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identify cedar chest

2175190. We are refinishing my great grandmother’s cedar chest. Lane Furniture had a rather unique serial number method that also indicates the date the piece was manufactured. It is unclear which year they began the production of their cedar chests, but by 1916 the youngest son Edwards, created the Roos Cedar Chest Company, before changing the name to Ed Roos Company of Forest Park in 1918. What’s The Difference Between Hummel and Goebel? Perform regular dusting and keep the surface of the wood away from any hard or edged objects that could cause contact damage. Anything produced after the 1940’s can be expected to go for around $100.00 USD, Chests produced between 1920-1940 may cost between $200.00-$400.00 USD, Rare chests with serial numbers that are read left to right may cost $400.00-$600.00 USD, depending on the model, Rare and decorative chests may go for as much as $700.00 USD, if it is in good condition with all of its original hardware, An average of $100.00-$150.00 USD for the basic models, The rarer and more decorative models may go for as much as $300.00-$500.00 USD. NATL LOCK C?? It's nice circa 1930's Waterfall style. A bulky floor chest is likely to get in the way in many homes, and given that most linen closets can store more items then the average chest can. My mother is 83 and it was her mother’s cedar chest if that helps. Filed Under: Furniture Tagged With: Antique, Antique furniture, antique storage, cedar chest, Collectibles, Collecting, Ed Roos, Furniture, Lane Furniture, Roos chests, roos manufacturing, vintage furniture. Help identify Cedar Chest I have recently acquired this cedar chest and have no knowledge of chests.I have done a good bit of research but have been unable to find anything like this piece about it.I've examined it and the only markings on it are the ones stamped on the bottom.It has a push button to open,but looks like it had a latch type lock at one time.Can anyone tell me about this piece? While a hand crafted piece would have more roughly cut and uneven dovetail joints. I haven’t been able to find any information about it. I have a Lane cedar chest style 02852 made in 1952. Cedar chests also had many practical uses besides storage. Thanks for your help. Make sure to quickly dry of any water streaks that may be left behind as this could cause water staining. The cedar keeps out moths and other insects, but … Most cedar chests on the market however, were made no earlier than the 20th century, and were not handmade but were instead machine produced in a factory.Finding reliable information on pre-twentieth produced cedar chests is hard to come by. Another cause for their decline in popularity, is that most homes now have built in linen closets and less floor space. A machine produced piece, would have clean lined and flush finished dovetail joints. The first number shown, or seventh if reading for the date, is an additional number that may be present. Copyright © 2020 | Antique HQ | Theme designed by Tips and Tricks HQ, The Two Most Common Cedar Chest Producers, The Rise and Fall of the Cedar Chest’s Popularity. Edwards Roos cedar chests, commonly known Ed Roos cedar chests, are a vintage line of cedar chests manufactured by the Ed Roos Company of Forest Park, which operated from 1918 to 1951. Aside from storing guest blankets and pillows, they could also be used as coffee tables and footrest, seats and low benches. Anyone fortunate enough to come across such a rare piece, could easily expect it to fetch a price tag that’s in the thousands of dollars. Some locksmiths may even have replica keys in stock that they might be able to modify to function in your lock. Do not soak the chest or use a wet cloth to clean the wood. Pieces like this tend to date from the 1930s through the early 1940s. We get this information by reading the serial number from right to left which gives us the date “01-15-68”. Use a physical separator or furniture sliders to help prevent contact with the surface area. How to Identify Biedermeier Chests. The truth is that there are no replacement keys for these old locks. As Roos Manufacturing had marks with and without the rooster, just as Ed Roos Co. marks may have a tree, no tree, or in the case of their sweetheart range, a love heart. The Roos family had a previous company, the Roos Manufacturing Co., which was founded by Edward Roos. 2765190, Help with old cedar chest and two wardrobes. Antiques, Collectibles and Auctions resources. The company fell on hard times and was sold off in 1951, only to be closed four years later in 1955. 2245 53 Serial No. For example, a serial number 753150 would have been produced on 05/13/1957. As such, chest made after 1987 had replaced this locking system, with safety locks instead. You can read the serial number BACKWARDS to determine the production date. Look for those numbers and let me know, then I can take the next step of giving you the value. Determine Its Age. If there is a risk that the feet or base of the chest may stain the surface that it rests upon. Required fields are marked *. For this reason it is advisable to make sure that the outside of the chest has been properly sealed with a sealing finish. ROCKFORD, ILL. Is there any way that you can tell how old this actually is? 2175190. 2245 53 Serial No. a $150.00 Dollars. The owners were able to prevent moths from eating their possessions, as the cedar wood contains an aromatic oil that repels moths and other insects. Could yo... What's the value of this Lane Cedar Chest from 1959? For more information on identifying antique furniture that predates the industrial revolution. I have a ed roos cedar chest model number 3050. You might get lucky and find a key that’s a near match from your local antiques dealer. As there was an overlapping period where both companies were producing cedar chests prior to 1918.

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