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hard seltzer uk

What is interesting is that according to sales figures and demand levels, apparently the reason why White Claw couldn’t beat Budweiser by a broader margin is because of production constraints & supply. The 4% abv drinks will retail at £1.29 per 330ml can, just under half Tesco’s £2.50 price for White Claw. Hard seltzer purists look away now, because wine brand Barefoot has launched its own take on the drink. Available from Chase (£30 for a pack of 12 cans). First listed as a trial in Sainsbury’s Taste of the Future bays in December 2019, startup brand Bodega Bay is now a permanent feature at Sainsbury’s and Morrisons (rsp: £2/250ml). This review was last updated in July 2020. It gets worse if you look at how the sales for other low-ABV beverages have been stagnating. }); Hard seltzers are already in the UK! As well as supermarkets, you can also get a load of hard seltzers on Amazon. The US sensation, which bills itself as a ‘spiked’ sparkling water, has gained a cult following across the pond and now, after months of speculation, it has hit the UK too. The drinks are available in 330ml cans and feature Raspberry, Natural Lime and Black Cherry flavours (rsp: £2.50). You see, if a consumer is not loyal to a particular drink, it becomes harder to lose them, but it also becomes easier to sell something new to them. It’s tart and sweet without being overpowering. Made with a blend of natural strawberry and rhubarb juice, the hard seltzer from Long Shot Drinks tastes very fresh with no artificialness. After much speculation, Coca-Cola announced it would be joining the hard seltzer market in October 2020. For more portable drinks, see the best canned cocktails and the best canned wines. The 4.5% abv drinks, which come in Lemon Lime, Mango, Raspberry, Black Cherry and Pure variants, are sold in four, 10 or 12-can packs (rsp: £7.95-£18.95). White Claw is the original seltzer brand that took over the US market. Powered by Shopify. We discussed other new entrants such as wine spritz and they also bring something unique to the table which may just make things that much harder for hard seltzers. These were joined by a Mango Passion flavour … We are excited to launch in the UK, just as the summer begins.”, The ready-to-drink (RTD) category was the fastest-growing alcohol category in 2019 due to the rise of hard seltzers, according to IWSR Drinks Market Analysis. I could go on and on about how beneficial they are, but let's be honest, this isn't a sales pitch and that isn't why you're here. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, Bacardi Launches Cocktail Pods Called Twistails, Pet Nat Wine Is Naturally Sparkling And Delicious, Aldi's Released A Pink Prosecco So Pass Your Glass, Lidl's Gin Range Features An Orange Chocolate Gin, Heston Creates Lazy Espresso Martini For Waitrose, This White Terry's Orange Hot Chocolate Is Wild, This Autumn Aperol Spritz Recipe Uses Apple Juice. We look at what are hard seltzers, calories in hard seltzer calories and finally the best hard … The drinks are made with a potato vodka base and 100% natural ingredients, including a hint of British honey from the company’s own hives. 03606414 | Wigglesworth House, Fourth Floor, 69 Southwark Bridge Road, London, SE1 9HH, UK. We taste tested boozy sparkling water to find the top picks for a refreshing summer drink. The drinks will go live on the brand’s online store in August. And things are not particularly bright for some seltzer makers either, with other options such as low-ABV wine spritz which might eat into their market share. Like any good thing, they have their own cons. Now the craze is picking up speed in the UK, with startups, major brands and even some retailers launching their own versions. In comparison, hard seltzers comprise just 1.40% of the total flavoured malt beverage market. With that being said, they are certainly not for everyone. $(document).on('keypress', '#comment', function(){ It’s lived up to its name as it tastes very natural, and we found it to be the ideal level of sweetness. Think about the good part of seltzers (low-calorie, flexible, healthier) and combine that with some alcohol. DRTY Hard Seltzer White Citrus, 4% Alcoholic Sparkling Water, (12 x 330ml), Zero Carbs, 89 Cals per can. Economics aside, think about it from a consumer’s POV - hard seltzers solve two very crucial pain-points that generally can’t be tackled together. Required fields are marked *. Cool down this summer with our favourite varieties of hard seltzer. In a way, hard seltzer … The natural lime flavour is clean tasting and refreshing while softly carbonated. Good Call Soda make some really impressive zero alcohol seltzers and they’re honestly a must-try if you want to try it but do not consume alcohol. st = new Date(); The brand offers three flavours – Lime Cooler, Passion Star and Mango Hi-Ball – and sells in cases of 12 (rsp: £29.99/12x250ml). Now that’s a seltzer with a punch, eh? Your email address will not be published. Is it possible to add the sizes of these cans to the article? It’s a great hard seltzer to sip on casually! The Raspberry & Rhubarb and Orange & Grapefruit drinks are made with Smirnoff’s No.21 Premium Vodka, combined with sparkling water and natural fruit flavours. The simple reason this is happening is because they are seen as better alternatives. Available from Selfridges (£10.99 for a pack of 4 cans). Maybe they will jump from hard seltzers to low-ABV wine spritz. Mike’s made its UK debut in November 2019 when it launched into the convenience channel. The Hard seltzer revolution has arrived in the UK and we’ve put together a guide on what to expect from the USA’s fastest growing drinks trends and the impact it will have in the UK drinks market. All things considered, hard seltzer (and seltzer in general) has pretty much blown up over the past year or two. White Claw, Bodega Bay and Mike’s are big hitters in the world of hard seltzers. I’ve tried a few of them now (also a new one that launched called Fountain hard seltzer which is not on your list. Hard seltzer, or alcoholic sparkling water, is the newest drink trend taking the UK by storm. }); DRTY Hard Seltzer Raspberry Rosé, 4% Alcoholic Sparkling Water, (12 x 330ml), Zero Carbs, 83 Cals per can. Think about it - if you’re in the mood for a nice, crisp cider, would you really opt for a lighter & fruitier hard seltzer? It is plain old water mixed with carbon dioxide. //$('#email').val(count); The simple reason this is happening is because they are seen as better alternatives. Many brands are gluten-free and are around 4-5% ABV. It is gluten-free, has 4.5% ABV, and uses all-natural fruit flavours. Its initial three flavours – Lemon, Lime and Black Cherry – were later joined by a Raspberry variant in October 2020. London, UK, The Whisky Exchange We enjoyed the tropical passionfruit notes and found it light but flavourful. But what actually are these mysterious beverages we keep seeing on supermarket shelves across the land? Framed as “a lighter-calorie option to wine and beer”, a pair of hard seltzers from Smirnoff rolled into Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose in June (rsp: £1.80/250ml). However, perhaps because of the novelty and health factor that is normally associated with hard seltzers, the other beverages are seeing a decline. This is definitely one of the sweeter options, with a strong flavour profile. Subscription offer: save 44% and receive a brand-new cookbook, The best hard seltzers available in the UK, Emily Lambe – Digital assistant, So, if you are someone who prefers a stiffer drink (and one that does not taste too sweet), you might be better off taking a look at beers and ciders instead. This hard seltzer from Two Brooks is a mellow and well-balanced drink with floral and fruity flavours. White Claw Hard Seltzer Natural Lime (PRNewsFoto/White Claw Hard Seltzer). The seltzer comes in attractive packaging which a great bonus. have flown off … This is one of the best rated hard seltzers out there. Another reason which may have contributed to the sudden popularity of hard seltzers is the fact that according to a few industry experts and brewery owners, the craft beer bubble has burst (or is about to burst). and seltzer is no exception. Made from a fruit wine base, the floral grapefruit flavour is well balanced with sweetness and acidity. It has a pleasant aftertaste and long flavour resides on the tongue. And now, seeing as hard seltzers have become kind-of a big deal in the UK in 2020, Kopparberg, Smirnoff and Barefoot Wine have also launched their own range of these tasty tipples. Sarah Shimmons, global marketing director for Smirnoff, said: “Smirnoff has a long legacy of innovation, so we’re thrilled to bring the new range of seltzers to the UK. Hard seltzers aren’t zero calorie, but they are lower calorie than many other alcoholic alternatives that are available in the market today. As a result, while the market share of hard seltzers may go up, the moment there’s something better in the market, consumers will shift to that. For all you number-crunching folks out there, the hard seltzers grew to $585MM - 185% in dollar terms and 196% in terms of units moved. Strictly speaking, seltzers are essentially fizzy, sparkling water. The best part of seltzer is just how simple and straightforward it is. Boom - hard seltzer! We also enjoyed the raspberry rosé which has a subtle perfume. Its two initial flavours, Raspberry Rosé and White Citrus, launched into Ocado, Amazon and 31Dover in October 2019 (rsp: £2.20/330ml). And as far as hard seltzers are concerned, anything with alcohol will never be perfectly healthy and we also find some can taste too fruity and sweet. Available in Mixed Berries, Black Cherry and Passionfruit flavours, the drinks are made with the brand’s trademarked ‘KopparSpirit’, an alcohol base which leaves behind no residual sugar. Available in Lime and Raspberry flavours, Served has recived financial backing from Seedlip investors Mike Branson and Jonathan Ford, Dash Water investor Bradley Berman and CrowdCube founder and CEO Darren Westlake. 03606414 | Tel: +44 (0)20 7803 2420. Theme by Safe As Milk. If you continue to use this site, you consent to our use of cookies. '); You can buy a number of hard seltzers in UK supermarkets. It is said that “beauty lies in simplicity” and seltzer is no exception. But as it turned out, older women were also enjoying this beverage since it’s a lower calorie alternative. For information on alcohol guidelines, read our guide to drinking responsibly. Has anyone else noticed that hard seltzers, which have been a big hit over in the US of A for a while now, are now making their way over to the UK to spice up our weekends? The trio launches into supermarkets and convenience stores from August. London, UK, Fusion Communications But the basics remain the same - it is still zero calorie, made from sparkling water. The range will roll out in November in Tangy Lemon Lime, Tropical Mango and Cherry Acai flavours. Maybe they will jump from hard seltzers to low-ABV wine spritz. We use cookies on this site to store information on your device.

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