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feng shui cure for unlucky direction

As with most feng shui information, the lucky and unlucky feng shui directions info is there to help you, not to rule your life. The wood element is represented by plants, trees, grass, and other green objects. What Directions Travel Good For New Year Feng Shui? According to Feng Shui, placing cactus or bamboo on the study table is believed to absorb the negative energy around the table. In feng shui, these five elements have their importance, and they must be balanced appropriately to achieve true harmony. This philosophy is known as the Tao, which means “the way.” Taoism is known as the way of nature or environment, and Feng Shui also talks about nature in all its principle. After you find out your Kua, take note of your lucky and unlucky directions. In the Year of The Rat 2020, the Victory Star is in the Southeast, The Prosperity Luck Star 8 is in the Northwest, and The Multiplicative Star 9 is the West sector. After clearing your child’s room, you should focus on the. In 2020, in order to benefit from the positive energy of Flying Star 9, display in the west area one or more of the following activators: The north side of your house is occupied by Flying Star 3, which is correlated to bad luck, lawsuits, disputes, defamation and money loss. You can choose your symbols that bring the energy of protection and mercy. Last update on 2020-11-05 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API, FengShuiTricks.Com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Throughout 2020, in order to benefit from the positive energy of Flying Star 6, display in the Southeast area one or more of the following activators: Emerged in the Centre sector in 2020, this Flying Star can cause some impulsive momentary emotions, thus causing disputes, violence and gossip and also health issues that could lead to hospitalization or surgical interventions. Feng Shui is not a miracle that gives you special powers that assure success in your life. 1. More than that, the Flying Star 7 can announce fierce competitions and rivalry at work. We can wear a medallion with the image of an animal from the Chinese zodiac, if we face a penalty year or if, for ten years, the animals from our destiny and those from the period we are going through are in collision. It is one of the most crucial elements because it unifies all of them. After finding your lucky Feng Shui direction, you should at least do one of these 2 things in office or home: 1. It is associated with happiness, fame and wealth, with reaping the fruits of your hard work, your efforts. The colors associated with Metal elements are White, Silver, Gray, and Black, and the season is fall. Ensure that you are not wearing any metallic objects such as jewelry. If negative and inauspicious energies surround your home, no amount of cure and remedies will help you fully utilize feng shui. Dogs, cats and hamsters in an apartment or house are considered “activators”, because they move all the time and they can “move” the energy, regardless if the energy is positive or negative. The images of your financial and success goals should be placed in the direction of your vision in places. )- 21+ Tips, How To Feng Shui Interior Design For Home (Top 20 Factors), How To Feng Shui Kids Room- 13 Brilliant + Affordable Ways. bad, it is hard to prepare nurturing food for good health in this energy. This flying star sometimes indicates health issues, especially for older women or women who are pregnant, and difficulties concerning real estate investments. Between the two environments, there is a permanent exchange of substances, energies and signals, which is based on the stimulus-response principles and it is conducted according to the cyclical rhythms. There are no talismans that could permanently bring us luck. In case your bedroom is also placed in this sector, you can be affected by negative dispositions that could induce loneliness and sadness feelings or generate sudden changes, especially at work! In 2020, in order to counteract the influence of the Robbery Star, display in the centre one or more of the following remedies: The name of the star indicates its capacity to multiply and to redirect the influence of other stars. Storage. The neat and tidy room will enhance the children’s positive energy, which will result in improved focus while studying. For this reason, the Southeast side is an excellent sector to use in case you want to move up the professional hierarchy or if you want to gain recognition and appreciation for your career achievements. Save THIS PIN to your “Feng Shui Lucky Directions” board on Pinterest . In a household, earth element can be represented by, The colors associated with earth elements are. Can you have a hamster as a house pet? So, by employing proper Feng Shui directions techniques, you can live a happy and prosperous life. To decrease the negative effects of this flying star, you can place in the South area of your house some Feng Shui remedies, like a GOLDEN WU LUO or a Metal Stupa. You need a compass to determine the lucky front-facing feng shui direction of your home. Under no circumstances does Zen WYL accept responsibility for, nor shall Zen WYL be liable for any damages or detriment arising out of content, practices, or other media of third party links. Every year, we will offer you an annual kit with Feng Shui remedies for that year, to help you increase the beneficial energy and to halt the negative energy. If your front door is on the Northeast side, in 2020 you can expect good news and numerous travelling opportunities. As the name suggests, the Earth element signifies safety and strength. It’s best to avoid this space in all your important activities. The info on lucky and unlucky feng shui directions is awesome and helpful but way too often taken the wrong way. Since these directions boost their energy. August 13, 2020 at 4:24 am. The couples that plan to get married or to start a family can gain substantial benefits from the auspicious energies of this space. Position yourself seated or bed directly facing your most favorable direction, while working or sleeping. The direction which takes the most Yang (positive) energy should be the front-facing direction of your house. How To Use A Feng Shui Compass For Correct Reading? South. However, this is not always true. endurance, longevity, peace, harmony, authority, good luck and success. Because of that, the west zone of your home represents a favorable sector for starting something new, which might also include initiating another professional route. The lucky colors of 2020 are: white, blue, gold, green. These auspicious directions are derived from a calculation that is based on your gender and birth information. More realistically, it is associated with the flow of money and career. The changes in the body position can be detected by the cells in our nervous system. What is Feng Shui Bagua(Energy Map) and Its Usages, What Is Your Feng Shui Birth Element- Everything You Need To Know, How To Feng Shui A Small Bedroom? Also, find some interesting bedroom guide.

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