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ff7 stat maxing

Standard Sphere Grid has 32 more nodes than Regular. Therefore, in order to maximize the potential for stats with humans and mutants is to at least have their turn come up in every battle. Further stat boosts depend on what augments the player has given them, each augment being tied to one or more specific stat, and thus giving a set boost to those stats on level up. Humans and mutants have the potential to gain stats when they have a turn in battle whether they actually act or not. It is one of the many things which determines the reduction of base damage determined by Attack: Other ways of reducing magic damage taken include Barrier and similar spells. The robot and monster have high agility, the human has moderate agility, and the mutant has low agility. Derived stats refer to the character stats determined by primary stats. Red XIII's and Cid's ultimate weapons deal more damage the closer to maximum their MP is. In the International Zodiac Job System version, the player is asked to choose a job class for each party member, and once selected, the job cannot be changed. This stat only applies to units. At 256 Defense, the damage taken will be half the damage taken at 0 Defense. Magic def% determines the chance of avoiding a magical attack entirely. Cloud's and Cait Sith's ultimate weapons' damage depends on Cloud and Cait Sith's HP. Vit Up can be mugged from Left Probe. Str Up can be found on the second floor. Note that to get a Wonderful with 4127 MDash, we first need to receive the max 4000 MDash base stat (1/8 chance). Dexterity is used in many calculations. Now the results are that the human has used a consumable item and has a chance to gain a stat bonus for the item used, while the mutant remains unable to gain a stat bonus. For purposes of min-maxing, it is best to not upgrade Odin into the Raiden magicite. Humans and mutants also can gain an increase to maximum HP if they survive a battle. (Dislexic, the numbers are confusing). At level 99 all permanent party members have over 9,700 HP at minimum, and at least 990 MP, with the exception of Umaro, who has 989. One recommended strategy is to use all the available large nodes to increase Serah's Magic and Noel's Strength. All stats hard cap at 255. The robot and monster easily kill the first enemy and the human easily kills the second enemy before the mutant acts. Therefore, to maximize party members' stats, one must remain at level 1 until all of the best equipment become available. HP is the unit's health. Due to the Marcus/Eiko stat bug, Marcus's stat growth transfers to Eiko without affecting her level. All other stats are the same for someone with the same level, job, job level and equipment. The stat boosts are HP +10, MP +5, Strength +1, Speed +1, Stamina +1, Intelligence +1, and Spirit +1. It is recommended to save the game before filling in nodes, particularly when obtaining the Saboteur and Synergist large node bonuses. Only 18 MP nodes are required to reach 999 MP, and with abilities to reduce the MP cost of spells and skills more is not needed. While most stats are raised by performing actions in battle, the chance to gain Agility is based solely on the user's Evasion percentage. Accruing Experience Points allows party members to level up, enhancing their other stats. Also, any Speed over 235 will cause an extremely slow ATB bar due to how the game is programmed. In every battle, there are certain tactics that should be used to achieve maximum effectiveness in terms of item usage and stat gaining. Party members' stats can be boosted permanently via enhancers. Agility soft caps at 170 with any extra points only deciding first hits (unnecessary with the First Strike ability). Completing the Sphere Grid is relatively easy but you will have to add Spheres to nodes in order to continue to increase each character’s stats. Attack% determines the chance that an attack will hit, and on party members is derived from the Dexterity and equipment. Degenerator traps are useful in optimizing stats as they reduce character's level by 1, and thus reduce the stats of that character by the amount they would have gained by leveling up once in that job. The maximum possible HP and MP varies between characters. Final Fantasy Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Similar to Final Fantasy VII, leveling up a character grants a varying amount of HP and MP. For endgame min-maxing purposes, it is actually better to make a character the class opposite of what their strengths are, than to play to their strengths, because armor will allow for anyone to cap their primary stat. Here are the basic steps to follow in battle. Each character has a different Stat Base. Please expand this article into a full one. A high Evasion-% can be attained by equipping shields, which boost Evasion-% based on the quality of the shield and the user's shield skill level, while avoiding heavy armor with high Evasion-% penalties. To max all stats in the Regular Sphere Grid one will have to replace all HP Spheres, any stat sphere below +4, and any MP Sphere below +40. The main way of min-maxing would be to pay attention to the characters' action time with each weapon type, as some faster than others. Serah and Noel can increases their HP, Strength, and Magic using small and large nodes on the Crystarium. Each character's stat growth is determined by their job when they level up after gaining 100 exp. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. I'm aiming to defeat the Weapons solo (using Cloud) without KotR, Mime or Limit Breaks. RNG@002, Personality does not affect the Chocobo's racing performance whatsoever. At 0 HP a party member is knocked out. However, the most accurate attack in the game (belonging Dark Ixion) requires a combined total of 290 to ensure dodge any evadable attack; it does not matter whether this is 255 Evasion and 35 Luck, or 35 Evasion and 255 Luck, or anywhere in-between. This is a split board - You can return to the Split List for other boards. It is a straight percentage chance and determined by equipment or the enemies' pre-determined stat. Most things that hit above 9,999 HP will one-shot regardless. The only stat which can be min-maxed is HP. All characters gain different HP and MP per each level, and between level 50 and level 77, a character will gain at least 130 HP, while MP growth is maximized between level 10 and level 35. Some Guardian Forces have innate support skills that grant a permanent increase to base stats on level up, so to maximize stat growth the player should keep their characters at a low level until they can equip these. Notably, all enemies in Gelnika morph into Sources. It is thus simple to predict when a character will level up during a battle and change their job to obtain desired stats. For example, let's say there are two enemies against the player's party of a robot, monster, human, and mutant. With the use of the Add Status support ability and the Stop status to avoid gaining experience, it is possible to keep the party at Level 1 until Pandemonium. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. After those encounters, there are none that require the party to gain experience until all the equipment in the game becomes available. By min-maxing for Agility as soon as possible, party members can equip heavy armor, such as the extremely-heavy Genji Armor, while retaining a high or even maximum Evasion-% value. For that reason, I, 23 - Hard reset and run into the barn (without hanging around in the Pen). Ramza will never leave the party, so his Faith can be maxed without penalty. How do I solve the Mayor of Midgar's Password? In addition to these automatic increases, the Bonus values also increases based on the stat bonuses given by equipment. I can't wait to test this. The player will need to place 40 Strength Spheres, 51 Defense Spheres, 46 Magic Spheres, 59 Accuracy Spheres, 21 Agility Spheres, 44 Evasion Spheres, 29 Luck Spheres. There is also a Spd Up as part of the Big Bad Rascal sidequest. In addition to determining stat growth, it improves physical damage, magical damage, chance to hit with magical attacks, chance to land critical hits, chance to steal, and the chance to manipulate. Thus, keeping Kain at a low level up until the battle will result in significantly higher HP and MP as Kain levels up afterwards than if he leveled up as the Hooded Man. The Expert Sphere Grid has 36 fewer nodes than Regular. There aren't many bosses where only one or two attacks finishes the battle, so it is likely that everyone will get a chance to take an action in any case. 999 MP is easier to track, as each character gets 11 MP from level 97 to 98 and 13 from 98 to 99, so the player just needs to remember to equip Crusader for the last level or two. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Usually HP can only be lost in battles, but in Cave of the Gi and Ancient Forest some traps exist as field elements that lower HP if triggered. Enemies' MP can be reduced using Magic Hammer or Barret's Mindblow Limit. For this reason, a player attempting to min-max should purchase HP200s before proceeding past Ashura and the point of no return. Espers grant stat bonuses at level up, so the best way to maximize stats is to keep characters at a low level until earning stronger espers, so that they will get more stat boosts.

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