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funny colonoscopy messages

Sourced from Reddit, Twitter, and beyond! Required fields are marked *, Copyright © 2005-2020 Funny & Jokes • All rights reserved. Afterwards I asked him if is was as good for him. December 19, 2007 by F&J Staff 34 Comments, Lucky 13, that’s just how many shocking comments this physician claimed his patients actually made while he was performing their colonoscopies. Did anyone sing “The Long and Winding Road?”. We still laugh about it. I went to the doctor for my yearly physical, and as I'm getting on in years, the doctor suggested I get a colonoscopy. You are not knocked out as under a general anesthetic. god. Whether you are asleep or awake, you are basically so loopy that you don’t notice the discomfort. Feb 4, 2019 - Explore Valancy Bastian's board "Colonoscopy Humor" on Pinterest. ), but the people I had talked to who did do it, did say they were given sedatives n that they hardly felt anything since they were asleep for the most part… but of course like I sed, experiences can vary n different doctors may even follow different protocols as well… so my apologies if I offended any1 please.. Another funny was a guy (real story) who had colonoscopy done by physician friend asked doctor if he could have music other than “Dancing Queen” playing… Doc asked if he wanted him to increase the volume of the music, then the patient went under the anesthesia, I liked the last one it was the funniest…. Your email address will not be published. (Not referring to a colonoscopy that is…). You are about to go where no one has gone before. The doctor says, "At this point in the process, it's normal to experience an erection.". Sep 28, 2014 - Explore Tricia Smith Christenson's board "Colonoscopy Humor" on Pinterest. Funny Colonoscopy Comments. I bet Krish must be a bit embarassed. Some funny and some not so. pls do some homework b4 putting these jokes up – the patient is given high dose of sedatives and the procedure is carried out while he is unconscious… its easier to laugh when made-up jokes are believable. I’m having my procedure done this fri. An ur comments have made me laugh :)), “I’m ready for my closeup, Mr. Most popular humor and joke blog on the internet. He is sent to the manager and is asked to play a few songs from memory. Personally I would like the sedation. Colonoscopies are almost always done with. Create and send your own custom Reminders ecard. Are we there yet?”, “You know in Arkansas we’re now legally married.”, “You put your left hand in, you take your left hand out…”, “If your hand doesn’t fit, you must quit!”, “Hey Doc, let me know if you find my dignity.”, “You used to be an executive at Enron didn’t you?”, “Could you write a note for my wife saying that my head is in fact not up there.”. Thanks folks. I wrote with a Sharpie on my lower back before my last colonoscopy, it read “Exit Only” with an arrow pointing down. Somethings are just disturbing. To summarize, sigmoidoscopies are usually done without anesthetic so it is more uncomfortable. Both were done with sedation, however, it did not knock me out, I watched the whole procedure on the screen and remember everything. Grumpy cat found out he needs a colonoscopy, What a rip off...I never found skittles in a patient's colon! Krish…you are so wrong… does not get sedation before having a colonoscopy….at least no one that I have talked to and had it done has…..been there…..done that. I was convinced that the beautiful nurses were allegedly more gentle and accommodating there. The patient is not always unconscious for this procedure. I am pretty nervous. Don’t know if I’d told him my plan was to have an NRA target printed on my buns or the fact I had worn tighty whites under my gown as a last of defiance! now I feel like a wise guy! Оптовая продажа, продаем на интернет сайте, Королев, Горки. Are we there yet? Doc, how is this procedure like Star Trek? Haha, Pollware for publishers to generate revenue with custom polling. I guess I'm not as full of shit as I thought. Ouch. She goes to the dentist for a colonoscopy. True story so my dad(60M) had a colonoscopy today and since his father died of colon cancer he decided to tell us he had one and that all was good. LOL!!!! Joe Boss has a very funny video on Youtube about colonoscopy, I even talked to my doctor asking him questions throughout. Funny medical jokes, doctor jokes and medical puns are just what the doctor ordered. Now I have to top that for my next one. So, yes you can be awake even given sedation and my doctor told me he gave me the maximum amount for my weight which is 128. She said that he would only be a few minutes. Yes it was painful,,, kinda like a really really bad gas cramp.. You can always assess the anxiety level of a colonoscopy patient by the tighness of the knot on thier gown! See more ideas about Colonoscopy humor, Humor, Colonoscopy. 32 photos - A big list of colonoscopy jokes! its still funny. Then I asked him what inspired him to do THAT for a living! guess experience varies from person to person… Have a Happy New Year Tahnee! Well, thankfully i havnt had to undergo this procedure myself – YET, that is (definitely dont want 2 speak too soon please! When I was coming around from the seditive my doctor came in and just started laughing. damn! Reminds me of how Obama must be feeling this month and next as the Jerimiha ‘Bullfrog’ Scope keeps being twisted during the continual proding. See more ideas about Colonoscopy humor, Humor, Colonoscopy. People write that stuff on their button cheeks. Go to an airport. A pianist scored an interview at a local restaurant. Enjoy! I went into my proctologist's office for my first rectal exam. 32 of them, in fact! thanks for the correction. On the way home, I told him how the nurses were joking, and he said he didn’t remember telling them that and was embarrassed that he had done so. The doctor has the camera up there, watching the video on the screen. December 19, 2007 by F&J Staff 34 Comments. Click here for more information. Free and Funny Reminders Ecard: The good news is, you don't need a Colonoscopy since your head is so far up your own ass you can see what's going on in there without my help. ", Or as my doctor insists on calling it, a colonoscopy, A guy goes in to his proctologist for a colonoscopy. After my routine procedure I told my wife, “Well they didn’t find cancer, but they found Jimmy Hoffa.” She thought that was funny.

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