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how did dolores cannon die

I know many humans who would be able to do this, to simply parrot back exact answers that are identical- and I know and it is obvious that the information is not true or valid. Its all in there!”. http://hpanwoforum.freeforums.org/index.php, http://hpanwo.blogspot.co.uk/2009/11/hpanwo-has-been-around-for-over-2-years.html, http://hpanwo-voice.blogspot.co.uk/2014/10/masaru-emoto-dies.html, http://hpanwo.blogspot.co.uk/2009/10/probe-autumn-2008-part-3.html, Conspiracy Theorists more Sane than Average. Let’s move on to other more important things.”, “I changed my mind. According to reports, Dolores O’Riordan’s death has been confirmed as accidental. She absolutely meant every word. For many years I have gotten phone calls and emails from people who can barely contain their excitement about discovering Dolores and her work. Pingback: Dolores Cannon: One Year Beyond the Veil | What in the world is going on? Laura Bruno- Empaths, Malaise, and Downward Spirals: How to Shift the Energy Now. Dolores Cannon herself paved the way in communicating with other beings in other times and other realms. Dolores even now, in my head is impatient and saying things like, “Get over it, I changed my mind and it’s just listening you know.” But she added a phrase to that. And of course I am aware of the utter irony in this whole article and especially in this paragraph. Over fifty years ago she began hypnotizing people for the purposes of healing, breaking addictions and losing weight etc. All Rights Reserved. I told her I tried but I just stayed so busy. Sometimes she would answer a big general question from the audience like, “Dolores how did life on Earth begin” by first shaking her head and laughing and referencing an entire book, “Didn’t you read my book, Keepers of the Garden? So what can happen is this, a backdrop “essence” can become available to help a channeler create the persona of me that they are trying to connect with. I have more work to do. One of the interesting “intersections” of backdrop people on my plane of existence and your world is in the activity of “channeling.”. The beloved author who’d written so many books for the world, read by millions would sometimes innocently interrupt the other’s story so she could hurry up and share hers so no one would miss out hearing about the adventure she had or the extraordinary thing she discovered. She said she liked to make soups in her kitchen, and she liked to watch some tv while she was editing books. Humans are waking up to our multidimensional and expanded self; the one that can, at certain times, access information from other realms, other dimensions and from those great beings, like Dolores, who are on the other side of the veil. No one on the planet believed that more than I did. Almost exactly one month after completing those courses, Dolores Cannon passed away, Oct 18th, 2014. She returns to the subject of “backdrop people” from her Convoluted Universe Series book four. She absolutely meant every word. And that you would be tough.” I was tough, and I was thorough, even double-blind tested her. They usually start those conversations with, “You won’t believe this, but…wait, maybe you would!” Yes, I usually do absolutely believe them. I have zero doubt that she meant what she said. She had just completed teaching a series of courses that included the largest live Quantum Healing Hypnosis Level 1 class in history. -They do not have a soul as you have a soul, but again this is a simplistic answer. You're welcome, X. I just hope I don't have to write any more obituaries for a while. Do they feel and think like we who are not backdrop people feel and think? She is missed by so many. A large family at home and a large family of students. Therefore, I’m excited to have come across Pamela this morning…. When Dolores was sure she had all she needed- she would then look up and take a great big breath, sigh and smile and say simply, “Okay. The backdrop people or essence concept is a novel one, however and so, I am sharing it in this public way, risking the obvious reaction of, “Well maybe a backdrop essence was talking to you and you only thought it was Dolores.” It’s a valid observation. And it is limited by design- somewhat- but mostly your perspective is shaped by limited belief systems. -Well what happens when a channeler, or when anyone really, wants to communicate with a being they send out a call of sorts to connect with the frequency and energy of that being. A backdrop person does not. I have zero doubt that she meant what she said. When she wasn’t “on” she talked about the ordinary things in life like we all do. What’s fascinating about this topic is we often debate the validity of a channel’s message, in large part because the originator of that message is not someone we have actually met. When Dolores uses this code phrase with me, I can be sure the communication is authentic. She approached them with her great curiosity and razor sharp mind. She passed with flying colors. -I think I always knew this and that is one reason I truly did not like the whole concept of channeling when I was in the physical! More about Dolores on Google+. She didn’t need to. If you are a regular person like me who is trying to trust and open to channel or hear with clarity? All the while her class would respectfully watch and wait for her to be ready to acknowledge that they were there. The resurrection of Jesus took place to teach us that our souls are eternal—we cannot die. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The HPANWO Voice presents a view of Government cover-ups, ghosts, UFO’s, Hospital Porters, paranormal investigation, cryptozoology, hidden knowledge, forbidden history and archaeology, chemtrails… and more Hospital Porters! People who didn’t know her, people who did not work with her, people who know nothing about Quantum Healing. The cause of Dolores' sudden death remains a mystery after a … Thank you, Candice, Pamela and Delores…Bless you, all! A dear friend sent me a link to Pamela Aaralyn’s video Channeling Dolores Cannon. We were, and are, sharing our communication with Dolores and accepting it as normal. I listened to Michelle and then arranged a Skype session with Pamela, still with little more thought than having it be a formality to dismiss her. Dolores would sit in her chair and slowly look around her table, making sure all that she required was nearby. She just smiled. Keep on Keepin’ On, Dear Candace! Dolores cautions not all of the information is authentic and accurate and she has explained one way it can happen to a channeler, even one with very loving and positive intentions. This is what I wanted you and the other Quantum Healing practitioners to know. But, those of us still existing in physical bodies still acutely miss her human self. In my dreams, in my mind and sometimes very clearly, and I will continue to collect the information that comes through and see what becomes of it. “You have to talk to Pamela, “ she said, “She is the real deal.”. It’s an interesting conundrum to look at some channeled information that questions the validity of channeling! Dolores O'Riordan has died aged 46 (Image: PA) Dolores O'Riordan's cause of death. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. -A backdrop person is best described to a human not really what it is but what it is not. Pamela- If you are a medium or have the ability to “see” where the information is coming from you can tell right away. They are animated on the “outside “of their beings, very often by you and other soul expressions. “Its almost like you are apologizing,” she says, “Stop that. She would suggest to people they take handfuls or armfuls with them on their way out, she did not want to see them go to waste. She could recount session after session and I have memories of her quoting exact PAGES in her books for people to look up specific information. Doing all of those sessions, writing all of those books. As a matter of fact I, and many others, see plenty of evidence that shows it’s actually easier to connect with her now, from her current state and focus, than it was when she was earth-bound. “Here you go.” She handed me the cap and my kombucha with a smile. No way.” Those were my first thoughts and my instant very protective and defensive reaction to my teacher, my mentor, my friend, when all of this started several months ago. She had no fear of putting someone acting foolishly in his or her place. She had just completed teaching a series of courses that included the largest live Quantum Healing Hypnosis Level 1 class in history. Pamela also even used the “code phrase” that Dolores had been using with me in my own sessions to let me know she was coming through clearly and purely. We were all waiting for her to appear and having refreshments. I brought a bottle of kombucha, a fermented drink and I was having trouble opening the overly tight cap of the bottle. “She wants us to work together,” Pamela said, and so we have been. She gave me the great honor of allowing me to assist her in class her last couple years so I was able to be there for many ordinary moments. -The simple answer is that they were an experiment. Just exactly like she set up a “code phrase” with Nostradamus in her books. She did not often bow down to political correctness and most of us excused her if and when she did not. Your email address will not be published. Dear Ben. Dolores was born in Missouri USA in 1931 and was a prolific author, researcher and hypnotherapist. And anyone who ever knew Dolores Cannon knew how strong, or how stubborn, she could be. “I will be testing you.” Pamela said, “Dolores told me you would. I once chided her that I bet she didn’t do much of that herself. Pamela- Then you can use the Universal Law of 3. Dolores knew how to command the attention from a room. Dolores never walked anywhere quickly, at least as long as I knew her. Dolores’ life had such amazing balance. Dolores Cannon was a trailblazer extraordinaire. We accepted this as a normal part of our work. She did bring a small folder but it mostly contained letters from others she might want to read to the class. Off stage, Dolores showed another side. If she said she wasn’t going to let anyone channel her then she wasn’t going to and that was that! Dolores Cannon was born in St. Louis, Missouri, USA in 1931 where she lived and grew up with her family until completing her academic studies in 1947. Dolores was measured and patient in telling and retelling her stories. At the time of her death she and her work were more popular than ever. Now she is gone and I am too late.”. I asked her what she liked to do if she wasn’t researching or writing. -Yes! days, see here for yesterday's: An HPANWO-esque view of National and International news stories, to act as a companion to the main HPANWO site. She explains more below, Dolores’ voice in italics: -I can always hear YOU, the question is can you hear ME? I remember even now where I was sitting and gasping. The messages Dolores has been delivering to people, some who never even heard of her until she has communicated to them, are varied of course, but they are always encouraging, and uplifting and often humorous. Just get over it. She has some new information for us about authentic and inauthentic channeling. I myself actually gasped. Hearing as clearly as possible- without, as much as is possible, a human filter. I rolled my eyes, shrugged my shoulders and dismissed the whole thing.

Elisa Gayle Ritter Wikipedia, Tivimate Epg Not Working, Mitsubishi Shogun Dashboard Symbols, Buy Stamp Paper Online, Corsair Layout Keycaps, M6 Bayonet For Sale, Full Episodes Of Umbrella Academy, Carpentry Math Worksheets, Tee John Salvage Hunters Wife,

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