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eve pi setup

Upgrades range from basic to elite, providing more CPU and Powergrid per level. If your main has 30 million isk to give to your alt, you'll fully fund your alt's training and initial operations, and the investment will pay itself off rather quickly once all five planets are up and running. This page was last edited on 5 October 2020, at 08:09. Here is a video that shows how Extractor Heads are deployed Do you run your own planets (your own POCO’s) with a 0% tax for transport to and from the planet, or what is your tax rate when you do these setups? Almost nothing in Planetary Interaction is finalized until you click "Submit" and you can group some orders before submitting them (you might get a timer if you keep hitting Submit after every tiny change). Look around for some blue or red pills and start talking about rabbit holes. After your Link is started simply click (without CTRL) your target structure and your Link is ready to build next you hit "Submit". Planetary Interaction Skills, Planets If you decide to take the time to train your second alt character as well, then you can expect to double this number. A: Yes. It's likely that your extra efforts(i.e. Like the extractor if it isn't stored it is lost. If you do not want to check very often you can instead select long-term deposits so you won't need to babysit your extractors. Due to planetary colony CPU/PG restrictions, production of P3 or higher products on a single planet isn't possible, so you'll have to export at this stage at the latest, usually. You must have a schematic selected to be able to route a Resource to your Processor, and only the exact ingredient(s) needed will be routable there. The first building you must construct, deployed from orbit (or technically anywhere undocked in the system). We will use the two terms and the corresponding abbreviations interchangeably for now. Buildings match the planet they are constructed on, but players only need to worry about selecting the right type of command center, the rest are built in-place on the planet and thus always of the right type. Even better would be going for P2 for another drop to 25% of the original, or a tiny 6.25% total of the volume in plain Resources. If all are greyed out, make sure you put the CC in your cargo hold, that you are undocked, and that you are not at your colony cap (Interplanetary Consolidation skill). However, keep in mind that you are charged 50% of the export fee to import items to your launchpad. Planetary Interaction can produce a range of commodities which can be used in blueprints to create POS Structures and Fuel Blocks, Sovereignty structures, Boosters, Nanite Repair Paste, and T2 components. War targets love to watch for lone Unistas who are vulnerable and solo doing activities such as PI in space. Finally hit "Submit" again and congratulations, you now have a working colony! For more information on the involved items, see Planetary Commodities. However the video is still helpful as it gives an excellent overview of setting up from start to final production. At a minimum it seems reasonable to recommend processing your Resources into P1 goods before trying to sell them, as doing so shrinks the volume they take up to about 25% of the original. Transferring funds from your main character is faster, simply locate your alt using the People & Places tool, right click the character's icon, and choose "Give Money". Until you click the "submit" button, no actual changes are made to your colony. The unique resources include Autotrophs ( Temperate planets), Felsic Magma ( Lava planets), and Reactive Gas ( Gas planets). Well, based on rough estimates of the current Eve market in late 2020, P2 products go for around 8,000-11,000 isk/unit. As of the Retribution Patch, you can pick up materials launched into orbit from the CC (because a Planetary Launch Container behaves like a jetcan). The Extraction Area Size/Duration is a trade-off of varying total amount, cycle time (doubles at 25 hours (1d1h) to 30 min, 50 hours (2d2h) to 1hr, 4d4h to 2hr, 8d8h to 4hr. eg: It can also launch far larger amounts, and is the only way to import stuff on to the planet. There are two triangles on the contrast bar. For a P1-P3 six input factory planet, three launchpads, each receiving two P1 inputs (~13k of each), route out to the P1-2 factories, back to the launchpads and out to three P2-P3 facilities. Planetary Interaction is an excellent way to make money since the skills required are relatively easy to attain and the startup costs aren't very high. Buildings cost money, Links do not. Some more advanced video guides are also available: None of the skills related to PI are technically required to try it out. This isn't terribly easy, however, as you will need to occasionally tweak your extractors to not gather an over- or under-abundance of one P0 material, and not run out of a P1 product and hold up production. The layout of your facilities will help save power grid through optimization of your planetary links. Material is removed from a planet either by launches from the Command Center or through a planetary Customs Office that charges a tax. This can be built with Command Centre Upgrades IV on all but the biggest planets. Pyramid Skill Plan All that clicking and strategizing can get tiring pretty quickly, and more than one industrialist has let their struggling colonies die due to boredom. Planetary buildings You'll usually end up placing your CC on the edge of one resource type (or a "pair" of resources that usually hang out together) with another resource type growing in intensity the further it gets from the white "peak" of the first. Aside from leading to higher tiers of planetary Products, some PI goods can be used for T2 blueprints, Starbase / Sov structures, nanite paste, or POS fuel. you cannot colonize planets in territory claimed by an alliance other than your own. When producing up to the P2 stage, producing 1 type of P2 per planet and only exporting at that stage is probably the cheapest option overall, compared to also having to buy both an export and import tax on the P1.

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