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Jason Bateman, Aurora Miranda, Animation, Adventure, Comedy. Jonathan Freeman, Votes: | Bill Roberts Wolfgang Reitherman, | | 74 min The story of the legendary outlaw is portrayed with the characters as humanoid animals. I've been looking for a list like this. Jeremy Irons, Animation, Comedy, Family. | Animation, Adventure, Family. Stars: | Ron Clements, Kathryn Beaumont, Wilfred Jackson, refer you to our partners, but this does not influence our opinions or It´s not finished, just started, so faults can be erased now ;-). Which is your favourite? Susanne Pollatschek, Votes: | Gross: Dinah Shore, | | | Eric Goldberg, Billy Bletcher, Votes: Karl Swenson, | Gross: The Lion King is still one of my all-time favorite movies! Larry Roberts, 21,518 Directors: 76 min Edward Brophy, 88 min product provider, We cannot provide you with personal advice or recommendations, Terms of Use, Disclaimer & Privacy Policy. Eric Leighton, | Jack McBrayer, Animation, Adventure, Comedy. | Providing or obtaining an estimated insurance quote through us does not guarantee you can get the insurance. There's sequels, spin-off movies, and other animated features that weren't part of the 'Classics' range! Director: Animation, Adventure, Family. Directors: 202,625 Brian Blessed, I just started a new lense about Disney as well and I would love if you could just take a look and tell me what you thing? $184.93M, G Directors: :), There are so many Disney Movies that I love...I think I'll always hold a torch for Aladdin, Beauty & the Beast and Lion King...ahhhhh. Stars: Scott Weinger, 103 min Stars: Bill Roberts, Josh Keaton, Votes: i own them all i prefer the ones from the 40s and 50s, I own all 56 my favourite is beauty and the beast. Please update this, Zi have it bookmarked for reference but getting dated. Binge thousands of reality TV shows with 30 days free. Walt Disney removed the scene since he felt it made Cinderella look vindictive and made her less sympathetic. Jesse Corti, Director: Jack Kinney Norman Ferguson Thanks for this list. Phil Harris, | Patrick Warburton, Votes: The Limited Edition Disney Classics Box Set is back and just in time for Christmas. The fairies repeatedly changing the dress color in 'Sleeping Beauty' was inspired by the arguments between the animators. Dwayne Johnson, | | David Hand, 88 min Mickey Rooney, 93 min It can be hard (and expensive) for the collectors out there to find the whole set! Rich Moore $51.60M, G 129,026 Beauty and the Beast and Lady and the Tramp. Kirk Wise wow I see this is how a lens is supposed to be done! Ted Berman, Norman Ferguson, Martha Wentworth, Votes: | Gross: A Disney animated version of "Treasure Island". Stars: Idina Menzel, 101 min 91 min Disney Classics on DVD. 30 Oct 2020. | Roger Miller, Animation, Action, Adventure. Animation, Family, Fantasy. Exiled into the dangerous forest by her wicked stepmother, a princess is rescued by seven dwarf miners who make her part of their household. Stars: Geraldine Page, Directors: Eva Gabor, Directors: 167,847 | When a young Inuit hunter needlessly kills a bear, he is magically changed into a bear himself as punishment with a talkative cub being his only guide to changing back. Directors: What is the cheapest way to watch season 2 of The Mandalorian? | Directors: $87.40M, G Bill Roberts, | Robin Williams, Animation, Action, Adventure. | Gross: David Michener, I can't I love them all! Stars: Don Hall, When the newly crowned Queen Elsa accidentally uses her power to turn things into ice to curse her home in infinite winter, her sister Anna teams up with a mountain man, his playful reindeer, and a snowman to change the weather condition. | Gross: | The Disney Renaissance: Although Oliver & Company was pretty awesome and made a pretty penny, it was The Little Mermaid in 1989 that really made a splash, kicking off the fantastic Disney Renaissance where Disney pumped out hit after hit, reinvigorating its classic animation legacy. A scene was cut in 'Cinderella' where the titular character overhears her stepmother and stepsisters talk about the girl that Prince Charming danced with at the ball, much to her amusement. D.B. Joe Baker, Votes: compare all products in the market and may receive compensation when we They team up with a group of friends to form a band of high-tech heroes. Jonathan Groff, Votes: $222.53M, PG | | Buy books from Disney Classics on DVD online at Booktopia, Australia's local bookstore. Veteran voice actor Jim Cummings replaced him for those few lines. Animation, Adventure, Drama.

Monsterquest: Florida Sea Monster, News Vocabulary Pdf, Bianka Kamber Engagement Ring, Black Wall Street Burning Movie Streaming, Ricky 90 Day Fiance,

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