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gwent guide 2020

The excess copies of cards are automatically milled for resources. In Devotion decks, his last form can turn into an engine itself that demands an answer. Enjoy! Since Patch 6.1, we can enjoy the Journey progression system. If you recycle them, you will have to craft them if you want to get them again. Commonly regarded as the most annoying Defender in Gwent, Azar can be very useful. Coupled with Mahakam Marauder from the starter set, Miner is also a great target for Novigradian Justice. The two Elf bodies can help pull out Aelirenn, while synergizing with Yaevinn and The Great Oak. Crafting priority: High Faction kegs are a wonderful option if you want to focus on a specific faction. Be aware that the starter leaders and those obtained in solo challenges cannot be found in kegs. The Beast [200 scraps] Crafting priority: Medium. Synergies: Blood Eagle, Greatsword, Patricidal Fury. The faction has emerged from Master Mirror as one of the strongest factions in the game, yet NR has historically been quite volatile balance-wise, oscillating between being very strong and getting heavily nerfed. Neutral cards often provide unique effects that can make giving up Devotion worth it. It’s best used in combination with Overwhelming Hunger and some high-end Deathwish cards. Affan Hillergrand [800 scraps] Hemdall is a strong card whose full potential is unlocked when paired with Greatsword, but also works well as a standalone. Crafting priority: High with Devotion, Low otherwise The remaining player may continue to play as many cards as they like. Synergies: Greatsword. Be it in terms of the actual points or consistency and versatility they offer. And finally, Call of the Forest is a great addition once you’ve acquired some high-end ST units like The Great Oak. If you're interested in Syndicate, Iron Judgment has introduced a great deal of staple cards for this faction. Although Joachim has been seen less in the top NG meta decks, he still has his uses. Braathens [800 scraps] While the package offers an excellent amount of tempo, with Elves alone you’ll be lacking for some control tools. Wondering what the best Gwent decks are at the moment? Posted on October 29, 2020 by . Faction affinity: Primarily MO, but can arguably be slotted in any deck and do good work. Other than enabling some of your Hoard cards and helping with thinning out The Flying Redanian, Urchins also have the Blindeye tag and synergize with Passiflora. It should be noted that there are multiple variations of this deck, based on which leader you choose to play. Since the Master Mirror expansion, SK has been a dominant force in Gwent in large part due to its new warrior bronze package, which has allowed it to consistently achieve value above provision levels, allowing it to conserve its high-end gold cards for the final round. Philippa: Blind Fury [800 scraps] The current best NG leader ability can use this card to have a better Round 3, as Affan provides 5 extra points after Imperial Formation is fully expended. Borrowing Donar an Hindar from the starter set, it should be noted that this package works best when paired with the Raid package, including Vabjorn and Blood Eagle. Magic Lamp [800 scraps] Keep in mind that you can reroll a quest you don't like and it's always a good idea to fish for RP quests. This makes for some nasty synergies with the likes of Saul and Sea Jackal. Coming into Gwent can be a daunting experience. Roderick offers consistency at a very low cost, since the fact that he’s a Disloyal unit often means more points on your side of the board (with the likes of Impera Enforcers and Thirsty Dame). Ozzrel food, 10 points for 8 provisions and a drawback that often scares the opponent more than it scares you. Most of the time, you can ignore his Tribute ability, spawning one Scarab and getting 3 coins. Crafting priority: Essential with Imperial Formation. The key point here is that you do not have to win games in order to progress — you only have to win rounds. This currency can be obtained by recycling cards you don’t want, or any extra copies you may have. Gremist [200 scraps] Crafting priority: Medium Able to provide solid value with row-stacking and removal without losing any value. Crafting priority: Medium After the introducion of reward points (RP), Gwent opened a personalized progression system - the reward book. The evolving card Eithné Young Queen (800 scraps) is a popular option and can also be obtained by purchasing the ST starter pack. While Ewald may strike you as a measly 6 for 8 at first glance, don’t be so quick to judge the book by its cover. Borrowing 2x Half-Elf Hunter from the bronze crafts, Elf decks usually include The Great Oak and a small Nature package. Synergies: Engine protection. © 2020 CD PROJEKT S.A. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 2x Fisstech Trafficker [160 scraps] Synergies: Anna Strenger, Lyrian Scytheman, Vissegerd. He works fine on his own, as there are often some boosted targets. Scraps are used to craft cards. Crafting priority: Low Devotion decks can only play faction-specific cards. They get a lot of charges thanks to the inclusion of Fergus, Usurper General, Braathens and Roderick. Compared to playing in casual, ranked is the better option for progression in GWENT. Crafting priority: Essential. A deck with Harald Gord and some Dwarf units can include 2x Tempering. Iron Judgment kegs contain cards from the Iron Judgment expansion, which finally re-introduced the Armor mechanic. With that said, the core cards of both methods remain the same. Bomb Heaver [80 scraps] Crimson Curse kegs contain cards from the first Gwent expansion. You can mill unwanted cards in order to obtain more Scraps. -Minuano, Fruits of Ysgith > Hunger > Deaths Shadow > Arachas Swarm > Blood Scent > Force of Nature > Carapace, 2x Endrega Larva [160 scraps] Synergies: Harmony, Elf package. Writing: Wusubi, Nimraphel and Minuano Website operated by GOG Sp. It allows you to trade-up with high-value armored targets, which can be the decider between winning and losing the round. The Master Mirror expansion gave some much-needed support to one of the oldest NG archetypes, Spies, which further advances NG’s agenda as the control faction with a lot of removal tools. Against the likes of MO, the combo of Wild Card, Slander and Graden can win you the game on its own. Both of these cards can fit into any deck and provide significant value. Playing two Scenarios means that you will need more Aristocrats, hence the inclusion of Thirsty Dames. Synergies: Novigradian Justice. Pro rank player receive 25 RP, whereas rank 10 players receive 10 RP when the season ends. Imperial Formation offers engine protection while Tactical Decision allows you to advance your Scenario in the same turn as you play it. 2x Street Urchins and Kalkstein are included in most SY decks, which leaves you with adding Adriano and 2x Sly Seductress. Most of the trees are accessible right away, but the leader trees require you to first unlock the specific leader node in their faction/expansion tree. Miruna and Manticore make Overwhelming Hunger truly scary, forcing the opponent to play around both cards. Synergies: Ramon Tyrconnel, Ard Feainn Crossbowman. Gwent Crafting Guide August 21, 2020 wusubi. While the faction still suffers from two nigh-unplayable leader powers, the introduction of Devotion strengthened the existing dominant Uprising deck, while adding some tricks in the bag to Pincer Maneuver and Vicious Slash. Whether you need to disable any row-locked engine, get Bloodthirst or enable Greatsword, this burly pirate has got your back. Since ST is one of the weaker factions, we’ll work on some basic packages that keep the faction afloat. You can mill unwanted cards in order to obtain more Scraps. 2x Kerack Frigate [160 scraps] Several other soldiers that you could include with this package are Recruit, Alba Spearman or even Alba Armored Cavalry, but the core of the package is usually the same within all NG decks. Crafting priority: Essential in Uprising, Low otherwise All other copyrights and trademarks are the property of their respective owners. As such, Invocation has found its way into the majority of NG decks. Theme, progression, and gameplay. The latter used to craft premium, animated versions of cards. Synergies: Mahakam Marauder, Miner etc. This gives you a lot of presence in the first two rounds, allowing you to bully the opponent with a handful of engines. Synergies: Any unit that benefits from Inspired or Barricade. -Wusubi, Hidden Cache > Wild Card = Blood Money = Jackpot > Off the Books > Congregate > Lined Pockets, 2x Sea Jackal [60 scraps] A versatile card that has the ability to shut down an engine or apply 2 Bleeding to play for at least 5 points. 2x Oakcritters [60 scraps] This can be the difference between winning the round with ease and getting forced out by a few engines. Crafting priority: Medium Hammond [200 scraps] Most contracts provide you with RP, but some of the more difficult ones can unlock rare titles, avatars or borders. All four of the story nodes add up to 1400 Ore, which means 14 kegs for 20 reward points. Completing these unlocks two extra leaders for each faction, while also giving you the idea of various starter decks to see which faction you like best. Synergies: Boosted units. Crafting priority: High Craft him when you start facing decks that rely on a Scenario. Every single card matters immensely. The faction can still offer some interesting packages which provide your deck with unrivaled tempo and consistency. Battlefield 1 ist der 5. Crafting priority: Medium. They contain essential cards for a wide variety of decks, so buy them when you hunt for any of those cards. SY finally has another high-end spender. Crafting priority: High In addition, finishing these challenges will earn you ore — currency used to purchase card kegs and therefore, gain more cards. Crafting priority: Medium The GG button enables both players to give each other an extra reward. A boring craft, but one that can potentially save you from losing Round 1 to tall punish. This powerhouse of a card is precious to the point where it can rival gold cards in terms of raw points. Some decks use it in addition to another strong complementary package, while others rely on playing Masquerade Ball twice. However, the danger always exists, as losing your 14-provision card to a measly Bomb Heaver can be painful. Crafting priority: Essential Larva has quickly become a staple in all MO decks, providing two annoying Thrive engines that demand a quite cumbersome answer, otherwise they accrue value far above their very humble provision cost.

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