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ember prime build

EMBER. Using a blaster weapon with the fire ring will cause extra heat damage. You can kill everything in range with just using some boost to strength and efficiency which will provoke her ultimate ability. But after adjusting my build I can honestly say I like her even better now. Overall: after the patch I have cut down my Power drastically (300 --> 160), plus the less amplify of Accelerant, which is a straight nerf. So, tap someone with your gun until you procc the Growing Power and activate World on Fire for that free 25% bonus Ability Strength while you still have energy. I'm assuming your roaming for the 1:30+ and not just camping in a corner with a vauban/frost/limbo + necros. The fire spreads. Just imagine all of your enemies stumbling down because of Firequake, then stumbling again after successfully landing a shot on you. in exchange for Vitality and Steel Fiber. Using her abilities together can easily take out large groups of enemies as well as keep her protected from damage with the addition of being able to provide crowd control. You can also use Rejuvenation too, but changing or switching over your aura polarity just for this ember build is not recommended. I was originally nervous for this update because Ember is my main. The debuff power stacks with power strength so that's where you want to pour some stats. So I'm gaining an extra 45% power strength over my previous build. The current build only has a power strength of 145% but when World On Fire hits 100% the power strength is doubled equalling 290%. Ember's kit has become less about strictly doing damage and more about hopping in the middle of a group and locking them down. I hear that the next augment she's getting will add knockdown to WoF as well. Backdraft Ember. In the event of taking fatal damage, Quick Thinking will give Ember a chance to escape by either using her abilities to knock enemies away and make a run for it or to use her abilities and fight back within the limited time where she defies death. Don't worry, you can set your builds to private and create your own database of builds for your personal use. You are missing Accelerant, which gets cut down as well. The ring of fire will cause damage over time and expand to nearby enemies, causing them to also take damage. Try both the build and enjoy your game. Ember Prime - Firequake Goals. This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Intensify , Streamline , Stretch , Firequake, Vitality , Primed Continuity , Primed Flow , Power Drift. Power Duration isn't amazingly important with her any more but if you're doing an infested defense mission then a duration build Fire Blast with Fire Fright might work well. Ember is a very powerful Warframe and known to deal a large amount of heat damage, burning enemies all around her. Really insignificant. But see this link. Ember Prime has returned from the Prime Vault for a limited time. It just blasts the enemies nearby, causing heat damage on them. Using this build allows you to deal sustained damage over time to enemies as well as have a way to knock several enemies in an area back. You can also swap out Steel Charge for Rifle / Pistol /  Shotgun Amp if you prefer one of those. The build has been edited and saved in the database. Please select the reason in the drop-down menu below. Even if Duration isn't important, it passively increases your Efficiency, making your spells (channeled or otherwise) cheaper. Damage from the ring of fire will increase based on Immolation, making it deal more damage based on how high the Immolation level is. This aura will help you to kill the mobs faster and your allies will also set benefits with this. (Ember fighting enemies up close while also using abilities). Ember Prime offers the same potential for wanton destruction as Ember but provides unique mod polarities, allowing for greater customization. Consider energy replenishing weapons such as the Supra Vandal with the Augment Entropy Burst, providing you with 25% of your energy back.Essentially, anything provided by the Cephalon Suda Faction or the Red Veil faction. Using this build works well with different playstyles and can be used to deal damage to enemies while running around or when facing them directly. Registered users get access to more options, like the save/edition and sharing of their builds, a bookmark and a "like" button. Her new armour value isn't amazing but it does let her take a few hits here and there. I have searched and found a plethora of build ideas, but they seem to be outdated. Ember prime meteors from hell (rework ember - old blood) by FuraFalevan, last updated on Nov 3, 2019. The Fire damage output against the Infested will be very strong. Using Rejuvenation will help you with a lot of survivability. If you like and would like to support me, give me a hand or return the favor for the five years I worked on this app (not sure it's a good way to say it, I've always been bad for asking help), please consider trying my kinetic novel, available on Steam. You've already reported this build. That's only 0.05 more energy per second. (Ember casting Fireball and burning enemies). The Arsenal will not display an Ability Efficiency above 175% because abilities cannot consume less than 25% of their base costs. Her blueprint is available for purchase via the market in the orbiter for 25,000 Credits. Energy pickups gain additional Health. Accelerant is your bread and butter, stack as much fire damage as you can on your weapon and go to town. Your email address will not be published. The energy cost for World On Fire was 2.65 energy per second. Fortunately she has two abilities, accelerant and fire blast, which give a stun and knockdown respectively. I had to forma Ember Prime twice for this: 1x for changing the aura polarity to E Siphon for that extra layer of shielding, and 1x for creating a polarized spot for primed flow. It's just my opinion/play style. Sadly, her range shrinks over time (up to 50% of her original range) and her strength and energy pool gets boosted up to 100%, so you have to get as much range as possible with some good amount of efficiency. Use to set user flair and text. This provides decent CC against higher level enemies, (considering that lower level enemies will probably die due to the damage of WoF), causing them to be vulnerable to Finshers. Ember, an offensive Warframe that kills the enemies with waves of infernal fire and such a Temperamental and aggressive natured Warframe. It is now available for all members if it is public, or by those who have the link if it is private. Aside from her initial damage from her abilities, she also inflicts a lot of heat status effects, making enemies take damage over time and eventually die. Blueprint: Vaulted: Meso E1, Neo E1, Axi E1  Available: None, Neuroptics: Vaulted: Meso F3, Neo S5  Available: None, Chassis: Vaulted: Meso F2, Neo F1  Available: None, Systems: Vaulted: Lith G1, Axi S2  Available: None. Meso F2 – Ember Prime Chassis – Common Axi E1 – Ember Prime Blueprint – Rare Rage is very hard to fit into a build without losing effectiveness. Fire Ball can repeatedly be cast to damage enemies and Inferno can be cast to deal damage to all enemies within range as well as apply status effects and the ring of fire that expands. Im relatively new to this game, but I had the privilege of receiving the ember prime set after a week or so from my brother. You can put Fire Fright back in for Infested though. So let's examine some numbers. Ember is a nightmare for light-armored targets. I generally ignore vitality and redirection since getting hit generally means death anyways. Ember’s parts can be acquired as a reward from defeating General Sargas Ruk in Tethys on Saturn. The energy cost for World On Fire was 2.65 energy per second. Ember calls down comets from above that hit every enemy in a radius around her, dealing damage upon impact and causing them to have a ring of fire around them. Picking Energy Siphon seems like the obvious choice in regards to her aura mod slot and often times it really is a great addition to your build and for your team. Please click here for more information about the current Prime Vault offers on the official WARFRAME website. A Madurai () slot for your Aura is ideal here for transitioning to end-game, as we'll want to switch it out with Steel Charge, however, Growing Power in itself is still a good mod for Ember: Channeled Abilities (World on Fire) which are activated while the Ability Strength buff is active will keep the bonus as long as they're kept active, even if the buff duration is finished. Running around with a Drop Chance booster and Arcane Energize guarantees that you don't ever drain out. Asked by This is a good build for those who are trying out Ember or for those who need a standard build to start off with and later on change as they please. Being able to recover health more easily is a godsend and I can't believe I waited as long as I did to go get it. Her abilities are good for dealing large amounts of damage and she does well when facing a large group of enemies, nuking them and dealing damage over time. Coupled with a HUGE energy pool (you can exceed 600+ energy capacity with a max Primed Flow). Cookies help us deliver our Services. Ember Prime is the prime variant of Ember and has increased stats such as armor and shield. When World on Fire ability is active it will drain your energy. The build has been saved in the database. But I had an energycost of 0.75 with a 300% Powerstrength build. I suppose that goes for Mesa and Trinity as well because they have abilities that mitigate a shitload of damage. If you don't have enough forma just replace energy siphon with steel charge and use the non prime versions of flow/continuity. So the recent changes to Ember Prime's World On Fire actually made her better. Fire Blast - Using this ability Ember creates a fiery ring around her and cast this ability with a slam on the ground, which will create a heat wave that the expands outwards. This Warframe is capable of dealing more damage output when she takes heat damage from the enemies or environment around her. Item Count; EMBER … Copyright © 2013 - Today. The main advantage of this Warframe is, it does not need any perfect build to be strong. Arcane Eruption will trigger a knockdown when you are hit! When comparing with the Warframes out there, Ember is still one of the best Warframe. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Ember Prime was released alongside Sicarus Prime and Glaive Prime. I would suggest you use Fire Fright Ember build and it’s my personal favorite. She is super squishy, especially compared to Valkyr. It will be analyzed as soon as possible. The ability can be deactivated when pressed again to either turn it off or reset the heat level. Immolation Augment: Allies within Affinity range will receive, Resist Hard Landings from falling at speeds of up to. Overall this change not solved anything still, she needs a real rewrok and not this, personal opinion. Endgame Build. Accelerant - This ability emits the flame in the form of waves, which will stun the enemies around her for a moment. This ability is great for dealing damage to enemies that are either near or far and inflicting them with the heat status effect to deal damage over time.

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