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discraft drivers chart

A note on putters: The top four models come in two different versions: standard (aka 'hard') and soft. Very popular with new players. The Stratus is great for beginners as well as pros. 27 Best Disc Golf Shoes: Ranked by Price! The way we define a disc's flight characteristics is through the term stability. And I’m glad he did. Discraft Discs is the World Leader in Disc Sports. You can also grab a copy of my book, “The Disc Golf Player’s Manual,” here on the site. Hot tip: Have plenty of drivers in stock! The DD2 Frenzy and the DD3 Cloudbreaker are two really awesome discs from Discmania and are both super long distance drivers. link to The 3 Best Beginner Disc Golf Discs for 2021 (Leopard, Buzzz, Judge). the basics of understanding and buying golf discs. The Destroyer has been one of the most reliable distance drivers for over a decade. Get an MVP Teleport here on A disc golf standard. What about me? Throw it hard and versatile Buzzz™ will hold any line you put it on. But don’t take the Crank for granted. The Tracker is an Fairway Driver with pinpoint accuracy and superior performance. Before the record was broken, it currently sat at 863 feet set by Simon Lizotte with a 157 gram Innova Blizzard Boss. Controllable for ams and pros alike, Crank has a narrower rim than other big drivers, so it fits more comfortably in your hand too. Both will get you max distance, just at different skill levels. Therefore you will appeal to more players when you are able to offer them a wider selection to choose from. The DD3 has ratings of 12, 5, -1, 3, which might seem a bit slower, but it has the same glide and it is a bit more overstable. I would have to say over the past couple of years, I used the BigZ Nuke more than any other disc in my bag! It's easy to control whether you're going straight, hyzer or anhyzer. So, DD2 for intermediate players and the DD3 for more advanced players. Super fast! The Sheriff is a fantastic distance driver great for those transitioning into intermediate play. The fade is not overpowering, making this a distance driver that will work wonders even for intermediate players.”. Beginners should not even consider the discs on this list. It’s capable of massive distance but is very hard to consistently hit a target with. The important thing to understand is that golf discs are like clubs to a ball golfer: each is intended for different shots and course challenges. Once this disc goes up, it stays up for a long time. They just pumped up the glide on this bad boy to pretty much say, “F*ck yeah! If thrown correctly, this disc is one of the farthest flying discs on this list (aside from the boss). Almost every disc on this list meets those requirements. Very fast and consistent. In the case of the King, less is more. Discs that will help you break 300, 400, or even 500 feet. This disc is fun sometimes but I only use this disc for a couple of specific shot types. For less experienced players. I am an avid disc golfer and lover of the sport. If you have not tried them out, please give it a shot. A bit smaller rim than most long range discs, makes it easier to get in my hand. But a lot of practice went into those months and a lot of distance had already been gained. You can grab one here on If you can really sling a disc far, give the Ape a try. Innova calls this disc the “sidewinder on steroids.” The Katana is great for huge turnover throws, tailwinds, and intense shot shaping. I remember the day. Seize the power! I’ve recommended this disc in almost every discs post that I possibly could have. The Crank, according to Discraft, “is the fastest, most controllable max distance golf driver you’ve ever thrown.” They indicate that the Crank is a disc built for disc golfers looking for big distance and can help you get that distance while maintaining accuracy. states that this disc, though very overstable, isn’t a “meathook.” They also state that the D1 is a “fantastic driver for power throwers, windy shots, forehand throws, and strategic doglegs.” This disc is an absolute Beast if you can throw over 400+ feet. RELATED LEARNING: If you would like to learn about stability ratings and other player concerns, head over to our guide to disc selection for new players, then come back here. With a speed of 14 and a glide of 5, Legacy wanted this disc to do just that. Lots of customers will grab one to use for Ultimate or as a recreational catch disc, and give your store disc sports cred. I mean throw-a-disc-into-the-first-tree kind of bad. link to The Ultimate Guide to Disc Golf Field Work: 7 Tips to Use Today! But the most important ratings are speed and glide. Check a top pro's bag, and chances are good you'll find a Pred! The ESP Nuke has outstanding grip and distance. 17. Darth Vader Circle ESP Force Golf Disc. Otherwise, read on. The Nuke has been my go to driver since it was released. Crank hits the sweet spot: it's the best disc a player can find for easier accuracy and big distance. You can get the Discraft Nuke here on When it comes to drivers, understable discs are easiest for new players to control. The deluxe set includes two drivers, one midrange and one putter, plus a disc golf carry bag. For an extremely consistent and reliable distance driver, grab a Sheriff here on The Zeus is a fantastic new distance driver from Discraft that initially started out as the Kong. The wide, heavy rim and refined aerodynamic engineering give NUKE unparalleled velocity, while a 1.6 stability rating makes it more useful to a wider range of players. Many different systems exist for rating golf discs, which makes it tricky to do a side-by-side comparison between brands. From Ultimate to Disc Golf and Freestyle, we proudly manufacturer the highest quality discs in the United States of America (USA Made). Also, new versions of the Crank in ESP plastic are more durable than ever and will feature the universal flight ratings number system (with Discraft’s stability rating as the 5th number)! You can grab one here on With one of the most expansive disc offerings in the world, Discraft has disc golf discs for beginners, advanced, and professionals alike. We call that disc understable, and would give it a negative stability rating of (-1) for a gentle turn, and (-3) for a more severe turn. Both of these discs are max distance drivers and are widely popular. Discraft Punisher 1.7 Distance Driver You were asking for a driver in between Crank and Force: The Punisher is a very fast distance driver that performs best with lots of power behind it. You can get a record-breaking Cannon here on My mission with is to reach as many people as possible to help them love disc golf, too! Why do some discs fly to the left, and others go right? They were literally made to go the distance. Disc models, colors and plastics vary in each, but will always be appropriate for beginners. But before you riot and bring out the fire and pitchforks, just hear me out for a minute…. The D1 is a very popular, ultra-fast, maximum distance driver from Prodigy. Once again, the wider your selection, the wider your customer appeal. If you did, good on you. This disc has tons of glide and quite a bit of turn which makes it a great option for new players. This is an advanced disc and it should be treated as such. But real quick, there are a couple of things you need to know about how to get the ultimate distance out of your disc. Discraft Nuke – 13, 5, -1, 3. Some of the longest disc golf holes are only 600-700 feet. Enjoy! driver: The fastest selling disc in Discraft history. It reminds me of the Sheriff, which as you just read, I also really like. states that, “the Bolt is one of the easiest high speed drivers to throw.” With high glide and a fair amount of turn, the Bolt can be used by players of all skill levels to really grab the distance that they’re looking for. If you’ve got the arm strength, this disc will fly. Most golf discs -- especially drivers -- tend to fade to the left, which would put them somewhere within the overstable range. Advanced players will consistently see a 375 to 450 foot throw. This disc will fly farther for you with less effort and will consistently get you 400+ foot drives if you have a big enough arm to handle it. But it’s still pretty impressive and makes the Valkyrie a decent choice to have as a fairway/control driver. Now you choose another disc, and this one fades to the right. For lower arm speed players, this disc is quite easy to throw. In 2016, Jennifer Allen hucked a 151 gram Innova Starlite Wraith 569 feet to set the mark for women with the record for “Longest Backhand Flight Distance (Women’s).”. Nuke SS: driver: Nuke distance, but easier to throw. Thanks for reading, disc golfers! If you liked what we wrote, please give it a share! Disc Selection Chart; Disc Selection Chart . Best distance. You can get the King here on Disc is available in highlighted plastic icons. Item No. It is a consistent 400+ foot drive disc for almost all advanced players regardless of arm strength. When I first started playing disc golf, I was seriously bad. But if you can consistently get better, getting the distance you want out of these discs will be easy. With flight ratings of 13, 5, -2, 2, the DD2 is a bit more understable and a little friendlier for intermediate players. This one has a tremendous amount of glide for something so fast. A mix of each is highly recommended. Like clubs in ball golf, Discraft golf discs are designed to travel on a variety of flight paths to help you meet any course challenge. Buzzz, Mid-Range, All Players | More players agree: Buzzz™ is the best golf disc you can buy, period. Hopefully we can help you love it, too! Oh, man, I LOVE the Sheriff. Being one of the most popular drivers in the world, it is similar in flight pattern to the Zeus. Period. Grab a Glide when you need a little more controlled distance, or a long turnover driver. 17 Best Disc Golf Baskets (Get One and Win), 27 Best Disc Golf Bags (Yes, You Need One of These), The 101 Best Disc Golf Discs in the Game Today, 9 Weird Tricks to Improve Your Disc Golf Game (Forever). A well-worn Stratus will flip flat when thrown on a hard hyzer. Being one of the most popular drivers in the world, it is similar in flight pattern to the Zeus. These discs get a positive rating of (1) for a subtle fade, or higher (2.5) for a harder turn. As you gain experience and get to know how your discs fly under different circumstances, you'll want to experiment with additional discs and stabilities to see which ones fit your style and fill additional needs in your bag. It just goes. It’s packed full of extremely practical tips and tricks to help you immediately start improving on the course! Crank, Distance Driver, Experienced | Super fast! Grab the Pharaoh here on Best for: intermediate, advanced players. This is the more natural flight path for sharp edged discs. Disc golf bags are the number one disc golf accessory. Once again, the wider your selection, the wider your customer appeal. Easy to throw, it will fly straight at low to mid speeds, or fade to an anhyzer at higher speeds. Check the current prices of the Katana here on The skill needed to make these discs really fly takes a tremendous amount of effort, practice, and patience. The understability makes the bolt a little bit friendlier for transitioning intermediate players, while advanced players with strong arms can really take advantage of the glide and stability to throw this disc super far. Nuke, Distance Driver, Experienced | Longer drives are now as easy as pushing a button: NUKE™ delivers virtually effortless maximum distance for moderate to expert players. So I would recommend distance drivers with at least a 12 or higher speed and a 5 or higher glide rating. I’ve put a fairway/control driver on a list of distance drivers.

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