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guyanese curse words

Want a piece of my bread? Guyanese Slang Ayou - talking about someone else Alooo - potatoes Bruk up - broken Box you - slap you Buck ta - male underwear Blind - curtains Battie - butt Cut tail,Cut ass - A serious spanking Cut yeye - cutting your eye at someone by turning the eyes the other way. “Budday… ah see yo fat-fowling dat binney bad-bad!—But ah gon warn yo’! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Yeh man, some big, big men used to keep one han in dem side pocket all day long. bakannal  |  April 10, 2007 at 5:24 pm, gish – the accepted wisdom is that rass is a contraction of youR ASS. considered part of the caribbean and west indiez also due 2 da fact that abedeze doez speak english or something. “Most Guyanese, after so many years out of Guyana, still see themselves as individuals proud to be Guyanese. mumma–mom A Who da man ? ( Log Out /  Some words are spelled and pronounced a little different but continue to convey the same meaning. shana  |  June 2, 2014 at 3:01 pm, 3. That meant a lot to me; and in the process, I made a ton of great new, Guyanese friends.” “I realized that if I had traveled to Guyana for the Guyana Prize Awards Ceremony last November, I’d be breaking my promise to get the collection finished, published, and available in early December 2015. lol! Just a bit of evidence can tell you a lot. he muma bring he home and tell he fa take on bath. yuh idiot. okay bai (y), 85. This list was made with the Guyanese community in mind—yes, even the self-loathing ones who refuse to identify as such—for the ease of communication with relatives this holiday season. This was a good way of preventing thief among other things. Cathy  |  July 26, 2016 at 11:30 pm, 29. Looking forward to seeing everyone post the same picture of pepper pot and bread to their Instagram on Christmas morning. and denz yuh got that basmati song, yuh kno how it goez: diz gyal name basmati, she come from be be, she na wan fuh dance now, she gone and get away, basmati dance gyal. My oldest customer is 93, and in a retirement home in Florida. The joyous winter holidays are upon us, meaning plenty of interaction with family members and all of their personal and cultural quirks. Bt low-low, when you could put yuh sotie head in yuh bt hole an do yuhself commoness. amitabh bachan (a-meet-abh bah-chan): da rang barse dude. Bascom explained that he got the idea when he began to post Guyanese words on Facebook.” I called my posts, ‘The Guyanese-word-of-today’. Rare* and bai is wuh really do you, yu forget DRAWS- but bai how yu ah forget draws wuh dem old gyal wear unda dem frock lol Doc ask de patient to explain the reason he could not make love to his wife. instead i will use the definition given 2 me by sum1 wid a rass. Create a free website or blog at : Oh shit! It’s too easy to use ignorance as an excuse for our mistakes. tittavate-(tit•eh•vate)- when yuh does touch something or make am up how eeh nah supposed to deh. Only old – “yuh bleddy bitch yuh!”, Yuh forgot KUT LASS – Is da big sword/ knife yhu does use fuh chop up dem plants and so. In the hands of the experts they can deliver with great speed. 67. Another favorite…lil boy ( or girl) bicycle ain have no breaks. ( Log Out /  The other name is the opossum. dem been remake a bunch a dem coolie folk songz. And Yours Is Next – By Jack Chapple, USA ELECTIONS 2020: Why it has to be Biden – The Economist, Guyana Politics: Mr. Pompeo’s visit to Guyana – By: Dhanpaul Narine – opinion, Accourie{ Dasyprocta Leporina} a kind of guinea pig, Assays, drink made from the manicole palm, Awarra, fruit of the Awarra palm {Astrocaryum}, Battel, round wooden or metal used by gold-seekers, Beltierie, drink made from the purple yam, Benab, hut built of poles, with a palm-thatched roof, Bottlebrush, a splendid climber with scarlet flowers like brushes, Boviander, originally meant cross between a Dutchman and a Native Indian but now used from a cross between an African and Native Indian, Carra- Carra, a beautiful scarlet climber, Cartaback, a flat shaped river fish refer to as {Cataback}, Cassareep {Cassereep} boiled juice from the bitter cassava and major ingredient in pepper pot, Chokabawt {Choka} miners mess: dumplings, salt pork and rice, Coolie {derogatory} East Indian immigrant, Corial, canoe {derive from Korjaal- a Dutch word}, Corio, fruit of the Corio Pimpler palm {Akuyuro Astrocaryum}, Cuffum, tarpon, large fish like a herring, Double-lay, stripping of soil before you come to pay-dirt, Etaboo, waterway, forming a short cut through a bush, Four eyes, a small fish found in brackish water, Grenadilla, a fruit of the passion flower’, Groo-groo worm, caterpillar out of the groo-groo palm, Hackia stick, stick made of hackia, any long stick, Hiaree, plant used by Indian to poison fish. Because* i’m a therapists dream ain’t i? In a culture known for its colorful expressions, the following proverbs and translations will hopefully allow you to understand and connect with your relatives without any of the linguistic barriers that have so often prevented first generation kids from understanding what the hell is going on. I can’t find out from which language it came into English or if it is original. Just Now – Can be used in past, present and future tense. Ridiculous* Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. hero  |  April 25, 2009 at 5:34 pm. An yes, e skunt fahget “chateh”, yu know when yu chateh yu plate like wun cyat? If you are looking for a place to build on your basic Japanese vocabulary - especially when it comes to learning Japanese swear words, curse words, and insults, this is a great place to start. Tho it duz come in need fuh dem ppl who wan pretend dem GTz…ahaha…lmao…. very funny!! – surprised to see someone.. (doing/having something) Doublez (duh-bulz): iz diz ting wid channa in am and aloo in between dem diz 2 ting that like a small roti, dugla (dug-la): ur half black and half indian, dunkay damn (dun-kay-damn):lacking in common sense or skills, epsom salt (ep-som-salt): that ting u parentz dem doez mek u drink 2 mek u get belly work. Guyanese Dictionary. u kno sundar popo be singing about am inthat kaise bane, kaise bane, polowrie bein chutney. Tek = Take The flesh is what is ‘dead.’ The soul is everlasting. @brazillian rudy you dont know what your talking bout you make it sound like we are speaking gibberish when we are speaking a broken up english that isnt to difficult to understand unless your speaking madness like you. GUYANESE DON’T SAY WHATZ POPPING,WE DOES SAY WHAPPENNIN/WAM. Arlene Wilson  |  February 26, 2008 at 9:29 pm. You’re just making Guyanese look bad in some of your explanations because some is not true.. My mommys side is 100%GT. watching fuh see Boy o Boy, his testicles were so enlarged that dem seh he had to wear a specially sewn pair of pants cause the gigantic, growing flesh weighed about seventy pounds. You forgot SAGGABAI. bai!…yu ras funni funni skunt, yu mek meh pee meh pantii lol, PANTY (PAN-TEE)- disa wha dem gyal wear like bukta. ayo skunt madd rassss !!! papaiya- some seed. same-sum kinda vegetable 28. Spiced with anecdotes and illustrations, Bascom uses his story-telling skills and his talent as an illustrator to explain the meaning behind words like ‘fat fowl’ and ‘coona-moonoo’. heelz 2 make she damn short self seem taller, and way 2 short pom-pom shortz. Guyanese Dictionary. The way you are solving the problem is really only perpetuating the problem. yuh go freeze yuh rass off. Jose  |  January 26, 2017 at 9:21 pm. Informations sur votre appareil et sur votre connexion Internet, y compris votre adresse IP, Navigation et recherche lors de l’utilisation des sites Web et applications Verizon Media. So one day he said to me, ‘ting deh bad with me, a doan know who to turn to. i.e. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. U take ur eyez pass me means like who do u think u r…so if I yell at my grandma she could say “u take u eyez pass me”, You r the most weirdest person ever u need better language, yuh na ga none sense ah da why yuh na do am . Cat boil – when you present something to another an yuh tek um bak. You tink a barn yesterday – I’m older and know more than you. The thing which was most outstanding was the Amerindians would “sink” this canoe once they meet the shore. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. “SHE A GET OUT A SHE HEAD” Chris…if u na no wha vex mean me vex wit u…lmaooo, Vex — to na talk to nobody, hold wahn grudge, mout tun lilli, mout swell up, Me n coolieman up deh r DJs, hit em up if ayu dese need sum guyanese songs or dem old flim chune or even blak man or white man even spanish man song, awee dese ga all dem ting rass, especially remix. I tink itz ur piknee’z mother-in-law. Tickle de pata – anoint de pata tongue – de clit. Disrespecting* Lol! “And then there are the illustrations. By the way korjaal was a great inclusion. Ow yuh gat coolie an lef out niggah-man (LOLL). Because* GOOD FU U I HOPE SHE NA TELL U FU MANGE DE BARTAN PICKNEY, muhma– ur mother (haha sounds like a diss), cuss– to curse; not like dem wite ppl curse here in America shit is valid, lil bai bicycle naa ga brakes– ur a restless picknee, laff til yuh belly bust– U laugh real hard. flattie – 1/4 or 1/2 bottle of rum by Elizabeth Jaikaran.  By Michael Jordan Bai…I am frm India. macow-one who minds people business Coastal area swamped after heavy rains – Guyana... > When we eyes meet she wink pon me an a gentle smile enveloped her beautiful face so I walked across to her table to reintroduce meself an she seh, ‘gwan me nah know you,’ an de fry a watch me wit bad intentions an me show she me badge an id card an she seh, ‘sorry sir, de police already ketch dem people dat break in we house.’ I told her I was stationed at Providence.’ An by now we all know what happened.

Maytag Repair Manual, Fairlife Chocolate Milk Recall, Savate Vs Karate, カナダ タバコ 値段, Stir Crazy Cod Maps, What Major Characteristic In Down The Rabbit Hole Helps Identify This As A Fantasy Story, Can Humans Eat Woodpeckers, How Tall Was Billy Fury, Essay On Peacock,

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