn’t really matter. If the other person chooses to ignore them, and continues to repeatedly hurt the INFJ (inadvertently or not), then the INFJ may feel as if they have no other option but to door slam that person for the sake of their own sanity and well being. Nothing comes easy … so, if I may, I will share what little pearls of wisdom I have learned. Personally, I would rather be alone with God than dance with the devil and continually have to deal with individuals who are so insulated not an speck of daylight, love, kindness, empathy or compassion can get through. INFJs are all about second chances, but they’ve likely already tried to reconcile things (likely multiple times) without success, so it’s highly doubtful. Or more importantly, is there a way to open the door again? To put it succinctly, INFJs are an endangered species and we need to protect that special gift of being an INFJ and the qualities that come with it. If the relationship has become too one-sided, it’s time to talk about it honestly, before the INFJ even begins to consider the door slam as a potential solution. It’s extremely hard to regain someone who has “Door-Slammed” us, but it’s not impossible. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. It’s a process. all my other friends tell me to drop her as a friend, to let her go because things have grown toxic. We’re loving, understanding, empathetic, accommodating (to a fault), and have pretty great listening skills. How Can Dogs Help Curtail Social Anxiety? It also can’t hurt to find out what your own Myers Briggs personality type is, if you don’t already know. Maybe you know an INFJ and have witnessed the phenomenon known as the INFJ Door Slam. Here are some introvert friendly tips. And every negative feeling drags you down and makes you feel worse. So ….. an INFJ must respect themselves FIRST because if they don’t, no one else will. I’m sorry you had to go through all of that… I think that every personality type has it;s own door slam, but I consider our own unique, because of the fact that we are so loving and caring , but when someone repeatedly hurts us, an INFJ shows a coldness that is rarely seen with any other personality type. I dream of salty ocean air, overthink things in the shower, obsess over this "blurb" (5th draft), and plan on saving the world, one rescue dog at a time. If someone calls you weird, etc., take that as a compliment. It sounds harsh, but it’s sometimes the only way to protect ourselves. One person is using the other person to meet their own needs, whether intentionally or unintentionally, and it’s hurting or draining that person. Our personality makes us caring, supportive, emotional, and loving. The article sums up perfectly what i know ive done unconsciously, or rather been forced to do, in major toxic relationships in the past. The ones who hurt you the most are often (if not always) the ones who are also in the most pain. What if the other person isn’t listening, blames us, or just continues the same toxic behavior towards us? Hopefully, I can help you understand what might’ve happened.

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