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infj dark humor

I am not ashamed OR afraid of any of these “dark side” attributes because I believe we possess them to protect ourselves. So then doorslam someone like that, why would I regret this if they deserve it? When INFJs are in a Door Slam mode, we can be really cold, but only because we tried everything in our power to save that relationship. This is a very well written article. . But those are just my thoughts (I’m INFJ-ing you right now…) Break it down and understand it; adapt it for the good of yourself and others. INFJs are capable of being spontaneous, but there will be times when we just cannot wrap our minds around a new idea. This is exactly correct about us! (But I never said that to her). I will tear you apart mentally. But those are rare times. Extreme stress really can be the trigger for our dark side to emerge, even though we are peacekeepers by nature. Thanks, Brian! But most people mistake our lack of “meanness” for a lack of anger or rage, which is a huge mistake! Thank you so much Kyla for sharing this! level 2. And I don’t EVER want to hurt anybody that bad. We repress so much with people we value,& allow them numerous free passes . The whole article just got my fire burning bright instead of smoldering. I just wish it wasn’t like throwing a switch. I always say people mistake the fact that I have a high threshold for having no threshold. 100% me too, to everything you listed above! I’m an eternal optimist and a fierce defender of everything the INFJ personality represents. When I was younger, I would become so enraged I would have black out spells. I love the absurd. Even if I want to reconnect with them, I can’t feel any emotion to them again. I’m so sorry, I’m on my low condition now. You are absolutely right, our dark side can be for our own protection, especially when it comes to the door slam event. It’s usually apparent when something is bothering us, but that doesn’t mean we’ll want to talk about it. They may still talk to you when they have to, but they’ll seem cold and distant. Also, sorry for my maybe weird English , Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on this, Nom! You are right, the INFJ rage is a scary thing, but I’m glad to hear you found a way to protect yourself. The Dark Side of the INFJ Personality Each MBTI type features a positive and negative side of its expression. INFJs don’t like to do or say things that are hurtful, and so they do tend to hold back to some extent. The person who faced this chilling moment literally doesn’t exist to us anymore, and no plea or apologies work, no matter how much you meant to us before. I vocalize about what things are too much for me in hopes they will heed my warnings . The real cause might surprise you. I used to be IN LOVE with this girl during late high school, early-post high school. Amelia Brown is a twenty-something free spirited type who enjoys writing, reading, and interacting with animals. . The side(of INFJ’s) nobody typically talks about… love it! I took the MB test a few years ago because I was in a new sales job that literally was crushing my soul. I can be cold and selfish. I find It extremely hard to maintain a balance between calm and full out rage. You are most welcome! Thats one of my dark side traits. After so long believing there was something wrong with me, with the help from your article’s I now know this not to be true. Thank you so much Cathy! . Thank you for writing.? It can easily take a morbid streak. I found that if I some how focus on the inability of the other person to understand why I’m angry instead of on the actual problem, I somehow become more under control, same mechanism as when your happy about something that you can not explain, you become very disappointed to the point that you have to hide your disappointment by acting as if is not as important to you. and thank you so much for sharing your thoughts! And I explained this to her. I felt soooo alone! #2 actually happened to me this past Friday at a high school football game. I hear you, and that’s something many INFJs face. INFJ’s humor. Dec 8, 2014 - Explore Jessica flow's board "INFJ Or Dark Humor" on Pinterest. Or maybe I wanted to create some distance in the relationship so I wouldn’t be hurt. It all depends on the severity of the situation, but always focus on your peaceful and understanding side of being an INFJ. Hi, thanks for the article. I can’t put them back into my life either. I am like a rattlesnake you will hear my tail twitching long before I strike out at you . Since the break up I’ve done some research on her personality type and I believe she is an introvert. Do you believe you have one? INFJs also do this as a means of expressing certain feelings sometimes, since they do have a tendency to bottle them up. It’s so scary. In a new relationship, we may feel quite discouraged when the excitement and romance inevitably start to fade. Why is it that the “nice guy” suddenly gets labeled as “scary” and “dark” when he loses his temper? In its healthy expression, Introverted intuition (Ni) is a guiding light to the INFJ that allows them to astutely anticipate and foresee where things are headed. Second - we know them. I find it almost soul destroying when I let anyone close to myself and my family turns on me and attacks all of the things I am proud of myself for. When I think about it I realise how badly I can fight for them. If I had to add something to the list of things on the INFJ dark side, it would be our “obsessions”. Have you heard of the notorious INFJ door slam? INFJs are normally people who value substance and what lies beneath the surface but when their inferior Se is unhealthy, they can become preoccupied with superficial insecurities and aesthetic flaws. But even the nicest people have their limits, and INFJs are no exception. In its unhealthy expression however, Ni can lead the INFJ to form unfounded suspicions about other people and their motives. Here is a list of aspects about the INFJ dark side. by Personality Growth | Dec 31, 2019 | Uncategorized, INFJ Humor: Self-Deprecating, Dark & Absurd Humor.

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