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did menma kill herself

Part II: Use for characters who appear in Shippuden only. For unknown reasons, Menma eventually became a missing nin. Menma's strength was augmented by the chakra of the Black Nine-Tails inside of him, plus he lacked Eight Trigrams Seals which meant the Black Nine-Tails' chakra could be easily accessed immediately. While it is established early on in The Queen’s Gambit that Beth is orphaned at age eight after the death of her mother, Alice, due to a supposed accident, there are numerous indications throughout the show that that is not the case. Whereas for Naruto : the real world Sasuke). He soon met Uchiha Obito who tells him all about his Eye of the Moon Plan, and agreed to help him. (Think of the First Databok to be how they started out fresh out of the acedemy, and the Second to be after much progress). he seethed, He may as well damned himself, but if it was a way to get rid of Kotonoha without having her kill herself, then it may be the only option for him. Due to Menma's Sharingan being awakened he began to pummel Kakuzu with a series of punches and kicks and then he unleasehed a powerful fire style jutsu[[1]], after the battle was over Hashirama complemented menma in his strength and apologized for leaving him behind, Menma accepted the apology. He then healed her by providing Akari chakra of his own and using the Mystical Palm Technique. Menma then heard Tenten told him and his teammates to leave her alone. Both may sure that none of their friends would go down a dark path, and have cleared their name for being committed of crimes. Think of the First and Second Databooks to be in Part l. The Third is the most recent of your oc, and the only one of Part ll.). His methods of combat also greatly resemble Pain's more than Naruto's, by relying on the Nine Masked Beasts in similar fashion to the Six Paths of Pain (though it can be meant to be similar to the Shadow Clone Technique instead), as well as using a technique very similar to the Shinra Tensei. As a result, the area that the raided village is in is a demilitarised zone, ruled by no one, but with a gold mine on the mountain nearby. One day after a day of training it is revealed that the village of Taki was planning to assassinate the First Hokage. (To Tenten) "To be honest, I can't figure you out. Hashirama Senju (Maternal Grandfather) After conquering the Forest Of Death Menma was faced by Madara Uchiha who told Menma after the Chūnin exams he'd take him on as his student. Delete the heading if your character appears only in the original Naruto series. After Tenten left, Menma heard Sakura talking to Sasuke about how the plan fail thanks to him. The father of a tragic British snowboarder Ellie Soutter who died on her 18th birthday believes she could have been struggling to cope with pressure of competing in high-level sport. An alternate possibility is that the Jiraiya in that world named the character in "The Tale of the Utterly Gutsy Shinobi" Menma instead of Naruto. He then jumps straight into battle and confronts kakuzu, hashirama notes in shock he already gained three tomoe in seconds, this was because the chakra madara implanted into menma when he was a baby reacted to the sharingan being awakened and released a stress hormone that caused the two extra tomoe to appear. Like his counterpart Naruto, Menma is a jinchuriki of Kurama, granting him even greater reserves of equally strong chakra. Bloodline limit. However just like Naruto, Menma is frustrated that he is at a lower ninja rank compare to his friends. Menma Uzumaki was born on the day of October 10th as an only child and the only son of his world's version of Minato and Kushina. Fill out one of the following tables. Upon arrival, the villagers resisted and the clan members began attacking and killing them. She is a childlike girl who was part of the Super Peace Busters before she died because of an accident. Thus making him the "Uzumaki Naruto" of that alternate world. (To Sakura and Hinata) "You're both pains. And because of his and Ryouga's effort Hashirama promoted them to chūnin. The Queen’s Gambit: Did Elizabeth’s Mom Kill Herself? Debopriyaa Dutta is a content curator, poet, and film critic based in India and a frequent contributor for High On Films. Simple Answer. We and our partners will store and/or access information on your device through the use of cookies and similar technologies, to display personalised ads and content, for ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. Their battle was so treacherous that it left the leaf itself scarred. After he returned he found out the entire Uchiha Clan had been assassinated including his mother and father. Menma was very courageous, even though he was suffering from the return of his memories, he decided to save an infant in the burning Konoha hospital and later, sacrifice his life to save the very village his clan attacked. Menma is the only counterpart to interact with the original, as Naruto and Sakura were the only two to enter the Genjutsu World and Sakura's counterpart was displaced into the real world, as depicted in "Road to Sakura". Buying a shirt is such a simple but … Eventually Menma graduated the academy and was put in a team with Ryouga Senju and Shizuka Sarutobi their leader was Hashirama senju. Menma informs Naruto and they quickly race to the gold mine to collect the exploding tags. When she appears to Jinta, she has aged somewhat, but still retains childlike speech patterns and tendencies. The Konoha ninja are told that the bandits will attack again for the mine. They begun their endless battle. In her older version, her hair is about waist-length. Enraged and betrayed by this he fought in hand to hand combat with his "best friend". Sunagakure and Konohagakure had Kurama and Shukaku, Kirigakure had Isobu and Saiken, Iwagakure had Son Goku and Kokuo and Kumogakure had Gyuki and Matatabi. Uzumaki Menma (うずまきメンマ) is an anime only film character that appears in Naruto Shippuuden movie 6 as the main villain. After revealing his identity he discarded the robe and mask, beneath which he wore no shirt, fingerless opera length black gloves wrapped in studded red brown leather straps, baggy black pants, and red brown sandals. Menma became spleechless after hearing that, but got angry after Tenten left and didn't look at his friends. They all prepare for their face-off with the enemy. The First Shinobi World War Unfortunately, he gets away after using the Body Replacement Technique. Menma is the only Genjutsu World counterpart whose name is different from his real self. It is later revealed that Menma came back in order to fulfill the wish of Jinta's mother to teach Jinta how to cry. Instead of crying, Menma smiled and chased the embarrassed Jinta. This lead to Mito Uzumaki sealing the Kyuubi into Menma making him a jinchuriki. Amanim/Anime Series and Characters on my website. - In episode nine Menma is seen peering over the edge of the Kyuchichibu bridge after spotting a glistening Carp in the river, following which she presumably falls in. He is also the jinchūriki of Kurama's counterpart the Black Nine-Tails. To enable Verizon Media and our partners to process your personal data select 'I agree', or select 'Manage settings' for more information and to manage your choices. He was the leader of the uchiha clan after Madara Uchiha. When menma finds out this fact he becomes enraged, his mother tries to convince him not to go, not listening to her words he leaves the village to find kakuzu. He is also noticeably strong and fast, able to quickly intercept Tenten's attack and easily block her giant ax with a kunai and single arm. Beth exudes awkward shyness and a sense of preternatural self-containment, the latter most likely instilled by her biological mother, Alice, since Beth was a child. Part I and II template: Use for characters who appear in both Naruto and Shippuden. While Beth survives the collision, she is enveloped in almost feral loneliness, that she later attempts to drown in her passion for chess, substance abuse, and liquor.

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