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Check out the 50 best memes of the week as voted on by the people of Reddit. Many other heroes look Iron Man’s side. In 2007, "VTECH just kicked in, yo!" Visit Shawn Lealos' website to learn more about his novel writing and follow him on Twitter @sslealos. The fans of DC Comics love the fact that their heroes are Gods, with each member of the Justice League patterned after a God in Greek mythology and some of them with God-like powers, especially Wonder Woman, Superman and Aquaman. Another week has come and gone and hundreds of memes have been uploaded and voted on. Of course, Rene Russo (Frigga) is from California, so maybe that is where Thor gets his strange accent. by This meme approaches that idea – with both Darth Vader and Vegeta (Dragon Ball) listed as people’s choices as the only villains loved more than the heroes. However, when looking at names – there is one constant that connects the God of Thunder Thor and the God-like figure from Krypton Superman. While the earlier films were not the best, they were ripe ground for people creating some of the Internet’s best memes about the God of Thunder and his supporting cast. It is proof there are exceptions to every rule. However, this meme shows that maybe Thor was the smartest of the three core Avengers because he doesn’t have any intentions of taking a side in the drama that has nothing to do with him. Hemsworth played George Kirk, the captain of the starship USS Kelvin and the father of future captain James T. Kirk. It is very amusing to consider this next meme when looking at the actors playing the Asgardians in Thor. However, Chris Hemsworth made the character his own and delivered some great humor and a touch of lightness to his appearances in Avengers movies, as well as some fun short film appearances. Heimdall is the god who guards the Bifrost Bridge, the one portal that will allow people into and out of Asgard. Loki is his adopted half-brother and is always overlooked and dismissed – to the point where he becomes a villain. This comparison can’t be a coincidence. to view a random entry. However, it is very loyal to Thor, who has proven he can summon it, no matter how far away it is. CBR searches the internet to find you the most divine Thor memes in all the nine realms! The trailers also make it look like Hemsworth is having the time of his life portraying Thor this time around. Tom Hiddleston plays Loki, and that actor is from London. However, this brings up a funny thought – and meme. However, there were a number of funny moments with the Asgardian weapon. Only those heroes deemed worthy can lift Mjolnir. However, before he was a major Hollywood star, Thor had a small cameo role in one of the biggest film franchises in history. For one thing, it didn’t matter to Thor since he did not live on Earth anyway. When Thor joined The Avengers, he seemed to always clash with The Hulk and usually ended up tossed around like a rag doll. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. May 11, 2009 at 02:03PM EDT Chris Hemsworth is from Australia and his accent is much more Australian than European. Loki is a very sly God and is always able to sneak past guards and other Gods by remaining as “low-key” as possible. Many of these memes get straight to the point, answering questions that many Thor fans have in creatively humorous manners, as well as touching on some other movies in Hemsworth’s growing Hollywood career.

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