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honda silverwing 600 problems

Honda used the CX 500 transverse-mounted V-twin platform to launch their version of a slenderized touring machine, the GL500 Silver Wing Interstate. There are comments regularly made about the bike being a bit thirsty. We ask that you be polite and also introduce yourself on your 1st post. Job done. I consider that a steal. 845898), for the HONDA SILVER WING 600 (2001 - on), Honda FJS600 Silver Wing motorcycle review - Riding, Honda FJS600 Silver Wing motorcycle review - Side view, Honda FJS600 Silver Wing motorcycle review - Rear view, Honda FJS600 Silver Wing motorcycle review - Front view, Honda FJS600 Silver Wing motorcycle review - Exhaust. Take one spin and it's likely you'll agree that this scoot has earned its Wing. Subscribe • We ask that you be polite and also introduce yourself on your 1st post. I commute 50 miles a day and have not ridden anything to date that suits me better. Yes I know there are better maxi scooters out now (not £2k to £3k better though). Colleagues have referred to it as a 'hairdryer' and they may be right! The top speed is obviously not as high as the CBF, but the Silverwing will cruise all day at above permitted motorway speeds, and has enough acceleration to facilitate safe overtaking. It’s cheaper than Suzuki’s Burgman 650 but considerably lighter and has the advantage of Honda reliability. It wasn't a scooter; it was a motorcycle. I looked at a Bergman, but they were too expensive. Had the Regulator burn out twice, but this was caused by a loose wire shorting out both times. Hi, Welcome to the Silverwing 600 Forum. I was at a Honda dealer for a test ride day and after doing a Pan and Crosstourer I was waiting for a guy to come back with a Dullsville when the sales guy said why don't you have a go on the Silver Wing. I found one with less than 2000 miles for £2500. I can't offer any comments on tyres other than the standard Bridgestone Hoops seem okay at the moment. Those with wanderlust can easily stow a respectable amount of gear in the waterproof confines should the urge to explore come a-callin'. The robust 41mm forks up front combine with the twin shocks in the rear to provide a smooth, stable, and comfortable ride. I've still got the big trailie (1200cc) and sports tourer (1000cc), but the scooter does more miles per year than the other two combined. Mpg's averaging around 45mpg. Brake pads and front tyre seem to last for ever, a rear tyre goes every 4K. I am big bloke and 17+ stones so the rear shocks at at their limit really. Terms of Service • Remember the original Silver Wing? And I know we haven't got the restyled model here like on the European mainland (exactly the same underneath). The right-side brake handle controls the front caliper's two outer pistons while the left-side brake handle controls the front caliper's center piston along with both of the rear caliper's pistons. The last model to go on sale, costing £7000, is a bit too much money. I'm really glad I bought it and I'd recommend one as a utility vehicle over anything else. We ask that you be polite and also introduce yourself on your 1st post. My 2005 Honda Silverwing bought in 2020 with my recent mods. 7 weeks of ownership and 600 miles of commuting and I really like riding it. Honda Silver Wing - Hi, Welcome to the Silverwing 600 Forum. The price is a bit steep but the  Honda FJS600 Silver Wing is a great motorcycle that can certainly raise a dyed-in-the-wool biker’s eyebrow…, Watch the Honda Silver Wing take on the Aprilia Mana, the Suzuki SV650 Sport, and the Pigaggio MP3 400. Rapid acceleration, and reasonable mpg. This scoot can flat out scoot. Also, post anything you have about all of the accessories you have installed or know about. After all, it was the early '80s then, and Diet Coke, Bud Light, and Richard Simmons were all the rage. Sure, it sounds technical, but it works extremely well. Only usually needing a soft squeeze to hault even from speed. 09 $0.88 shipping Stability was never an issue with any of our testers due to the rigid steel frame and quality suspension components. 2002-2006 Honda FSC 600 Silver Wing Front Cover Stay B/Bracket NOS 50410-MCT-000 (Fits: Honda Silver Wing 600) I'm a bit anal about maintenance so as soon as I got it back from the dealer, I had all the plastic off (which is a pain admittedly), coated everything in ACF50 and cracked every electrical connector I could get to and greased them. Engine very responsive and smooth. VAT no 918 5617 01 After all, with that name, comparisons to Honda's gilded flagship touring model are inevitable. The Prospects Are Limitless For this machine to carry the badge of the Wing, it had better be prepared to rack up the miles and then some. However I have ridden the Silverwing and it's a great bike. Please feel free to post any modifications you have made to your Silver Wing. The motorcycle’s main sticking point is its price but the Honda FJS600 Silver Wing is really is a very good quality motorcycle with truly surprising performance. I love the effortless twist and go aspect of the engine. Brakes are ok, but a second disc would have helped inspire more confidence in braking. Extremely easy to ride with automatic gearing, plenty of legroom which gives the option of moving your leg position to ease stiffness. It's comfortable, fantastic carrying capacity, easy to ride, decent enough mpg, dead easy to service and reliable. Sporting Honda's Combined Braking System, the front and rear binders are designed to work in harmony with one another. But not in town, that's a waste. The speedo indicates that 100+ mph is possible and none of us who rode it found any reason to believe that's false advertising. See the need for a larger windshield and a rack. Owners' reviews for the HONDA SILVER WING 600 (2001 - on) 9 owners have reviewed their HONDA SILVER WING 600 (2001 - on) and rated it in a … If a machine that promises enough punch for any highway, a fully automatic transmission, comfort to spare, and a user-friendly attitude sounds good to you, then Honda's "other" Wing may just have you believing all that glitters is not necessarily gold. Along with an abundance of power, the Wing also delivers in spades on the handling front. But the Honda FJS600 Silver Wing offers a powerful, smooth alternative with plenty of poke for town riding but also, surprisingly, loads of welly for long motorway treks too. Remember the original Silver Wing? Find a Honda FJS600 SilverWing for sale. I use to ride middle weight roadsters but the Silverwing with all it's extra features, practicalities and performance ensures I won't be rushing back to a standard motorcycle anytime soon, if ever. Company Number: LP003328 Registered Office: Academic House, 24-28 Oval Road, London, NW1 7DT. The change to the Silverwing 600 was viewed with caution, but in reality, the useable performance is not a lot different. It's silver, has 31,000 on the clock with fsh and I paid £1700 for it in a private sale. and the high screen is not quite high enough for me, so wind noise can be quite high. Best features of the bike Charging point in the left luggage compartment, massive under-seat storage. I have read that you can get fork upgrades and Hagons will do new shocks for us, ahem, 'larger' riders but I won't bother unless it gets too noticeable. I don't know if this is a Honda thing or down to the dealership but I was quoted £150 for the first service which consists of an oil/filter change and basically a once over. The members are friendly Registered Office: Media House, Peterborough Business Park, Lynch Wood, Peterborough, PE2 6EA H Bauer Publishing, Lying beneath the elegant surface is this ride's most important element, the engine. If you have dodgy knees and can no longer cope with a 'normal' bike then a maxi scoot like the Silverwing does the job. The finish is excellent. The Integra isn't really a scooter and loses out over the Silverwing on practicalities, otherwise I'd have gone for that instead. Yes I know it's a 13 year old design (doesn't feel it). Owned it less than a week, though. Buying experience: Mine is a 2006 model bought used with 12k miles, from a dealer. Contact Us • I love the convenience this bike offers. Yes I know it's not cutting edge fuel efficient (still high 50s/gallon). All said and done this is a fantastic bike/scooter that fits in with my needs brilliantly. It’s got everything you need but a whole lot of other stuff you really want, as well. Please post all comments or questions in this section about your Silver Wing. of torque. The large seat can be unlocked and lifted open, exposing an extremely generous storage area that measures 55 liters. By the looks of things, the smaller silver brethren has its sights set not only on these ends but daily commutes, errands, and other 'round town pursuits as well. That alone is something to consider if you find yourself, shall we say, vertically challenged. The only possible downside really is the image but as an older bloke I no longer give a rats about that!

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